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Samuel Steatham's baptism.

Robert Steatham - Sons

Robert Steatham (1775-1827), had ten children,

James Steatham (1800-1816).
Thomas Steatham (1803-1873).
John Steatham (1805-1806).
Joseph Steatham (1806-1889).
Sarah Steatham (1809-1810).
Elizabeth Steatham (1809-1810).
William Steatham (1811-1811).
Moses Steatham (1813-1891).
Samuel Steatham (1815-1884).
James Steatham (1818-1819).

Only four sons survived;

This is the story of Samuel Steatham.

This research is broken down into Five sections;

Quick Overview.

Detailed Research (Samuel's life and Children).

Census findings.


Research - Additional Planned.

Quick Overview

Samuel Steatham born in 1815, married Elizabeth Skidmore, in 1843.
They had four children,

Joseph born 1844, married Hannah Butler, and died 1901.
They had seven children.

Job born 1847, married Nancy Nash, and died 1906
They had nine children.

William born 1850, married Ann Taylor, and died 1913.
They had eight children.

Samuel born 1852, died 1854.

Elizabeth died in 1870, he then married Maria Farmer in 1873.

Memorial to Samuel Lowe M.A.,
St Lawrence, Darlaston.

Detailed Research.

Samuel Steatham was born 1815, and was baptised on Sunday the 26th March 1815, at St Lawrence, Darlaston, by the Rector Samuel Lowe M.A..

Samuel Lowe M.A. was Rector from 1814 to 1834.

On Friday the 20th of December 1867, a mural monument was erected in the Chancel, to the late Samuel Lowe M.A.

It states,

"Whose remains are deposited in the Rectory Vault in this Church"

I wonder where that could be?

Memorial to Samuel Lowe M.A.,
contributors, St Lawrence, Darlaston.
There was printed a sheet detailing this monument, and its contributors.

Two Steathams are listed,

Statham, Mr. Joseph, he gave five shillings.

The candidates for this are Joseph Steatham (1806-1889), and Joseph Steatham (1844-).

My opinion is that this is Joseph Steatham (1806-1889).

Statham, Mr. Samuel, he gave two shillings and six pence.

The candidates for this are Samuel Steatham (1815-1884), and Samuel Steatham (1846-).

My opinion is that this is Samuel Steatham (1815-1884).

The list of contributors makes interesting reading.

The whole monument cost £75, which at today's value would be:-

£4,682.54 using the retail price index
£6,733.06 using the GDP deflator
£42,717.33 using the average earnings
£51,550.23 using the per capita GDP
£103,366.61 using the share of GDP

Out of a total of one hundred and seventy five contributors, we start with Charles Adams Esq. giving £2.

Listed are "Friend, A" giving 10s, and a "Lady, A" giving £1, both of these I assume wanted to remain anonymous.

There are also a number of duplicate names, I assume they all knew who was who!

Other notables are Mr. P. Hollins Sculptor, Birmingham. giving £2 2s, and Mr. Wilkes, Executors of the late, giving £1.

The smallest amount was a Mrs. Corbett giving £1, but it got her on the list!

Just over 13 years later, the Church Records record on the 11th September 1816, a 12 year old boy being buried, who drowned while stealing turnips on the Sabbath.

[End quote]

On the 25th July 1832, John Green, the first victim of cholera in the town was buried, all the burial register entries for the victims were marked with the letter 'C'.

No Steathams have been found.

To read about the cholera in Darlaston, Click here

Steatham Research - Asiatic cholera

Samuel Steatham's 1st marriage.
Note the mention of Robert Steatham, his father.

Moving on with the story, Samuel Steatham, born 1815, firstly married Elizabeth Skidmore, on Wednesday the 4th October 1843, at the St. Peter's Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton.

They had four children.

The night of the 1841 Census we find Samuel is at a house in Great Croft Street, and the head is a Hannah Jones, aged 60, his Mother!

Elizabeth died in 1870, and is buried on Sunday 1st January 1871, at James Bridge Cemetery, in grave number L154.

Samuel Steatham's 2nd marriage.
Note the mention of Robert Steatham, his father.
Samuel them married Maria Farmer, at St John's, Wolverhampton, on Friday the 7th November 1873.

Maria dies in 1878, and is buried on Saturday 12th October 1878, at James Bridge Cemetery, also in grave number L154.
  Samuel Steatham's story for us ends on Monday the 5th May 1884, when he dies.

Samuel Steatham's burial.
He is buried on Friday the 9th May 1884, at James Bridge Cemetery, Darlaston, joining his two wives in grave number L154.

The grave has now been located.

Click here to view it

Steatham Research - Cemeteries - James Bridge

Joseph Steatham's baptism.
Joseph (1844-1901)
Their eldest son Joseph, born 1844, was baptised on Sunday the 1st December 1844, at St Lawrence. He married Hannah Butler born 1841.

Joseph died on Thursday the 17th October 1901, and was buried on Wednesday the 23rd October 1901, at James Bridge Cemetery, in grave number E236.

Hannah died 1889, and was buried on Thursday the 10th January 1889, at James Bridge Cemetery, in grave number E236.

They had seven children,

Samuel (1863-1907).

Alfred (1868-).

Mary Louisa (1869-).

Thomas (1870-1961).
Born 1870, he married Sophia Fryer born 1872.

Sophia died in 1937, and was buried on Friday the 24th December 1937, in Wood Green cemetery, grave number A212. He later remarried.

They had ten children.

Lucy (1871-1885).
Born 1871, died in 1885, aged 14, at 15 Wolverhampton Road, Darlaston, and buried on Friday 10th July 1885, at James Bridge Cemetery, in grave number L16?4.

Hannah (1875-).

Minnie (1882-).
Born 1882, married in 1920, Joseph R. Derry, and was then lost to us.

Job Steatham's baptism.

Job (1847-1906)
He was born in 1847, and was baptised on Sunday the 31st January 1847, at St Lawrence, by the Rector George William White.

Job Steatham's marriage.

Job married Nancy Nash born 1846, on Tuesday the 4th July 1871 at All Saints, Moxley, Darlaston.

Nancy Nash's baptism.
Nancy Nash was baptised on Sunday the 1st March 1846, at St Lawrence, Darlaston.

Job died in 1906, and Nancy died 1905. Note - not buried in James Bridge Cemetery.

They had nine children,

Samuel (1867-1946).
He married Mary.
Samuel died in 1946, Mary in 1947.

No record of any children.

Sarah (1870-).

Job (1873-1921).
Born in 1873.
He died in 1921.

Lucy (1874-).

Elizabeth (1876-1966).
Born on Friday the 11th February 1876. She died in 1966.
She never married.

She had four children.

Samuel (1880-1960).
Born in 1880. Married Elizabeth born 1876.

He died in 1960, buried on Wednesday the 28th December 1960, at Beebee Road cemetery, in grave number R7272.

Elizabeth died in 1950, buried on Monday the 30th January 1950, at Beebee Road cemetery, in grave number R7272.

Mary (1882-).
Born 1882, baptised on Wednesday the 13th December 1882, at St Lawrence.

Polly (1883-).

Hannah (1884-).

William Steatham's baptism.

William (1850-1913)
He was born in 1850, and was baptised on Sunday the 31st March 1850, at St Lawrence, by the Stipendiary Curate Charles Walker Simons.

William Steatham's marriage.
William married Ann Taylor born 1850, on Sunday the 26th May 1872, at All Saints Church, Moxley, Darlaston.

He died 1913, and Ann died in 1901.

They had eight children,

Elizabeth (1872-1874).
Born in 1872, baptised on Sunday the 23rd July 1872, at Primitive Methodist church, Darlaston.

She died in 1874.

Amy (1873-).
Born in 1873, married on Monday the 19th August 1895, George Keats born 1874, at St Johns Church, Pleck, Walsall.
She was then lost to us.

Hannah (1875-).
Born in 1875.

Mary (1878-).
Born in 1878.

William (1881-1937).
Born 1881, married in 1906, Mary Gayden born 1892.

He died in 1937, buried at Fallings Heath cemetery, grave number C662.

Mary died 1968, buried on Wednesday the 31st January 1968, at Fallings Heath Cemetery, grave number C662.

They had six children.

Robert (1883-1883).
Born in 1883, and died 1883. Note - Not in James Bridge or St Lawrence.

Thomas (1888-1889).
Born in 1888, and died 1889, at Filey Street, Darlaston, aged 20 months, and was buried on Monday the 2nd September 1889, at James Bridge Cemetery, in grave number U211.

Alfred (1890-1890).
Born in 1890, and died 1890, at 2 Filey Street, Darlaston, aged 9 months, and was buried on Wednesday the 31st December 1890, at James Bridge Cemetery, in grave number U260.

Samuel Steatham's baptism.
Samuel (1852-)
He was born on Sunday the 8th August 1852, and baptised on Sunday the 1st January 1854, at St Lawrence.

He may have died in 1854 - checking into this, I am also trying to determine if he is the fourth person in Thomas Steatham's grave.
  Census findings.

I have searched the 1841-1911 Census's, and here are the results.

Searching Census records for Steathams is problematic to say the least as the enumerator did not always record the surname correctly.

This is compounded by the modern transcripts used to search the records as they are also full of mistakes, with the Steatham surname being stated as Beatham, Heathem and so on.

I will state what was recorded on the actual census, also Samuel Steatham & Elizabeth Steatham [Nee Skidmore] will marked as bold, and their children will be marked as underlined.

The Census was always conducted on a Sunday.

[1841 - June 6th]

Samuel Statham [sic] Gun Lock Filer aged 25, is at a house in Great Croft Street, and the head is a Hannah Jones aged 60.
This can only be his mother; Robert's widow found at last!

If Hannah's age is correct she must have been born 1781, so she must have been under age, under 21, when she married Robert.

In this Census, relationship to head not given.

[1851 - March 30th]

Samuel Steatham aged 36, Gun Lock Filer, Elizabeth Steatham aged 38, Joseph, aged 6, Job, aged 3, William, aged 1.

At 132 Pinfold Street, Darlaston.

We also have a Benjamin Skidmore aged 13, son [sic], this is Samuel's stepson from Elizabeth's previous marriage.

Photo of Prince of Wales, Public House, Darlaston
Steatham Research - Occupations
[1861 - April 7th]

Samuel Steatham, aged 46?, Gun Lock Filer, Elizabeth Steatham, aged 46, Joseph, aged 15, Job, aged 13, William, aged 10, and a Mark Nash, aged 17.

Bullcroft, two doors away from Prince of Wales Public house.

  [1871 - April 2nd]

Samuel Steatham aged 51, widower, Gun Lock Filer, William, aged 21, Labourer, Samuel Steatham, aged 6, Grandson. At 36 Walsall Road Public House [The Prince of Wales].

1871 Census

1871 Census

Joseph Steatham, aged 26, Gun Lock Filer, Hannah, aged 30, Thomas, aged 1.

At 8 Hill Street, Darlaston.

1871 Census

1871 Census

Job Steatham not yet found.

[1881 - April 3rd]

Samuel Steatham, aged 66, Publican, is at 36 Walsall Road [The Prince of Wales], Samuel Steatham, aged 15, Grandson.

Two doors away at 34 Walsall Road, we have Samuel's brother, Moses Steatham aged 68 Widower Gun Lock Filer, John? Furkin, aged 32, Shingler, Son in Law, and his wife Ann Furkin aged 31 [Nee Steatham], and their son Joseph Furkin aged 8.

1881 Census

1881 Census

Joseph Steatham, aged 38, Foreman, Hannah, aged 40, Thomas, aged 12, Lucy, aged 9, Hannah, aged 6.

At 8 Hill Street, Darlaston.

1881 Census

1881 Census

Job Steatham, aged 33, Ironmakers labourer, Nancy aged 35, Sarah, aged 11, Job, aged 8, Lucy, aged 7, Lizzie, aged 5, and lastly Samuel, aged 6 months.

At 12 Walsall Road, Darlaston.

1881 Census

1881 Census

William steatham, aged 30, Blacksmith, Ann, aged 31, Amy, aged 8, Eliza, aged 6, Mary, aged 3, and William, aged 1 month.

109 Old Park Road, Wednesbury.

[1891 - April 5th]

Joseph Steatham, aged 49, widower, Publican, Samuel, aged 27, Blacksmith, Thomas, aged 23, Brolley Riveter, Hannah, aged 18, Minnie, aged 9.

At Prince of Wales Public House, Walsall Road, Darlaston.

1891 Census

1891 Census

Joab Statham [sic], aged 43, Iron plate?, Nancy, aged 45, Sarah aged 21, Joab, aged 18, Lucy, aged 17, Button Screwer, Lucie?, aged 15?, Button Screwer / Bolt, Samuel, aged 10, Polly, aged 8, Hannah, aged 7.

At 8 Hill Street. Next door at number 9 is James Williams, with his grand daughter, Sarah A Statham [sic], Domestic Servant.

1891 Census

1891 Census

William Steatham, aged 41, Iron Driller, Ann, aged 42, Annie, aged 17, Nut & Bolt Screwer, Eliza, aged 18, Nut & Bolt Screwer, Mary, aged 13.

At 2 Filley Street?, Darlaston.

[1901 - March 31st]

Joseph Steatham not yet found.

1901 Census

1901 Census

Job Steatham aged 54 retired (?), Nancy, aged 56, Job, aged 27, labourer (works ?), Elizabeth, aged 23, Bolt Screwer, Samuel, aged 20, Bolt Nut Stamper, Lucy, aged 4, grand daughter.

At 8 Hill Street, Darlaston.

Next door at number is, Sarah A Steatham, aged 37, Caluor?, her brother, George Steatham, aged 15, Machinist Nut & Bolt.

1901 Census

1901 Census

William Steatham aged 51, widower, ? in Bridge Yard, William, son , aged 21, Mary Donaldson, aged 22, daughter, Joseph Donaldson, aged 26, son in law, nut & bolt maker, Alice steatham, aged 8 , daughter, W? Donaldson, aged 1, grandson.

At 72 Walsall Road, Wednesbury.

Next door at the Prince of Wales, is Samuel Steatham aged 35, publican, Harriet aged 38.

[1911 - April 2nd]

Thomas Steatham aged 44, Riveter (Bridge? B?); Sophia Steatham aged 39, Hannh Steatham aged 18; Dorothy Steatham aged 15; Eva steatham aged 13; Thomas steatham aged 11; May Steatham aged 10; Emily Steatham aged 8; Joseph Steatham aged 5; Voilet Steatham aged 3.

At 20 Hill Street, King's Hill, Wednesbury.

The Census indicates -

Thomas Steatham - CBA 9, CSL 8, CD 1.
Sophia Steatham - CBA 9, CSL 8, CD 1.


Samuel Steatham (1815-1884) was born nearly two hundred years ago, and just like Robert's other sons, we have hardly anything that they knew left standing or if it still there, it has changed significantly. Great Croft Street, Kings Hills Road, Cock Street, have all long gone.

The farthest we can get back is with Samuel Steatham in that as he was the publican of the "Prince of Wales', Walsall Road, Darlaston.

Samuel also sold groceries and was a Gun Lock Manufacturer and it was said he brewed his own very good beer.

The Public house is still standing and on Samuel's death was left to his son Joseph.

This is the nearest we can get back to Robert's sons.

On the 20th May 1884. The Will of Samuel Steatham late of King's Hill in the Parish of Wednesbury in the County of Stafford Gunlock Manufacturer and Retail Brewer who died 5th May 1884 at King's Hill was proved at Lichfield by Joseph Steatham of King's Hill, Fitter the sole surviving Executor. Personal Estate £519 4s 8d.

Joseph in the performance of his duties of being the executor of his Father's will placed in the "The London Evening Gazette", dated 9th February 1900.

PURSUANT to an Order of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice made in the matter of the estate of Samuel Steatham deceased and in an action Steatham against Steatham, 1898 S 4618 the creditors of Samuel Steatham late of Butcroft, Walsall road, Darlaston, in the parish of Wednesbury, Grocer and Retail Brewer, who died on or about the 5th day of May 1884, are on or before the 12th day of March 1900 to send by post prepaid to Messrs Slater of Darlaston aforesaid, the Solicitors of the deceased, their Christian and surnames, addresses and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, a statement of their accounts, and the nature of their securities (if any) held by them or in default thereof they will be praremptorily excluded form the benifit of the said order. Every creditor holding any security is to produce the same before Mr. Justice Byrne at his chambers, the Royal Courts of Justice, London, on Monday the 19th day of March 1900 at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, being the time appionted for adjudication on the claims-Dated this 6th day of February 1900.

MURR and RUSBY 63 Lincoln's-inn-fields London, W.C. Agents for

SHARPE and DARBY of West Bromwich in the county of Stafford, Solicitors for the Pliantiff.

To read about the Prince of Wales public house in Darlaston, Click here

Steatham Research - Occupations

When he son Joseph died, his will reads as follows:-

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Joseph Steatham of Walsall Rd in the Parish of Wednesbury in the County of Stafford Retired Publican.

1. I appoint my daughters Hannah and Minnie Executrix’s and trustees of this my last will. 2. I devise bequeath the whole of my real and personal estate unto my said two daughters Hannah and Minnie equally as tenants in common In witness whereof

I have hereto set my hand to this Will the eight day of October one thousand eight hundred and ninety six signed the said Testator Joseph Steatham as and for his last Will and testament in the presence of us both being present at the same who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses. Richard Reynolds Waverly Rd Darlaston & Nellie L. Simpson Waverly Rd Darlaston.

Joseph Steatham of Walsall Rd Kings Hill Wednesbury Staffs died 17th October 1901 Probate Lichfield 13th May 1902 to Hannah Steatham Spinster Effects £ 903 0s 7d.

Joseph Steatham of Walsall Rd Kings Hill Wednesbury Staffs died 17th October 1901 Probate London 17th March 1906 to Minnie Steatham Spinster Effects £ 2 former grant Lichfield May 1902.

Photo of Kelly's Directory The accounts for 1879, 1884, and 1885 of the local Darlaston Company of Carter, Ford & Co. Limited, based at James Bridge, have a Samuel Steatham, and his son Joseph Steatham.

Samuel held 51 shares being the largest shareholder on which £19 had been called, ie around £1000.

Joseph his son, had 40 shares, ie around £800.

Company records note that Samuel had held 60 additional shares prior to the 1879 report of which 40 were sold in October 1877, and 20 in November 1878, perhaps he sold the 40 to his son Joseph!

They sold out their shares in May 1885, along with all the other shareholders to a Thomas Timmins and John Pirrie.

The company went into liquidation a year later, and was purchased by E. C. & J Keay.

Research - Additional Planned.

In Progress.

Obtain photo of marriage for Joseph Steatham (1844-1901).
Obtain photo of marriage for William Steatham (1850-1913).

Obtain photo of burial for Samuel Steatham (1815-1884).
Obtain photo of burial for Elizabeth Steatham (-1871).
Obtain photo of burial for Maria Steatham (-1878).
Obtain photo of burial for Joseph Steatham (1844-1901).
Obtain photo of burial for Job Steatham (1847-1906).
Obtain photo of burial for William Steatham (1850-).
Obtain photo of burial for Samuel Steatham (1852-).


Obtain death certificate for Samuel Steatham (1815-1884).
Obtain death certificate for Elizabeth Steatham ( -1871).
Obtain death certificate for Maria Steatham (-1878).
Obtain death certificate for Joseph Steatham (1844-1901).
Obtain death certificate for Job Steatham (1847-1906).
Obtain death certificate for William Steatham (1850-1913).
Obtain death certificate for Samuel Steatham (1852-1850).    All Rights Reserved.