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Robert Steatham's baptism.

Robert Steatham - Life Events


Robert Statham was baptised [SRO] by the Vicar Athanasius Herring M.A., on Sunday the 10th December 1775, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

The baptism states "Robert the Illegitimate Child of Hannah Statham was Bapt the 10".

The present font is only dated from 1839, the one that was used for Robert's baptism is unfortunately gone.

To read more about St Mary the Virgin, go to
Steatham Research - Churches page.

Robert Steatham's marriage.

Robert Statham married [BPL] Hannah Butler on Monday the 24th December 1798 at St Martins, the Bull Ring, Birmingham.

Robert signed his name but Hannah left her mark. Hannah had still not learned to sign her name, when over 28 years later she travelled to Lichfield Eclasticial Court to sign the documents of Probate [LRO] for Robert's will.

The witness's were Sarah Butler and William Lo??es

To read more about St Martins, go to
Steatham Research - Churches page.

Robert Steatham's will.
Will signing

When Robert Steatham signed his will on Wednesday the 18th of October 1826, did he realize that in less than a year he would be dead? The will was witnessed by Thomas Hemmingsley, William? Adams and William Harrison.

The executors were, his 'loving Wife Hannah' (executrix) and his friend Samuel Williams. Interestingly between the word friend and Samuel, there is a name (David?) rubbed out, looks like he changed his mind.

The date, the eighteenth, also looks like it has been changed.

The original will can be viewed, and I would strongly advise visiting Lichfield Records Office [LRO] to see it.

What we have is a will signed by his own hand, in a solicitors office in Darlaston, all those years ago - it is the closest we can get to Robert!

To read his will in full, go to Robert Steatham's Will page.


Robert Steatham died on or about the 3rd of April 1827, at, as is stated in the burial records, Great Croft Street, Darlaston.

It is very unfortunate that neither in the burial register, or in the records for the subsequent probate of his will, where the question "When did he die?", the date of his death was not recorded.

Robert Steatham's burial.

Robert Steatham was buried on Friday the 6th April 1827, at St Lawrence, Darlaston, Staffs.

There is no memorial stone for him. He joined in the churchyard, his six children who had pre-deceased him.

To read more about St Lawrence, go to
Steatham Research - Churches page.

Robert Steatham's Probate.

The papers for Robert's probate are all together, with his will, lodged at Lichfield Record Office [LRO].

Hannah travelled to Lichfield to inact the Probate.

To read his Probate documents in full, go to
Robert Steatham's Probate page.

Hannah Steatham's marriage.
Hannah's remarriage

Just over 1 year and 4 months after Robert was buried, Hannah Steatham was re-married on Monday the 25th of August 1828, by the assistant Curate Francis Foreman Clark, to a Widower, William Jones at St Matthews, Walsall, Staffs.

Interestingly Hannah knew how her name should be spelt, but she could till not sign it herself, as she signed again with 'her mark'.

To read more about St Matthews, go to
Steatham Research - Churches page.

Hannah then became Hannah Jones, and was lost to us, well nearly but not quite.

We can see her in the 1841 census, in Great Croft Street with her youngest son Samuel. She is stated as aged 60, in this census that means an age of 60 and under 65, so Hannah must have been born between 1776 and 1781, just possibly a little younger than Robert.

The process now is to check the 1851 census, if she is not there, she must have died or remarried again. Then check burial records, then check for a will.

No luck on tracing Hannah as of yet.    All Rights Reserved.