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Photo of Robert Steatham's signature (Reproduced here with the kind permission of Lichfield Record Office and the Lichfield Diocesan Registrar ref B/C/11)
Robert Steatham
The man who started it all...
Photo of Henry George Steatham's signature
Henry George Steatham

'The man that moved away',
the enigmatic figure of Steatham genealogy....

Photo of Charles Steatham's signature
Charles Steatham
He became a Steatham by a stroke of fate....

Future Events

Meeting of Steathams in 2009/2010

I have tried to organise a meeting (see below), but only two people have said they would be interested.

If more interest is shown I will arrange it, otherwise it will have to held in abeyance.

I am investigating the practicality of arranging a meeting for all interested in the Steatham surname.

Darlaston would be the venue and possibilities include hiring a room to display the three trees, allowing Steathams to make contact and so on.

A visit to St Lawrence, where Robert Steatham is buried, could be arranged, and I would also give a guided tour of all the other cemeteries; James Bridge, to see George Steatham's gravestone, Moses Snr and Jnr, Samuel, Elizabeth & Sarahs, and finally Robert Steatham's grave.

The other three cemeteries are St Lawrence, Cock Street, and Wesleyan Methodist, Pinfold Street, all within walking distance of St Lawrence.

The Prince of Wales Public House could be our venue for lunch.

June the 16th of 2009 was the 200 anniversary of the first ever use of the Steatham surname, in the baptism of Elizabeth & Sarah Steatham at St Lawrence.

I was hoping a meeting could have be arranged for that day, but there was not any interest in this.

I have some other ideas, which could be discussed once it was shown there is enough people interested in the event.

To register your interest please contact me, see the
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