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Steatham Certificate

The following is what I used to offer to do for Steathams. I have found very little demand for this and no longer offer this.

I also produce a Steatham Genealogy Certificate which attests to an individuals lineage in the Steatham tree, which is suitable for framing.

Steatham Genealogy Certificate

Steatham Genalogy Certificate.
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to see an elarged view of it framed.
This is on A4 size Calligraphy paper complete with the Steatham Family Crest and the Steatham Wax Seal.

To give the certificate authority, the Steatham Wax Seal is affixed to the Certificate.

This is a genuine wax hand seal, specifically designed and created for the Steatham surname.

I also include another copy of the Steatham Genealogy Certificate where only a graphic of the Seal is printed onto the Certificate, this is to give you some flexibility, depending on how you decide to display your certificate in a frame.

Also included with the Steatham Genealogy Certificate is a reference sheet explaining the features of the Steatham Family Crest, and what they symbolize as regards Steathams.

These are individually prepared and are an ideal gift for someone interested in their Steatham Family History.

The Steatham Seal The Steatham Seal. Once I have the persons details, I check their lineage to the Steatham Family Tree, and create the certificate.

Note - the person on the certificate, may not necessarily have the surname Steatham, it could be that their Mother say was a Steatham.

The two certificates, with a reference sheet, and a covering letter from me, will posted out to you by 1st class post.

The cost of this is 20, payable in advance by cheque or via PayPal, please use the email below to request a certificate.    All Rights Reserved.