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Moses Steatham's baptism.

Robert Steatham - Sons

Robert Steatham (1775-1827), had ten children,

James Steatham (1800-1816).
Thomas Steatham (1803-1873).
John Steatham (1805-1806).
Joseph Steatham (1806-1889).
Sarah Steatham (1809-1810).
Elizabeth Steatham (1809-1810).
William Steatham (1811-1811).
Moses Steatham (1813-1891).
Samuel Steatham (1815-1884).
James Steatham (1818-1819).

Only four sons survived;

This is the story of Moses Steatham.

This research is broken down into Five sections;

Quick Overview.

Detailed Research (Moses' life and Children).

Census findings.


Research - Additional Planned.

Quick Overview

Moses Steatham born in 1813, married Elizabeth Griffiths in 1835.

They had nine children,

James born 1835, married Sarah, and died 1904.
They had 2 children.

Emma born 1836.

Moses born 1841, married Elizabeth Butler, and died 1896.
They had 2 children.

Josiah born 1842, married Harriet Fisher, and died 1920.
They had 4 children.

Alice born 1844, married Mark Nash.
They had 3 children.

Hannah born 1847.

Albert born 1845, married Ann, and died 1933.
They had 6 children.

Samuel born 1848, married Elizabeth, and died 1917.
They had 4 children.

Ann born 1850.

Memorial to John Waltham M.A.,
St Lawrence, Darlaston.
Detailed Research.

Moses Steatham was born on Tuesday the 9th February 1813, and was baptised on Sunday the 21st February at St Lawrence, Darlaston, by the Rector John Waltham M.A.

John Waltham M.A. was Rector from 1800 to 1814.

The following is taken from a book about Darlaston [A history of Darlaston - Frederick Hackwood, 1887].

The Rev'd John Waltham is said to have been a fine stalwart man, 6 feet 4 inches in height. He was a magistrate and occupied the bench when the court used to sit in the room at the back of The White Lion Inn.

It is related of him, that in his attempts to suppress bull-baiting in his parish, he often displayed indomitable courage.

On one occasion, hearing of a baiting that was going on at the Bull Stake, he stalked down upon his erring flock, walked straight up to the bull, unfastened the brute, and led it away to his tithe-barn; remarking to the astonished awe-struck rabble that "he would like to see the man who would fetch it away !"

Whether it was consciousness of the parsonís great physical strength or a dread of incurring his magisterial wroth, or both, it is certain that the bull was not claimed: and that next day the beast was slaughtered and its flesh distributed amongst the poor.

A Communion Plate was gifted to the church by the Rector, John Waltham.

It is inscribed "The Gift of the Rev'd John Waltham A.M.? Rector to the Parish of Darlaston June 1805".

Just over 13 years later, the Church Records record on the 11th September 1816, a 12 year old boy being buried, who drowned while stealing turnips on the Sabbath.

[End quote]

On the 25th July 1832, John Green, the first victim of cholera in the town was buried, all the burial register entries for the victims were marked with the letter 'C'.

No Steathams have been found.

To read about the cholera in Darlaston, Click here

Steatham Research - Asiatic cholera

Moses Steatham's (1813-1891) marriage.

Moving on with the story, Moses Steatham, born 1813, married Elizabeth Griffiths born 1815, on Sunday the 18th January 1835, at St Matthews, Walsall.

They had nine children.

Moving forward to the night of the 1841 Census, June 6th, we find Moses Statham [sic] aged 25, Elizabeth aged 25, Thomas aged 6, Moses aged 5 months, living at Great Croft Street.

Moses Steatham's (1813-1891) grave.
Moses Steatham's story for us ends in 1891, when he dies, and is buried on Tuesday 20th October 1891, at James Bridge Cemetery, Darlaston, in grave number E362.

Elizabeth died in 1879, aged 64, and is buried on Thursday the 3rd June 1897, also in grave number E362.

To see where their grave is located, Click here

Steatham Research - Cemeteries - James Bridge

James Steatham's (1835-1902) baptism.


James (1835-1902)
Their eldest son James, born 1835, was baptised on Monday the 22nd February 1835, at St Lawrence.

He married Sarah Perry born 1829, at Dudley in 1847.

James died 1902, and Sarah died 1902.

They had two children,

Sarah Hannah Steatham's (1851-) baptism.
Sarah Hannah (1851-).

Baptised as Sarah Anna, on Sunday the 24th June 1860, at St Lawrence.

She married Frederic Hugh Jackson, in 1887, and was then lost to us.

Elizabeth Steatham's (1858-) baptism.

Elizabeth (1858-).
Baptised on Sunday the 9th May 1858, at St Lawrence, and is lost without trace to us

Emma Steatham's baptism.

Emma (1836-)
Baptised on Sunday the 12th June 1836, at St Lawrence, and is lost without trace to us.

Josiah Steatham's (1842-1920) baptism.

Photo of Josiah and Harriet Steatham

Josiah and Harriet Steatham.

Josiah (1842-1920)
Josiah was born on Saturday the 12th November 1842, and baptised on Thursday the 8th December 1842, at Pinfold Street Methodist Church, by Robert Leake.

He married Harriet Fisher born 1841, in West Bromwich in 1865.

Josiah died 1920, and was buried on Wednesday the 11th August 1920, at Nottingham Road cemetery, Derby.

Harriet died 1934, and was buried on Wednesday the 25th April 1934, at Nottingham Road cemetery, Derby.

They had four children,

Alfred (1868-1948).
Alfred married Emily Louise Sharp, on Wednesday the 23rd November 1904 in Blackheath, Australia.
They had one child.

To read more about Alfred's journey to Australia and his life there, Click here

Steatham Research - Australia Connection

Mary Louisa (1870-1951).
Mary Louisa married, John William Tomlinson, in 1898, at Derby.

Mary Louisa died 1951, and John William Tomlinson died 1946.
They had two children.

Gervase (1876-1957).
He married Sarah Rebecca Lee, on Friday the 25th December 1903.

Gervase died 1957, and Sarah Rebecca died 1952
They had three children.

Annie Swallow (1883-1886).
She died in 1886, aged 3.

Alice Steatham's baptism.

Alice Steatham (1844-)
She was baptised on Friday the 2nd February 1844 at Pinfold Street Methodist Church, by J. Osborne, and married Mark Nash in 1869.

They had 3 children.
Photo of Moses Steatham (1841-1896) baptism

Moses Steatham's (1841-1896) baptism.

Moses Steatham (1841-1896)
He was born in 1841.

Moses Steatham's (1841-1896) marriage.

He married Elizabeth Butler, born 1844, on Friday the 17th April 1865, at St Matthews, Walsall.

Moses Steatham's (1841-1896) burial.

Moses died on Sunday the 24th May 1896 ,and was buried on Saturday the 30th May 1896, at James Bridge Cemetery, in grave number M12.

Click the following link the view the cemetery in Steatham Research Cemeteries James Bridge Cemetery, Darlaston.

Elizabeth Steatham's (1844-1919) burial.

Elizabeth died on Friday the 7th February 1919, and was buried on Tuesday the 11th February 1919, at James Bridge Cemetery in grave number M12.

Moses Steatham's (1841-1896) grave.
Nigel James Wright standing next to Moses Steatham's grave number M12, at James Bridge Cemetery.

Also in the grave is his wife Elizabeth, and his daughter Elizabeth Smith (Nee Steatham).
  They had two children,

Photo of Elizabeth Steatham's (1869-1934) baptism

Elizabeth Steatham's (1869-1934) baptism.

Elizabeth (1869-1934).
She was born 1869, and married William Smith, in 1897.

Elizabeth Steatham's (1869-1934) burial.

She died on Monday the 16th July 1934, aged 64, at 182 Walsall Road, Wednesbury [sic] and was buried on Thursday the 19th July 1934, T. G. Phillips performing the ceremony, at James Bridge, in grave number M12, with her parents.

Thomas Steatham's (1865-1936) baptism.
Thomas (1865-1936).
He was baptised on Sunday the 5th November 1865, at St Lawrence, Darlaston.

Thomas Steatham added on the side.

He never married, and died at 26 Hill Street, Wednesbury, in 1936, and was buried on Tuesday the 10th March 1936, at James Bridge, in grave number L207.

Click the following link the view the cemetery in Steatham Research Cemeteries James Bridge, Darlaston.

Hannah Steatham's baptism.

Hannah Steatham (1847-)
She was born on Saturday the 6th February 1847, and baptised on Thursday the 4th March 1847 at Pinfold Street Methodist church, and was then lost to us.

Albert Steatham's baptism.

Albert (1845-1933)
He was born on Friday the 13th November 1845, and baptised on Friday the 27th November 1845, at the Pinfold Street Methodist Church, by John Vanes.

He married in 1872, Ann Reddall born 1852.

Albert died 1933, and Ann died 1928.

They had six children,

William James (1873-1941).
He was born on Tuesday the 12th August 1873, and baptised on Wednesday the 17th September 1873, at the Darlaston Green Methodist church. He married in 1900, Annie Illsley, born 1869.

William James died on Tuesday 14th December 1920, and Annie died on Saturday 20th December 1941.
They had one child.

Moses (1876-1961).
He was born 1876, Smethwick. He married on Sunday the 15th April 1906, Harriet Shepard born 1882.

Moses died 1961, and Harriet died on Sunday the 26th October 1952, both buried at Uplands cemetery, Smethwick.
They had three children.

Mary Ann (1879-).
Mary Ann was born 1879, Kings Norton. She married in 1913, Joseph Gould, and was then lost to us.

Elizabeth (1881-).
Elizabeth was born 1881. She married either Mark Baylis Fellows or Ernest Jennings, in 1906, and was then lost to us.

Albert Edward (1884-1884).
Albert Edward was born 1884, and died the same year.

Ernest (1886-1920).
Ernest was born 1886, he never married, and died in 1920.

Samuel Steatham's baptism.

Samuel (1848-1917)
He was born on Wednesday the 23rd June 1848, and baptised on Sunday the 26th March 1850 at the Pinfold Street Methodist Church. He married, in 1869, Elizabeth Bird, born 1850.

Samuel died 1917, and Elizabeth died 1920.

They had four children,

William (1870-1942).
Born 1870, he married Caroline Holmes, born 1872, on Friday the 9th June 1899, at St James, Birmingham.

William died 1942, and Caroline died on Monday the 11th February 1957, at 44 Greenlands Av., Redditch.
They had five children.

Elizabeth Ann (1872-).
Born on Sunday 27th February 1872, was baptised on Tuesday the 6th April 1875, at Fallings Heath Methodist church, and lost with out trace to us.

Moses (1873-1874).
Born 1873, was baptised on Wednesday the 25th November 1874, at Fallings Heath Methodist church.
He died in 1874.

Samuel (1875-1937).
Born on Sunday the 14th March 1875, and was baptised on Tuesday the 6th April 1875, at Fallings Heath Methodist church, married in 1898, Martha Ellen Priest born 1876.

Samuel died on Wednesday the 15th December 1937. Martha died 1939.
They had three children.

Ann Steatham's baptism.

Ann (1850-)
She was born on Thursday the 21st February 1850, and baptised on Friday the 29th March 1850 at the Methodist Church, Pinfold Street, and married John Firkin, and was then lost to us, except for the families entry in subsequent Census's.

They had at least one child.
  Census findings.

I have searched the 1841-1911 Census's, and here are the results.

Searching Census records for Steathams is problematic to say the least as the enumerator did not always record the surname correctly.

This is compounded by the modern transcripts used to search the records as they are also full of mistakes, with the Steatham surname being stated as Beatham, Heathem and so on.

I will state what was recorded on the actual census, also Moses Steatham & Elizabeth Steatham [Nee Griffiths] will marked as bold & underlined, and their children will be marked as underlined.

The Census was always conducted on a Sunday,

[1841 - June 6th]

Moses Statham [sic] aged 25, Elizabeth aged 25, Thomas aged 6, Moses aged 5 months.

At Great Croft Street.

In this Census, relationship to head not given.

[1851 - March 30th]

Moses Steatham aged 38, Lock Filer, Elizabeth aged 35, James aged 16, Lock Filer, Moses aged 10, Lock Filer, Josiah aged 8, Alice aged 6, Albert aged 5, Samuel aged 2, and lastly Ann aged 1.

At New Street, Darlaston.

[1861 - April 7th]

Moses Steatham, aged 42, Gun Lock Filer, Elizabeth aged 46, Josiah, aged 18, Gun Lock Filer, Alice, aged 17, dressmaker, Moses, aged, 25, Gun Lock Filer, Albert, aged, 15, Gun Lock Filer, Samuel, aged 13, Gun lock Filer, Ann, aged 11.

At Bullcroft, Darlaston.

1861 Census

1861 Census

James Steatham, aged 26, Gun Lock Filer, Sarah aged 32, Dress maker, Sarah Hannah, aged 10.

At The Lays, Darlaston.

[1871 - April 2nd]

Moses Steatham, aged 58, Gun Lock Filer, Elizabeth aged 56, Ann aged 21, dressmaker.

At 34 Walsall Road, Darlaston.

1871 Census

1871 Census

James Steatham not yet found

1871 Census

1871 Census

Josiah Steatham, aged 28, Plater Iron Bridge Co, Harriet, aged 30, born Willenhall, Alfred, aged 2. Mary L?, aged 1.

At Bull Street, Darlaston.

1871 Census

1871 Census

Mark Nash, aged 28, Rural Messenger P.O., Alice Nash [Nee Steatham], aged 27, Milliner & Dressmaker, Elizabeth Ann Nash, aged 1.

At Meeting Street, Wednesbury.

1871 Census

1871 Census

Moses Steatham, is found living with his in laws,

The family are described as follows:-

Eliza Butler, head, aged 67, ?, son, aged 29, butcher, Moses Steatham, son in law, aged 30, Lock filer, Eliz Steatham, daur, aged 27, Tho, grandson, aged 5, Eliz, daur [sic], aged 1.

At Cock Street, 3 doors from the Bulls head.

1871 Census

1871 Census

Albert Steatham, aged 26, Gun Maker, lodger in the home of a William Humpage, Gun Maker.

At 2 Boulton Cottages, Enfield, Middlesex.

1871 Census

1871 Census

Samuel Steatham, aged 22, Gun Lock Filer, Betsy, aged 21, born Uttoxeter, William, aged 11 months.

At King Street, Darlaston.

[1881 - April 3rd]

Moses Steatham, aged 68, widower, Gun Lock Filer, John? Firkin, aged 32, Shingler, son in law, Ann Firkin [Nee Steatham], aged 31, wife [sic].

At 34 Walsall Road, [2 doors away from his brother Samuel at the Prince of Wales].

1881 Census

1881 Census

James Steatham, aged 46, Gun Lock Filer, Sarah, aged 50.

At 20 Eldon Street.

1881 Census

1881 Census

Josiah Steatham [note - e inserted on numerators sheet] , aged 34, Whitesmith, Harriet, aged 36, Dress Maker, born Willenhall, Alfred, aged 13, born Willenhall, Mary L., aged 11, born Darlaston, and lastly Gervase, aged 5, born Derby.

At 9 Upper Brook Street, Derby.

1881 Census

1881 Census

Mark Nash, aged 38, Machinist Buckle Forger?, Alice Nash [Nee Steatham], aged 37, Elizabeth, aged 11, Joseph, aged 6, Alice, aged 3.

At 24 Bescot Street.

1881 Census

1881 Census

Moses Steatham, aged 40, Sexton & Cemetery Keeper, Elizabeth, aged 38, cook, Thomas, aged 14, Elizabeth, Aged 11.

At James Bridge Cemetery House.

1881 Census

1881 Census

Albert Steatham, aged 35, Gun Maker, Ann, aged 29, William James, aged 7, Moses, aged 5, born Smethwick, Mary Ann, aged 2, born Smethwick.

At High Park Road, Harbourne.

1881 Census

1881 Census

Samuel Steatham, not yet found.

[1891 - April 5th]

Moses Statham [sic], aged 78, Gun Lock Filer, living at his son in laws house.

John Firkin, aged 42, Shingler in Ironworks, Anne [sic], aged 41, Joseph, aged ?, Day School Pupil Teacher, and Moses above.

At 34 Walsall Road, two doors from the Prince of Wales Public house.

1891 Census

1891 Census

James Steatham not yet found.

Sarah Steatham, aged 62, married, no occupation.

At 31 Feol's? Anns?, Blockhall, Darlaston Green.

1891 Census

1891 Census

Josiah Steatham, aged 46, Whitesmith, Harriet, aged 48, Mary L., aged 21, Dress Maker, Gervase, aged 15, apprentice carpenter.

At 4 Green Street, Darlaston.

1891 Census

1891 Census

Mark Nash, aged 48, ? Engine? Fitter?, Alice, aged 47, Elizabeth, aged 21, Sticher? Saddler?, Joseph, aged 6, Alice, aged 13.

At 98 Frederick Street, Walsall.

1891 Census

1891 Census

Moses G. [sic] Steatham, aged 50, Cemetery Keeper, Elizabeth, aged 48, Elizabeth, aged 21, Dress and Mautle? Maker.

At Cemetery H? S? Office?

1891 Census

1891 Census

Albert Steatham, aged 45, Coach Spring Finisher, Ann, aged 39, William J, aged 17, Heater? in Nut and Bolt Works, Mary A, aged 17, Elizabeth, aged 9, Ernest, aged 5.

At 215 Grove Lane.

1891 Census

1891 Census

Samuel Streatham [sic], aged 43, Coach Spring Finisher, wife Adelaide, aged 55,, William, aged 20, Coach Spring Finisher, Samuel, aged 16, Whip Mount Maker.

At 10 Morvile? Street.

[1901 - March 31st]

James Steatham, aged 67, Machinist Driller, Sarah, aged 71.

At 31 Blockhall Road, Darlaston.

1901 Census

1901 Census

Josiah Steatham, aged 58, Mechanic Fitter, Harriet, aged 59, Gervase, aged 25, Coach? Fitter?

At 14 Green Street, Darlaston.

Next door at number 12, is Josiah's daughter, Mary L Tomlinson [Nee Steatham], aged 31, husband John William Tomlinson, aged 31, Ironforger, and John A Tomlinson their son, aged 21 months, and lastly Gertrude Harper, aged 20, cousin, born Willenhall.

1901 Census

1901 Census

Nash [sic] Nash, aged 58, born Coven Heath, Breats? Iron Foundry Filer, Alice Nash [Nee Steatham], aged 57, Joseph Nash, aged 26, Clerk, Alice, aged 23, Dressmaker.

At 8 Upper Walhouse Street, Walsall.

1901 Census

1901 Census

Elizabeth Steatham [Nee Butler], aged 57, widow, living on own account, living with her son in law, William Smith, aged 29, Carpenter & Joiner - working from home, Elizabeth Smith, aged 31.

At 22 Catherines Cross.

1901 Census

1901 Census

Albert Steatham, aged 55, Spring Coach Filer, Ann, aged 49, Moses, aged 25, Nut Threaded, Annie, aged 21, Nut Tapper, Elizabeth, aged 19, Lamp Solderer, Ernest, aged 15, Machine Driller, Alice, aged 9.

At 216 Grove Lane, Smethwick.

1901 Census

1901 Census

Samuel Steatham, aged 54, widower, Coach Spring Filer, Adelaide Doughty, aged 66, widow, boarder, house keeper domestic.

At 1 BK B 13? Stewart Street, Lady Wood, Birmingham.

1901 Census

1901 Census

John Firkin, aged 52, Iron Shingler, Ann Firkin [Nee Steatham], aged 51, Joseph Firkin, aged 27, Assurance [sic] Agent.

At 230 Kings Hill / Walsall Road.

[1911 - April 2nd]
John William Tomlinson aged 41, Ironmonger; Mary Louisa Tomlinson aged 41; John Alfred Tomlinson aged 11, School; Gervase William Tomlinson aged 9, School;
Josiah Steatham [Wife's father] aged 68, Fitter [Working on his own account], Whitesmith; Margaret Louise Steatham [Wife's mother] aged 70; Margret Louisa Steatham [Niece - visitor] aged 4.

At 75 Park Grove, Derby.

The Census indicates -

John W. Tomlinson -
Children born alive - 2, still living - 2, died.

Mary L. Tomlinson -
Children born alive - 2, still living - 2, died.



Research - Additional Planned.

In Progress.

Obtain photo of bap. for Moses Steatham (1841-1896)

Obtain photo of marr. for James Steatham (1835-1902).
Obtain photo of marr. for Josiah Steatham (1842-1920).
Obtain photo of marr. for Albert Steatham (1848-1933).
Obtain photo of marr. for Samuel Steatham (1848-1917).


Obtain death cert. for Joseph Steatham (1806-1889).
Obtain death cert. for Elizabeth Steatham (1815-1899).
Obtain death cert. for James Steatham (1835-1902).
Obtain death cert. for Sarah Steatham (1829-1902).
Obtain death cert. for Josiah Steatham (1842-1920).
Obtain death cert. for Harriet Steatham (1841-1934).
Obtain death cert. for Moses Steatham (1845-1896).
Obtain death cert. for Elizabeth Steatham (1844-1919).
Obtain death cert. for Albert Steatham (1848-1933).
Obtain death cert. for Ann Steatham (1842-1933).
Obtain death cert. for Samuel Steatham (1848-1917).
Obtain death cert. for Elizabeth Steatham (1850-1920).    All Rights Reserved.