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12th November 2019

Featured Steathams - Richard Samuel Steatham updated to add a photo of Richard Samuel Steatham and Olive.

28th October 2019

Featured Steathams - Richard Samuel Steatham updated to add a photo of Richard Samuel Steatham in his Auxilary Fire Service Uniform.

7th September 2019

Updated to remove Menu items marked as

26th February 2013

Steatham Research - Vicars - Joseph Hugill - Children - John Thomas amended to include details of discovery of more details on John Thomas Hugill, unearthed by Leanne (Steatham Contributor) .

26th February 2013

Steatham Research - Vicars - Joseph Hugill - Children - John Thomas amended to include details of discovery of more details on John Thomas Hugill, unearthed by Leanne (Steatham Contributor) .

19th February 2013

Steatham Visits - May 2011 amended to include more details of the visit.

5th September 2011

Steatham Research - Vicars - Joseph Hugill amended to have separate pages for all his children.

7th July 2011

Steatham Research - Vicars - Joseph Hugill amended to include photograph of his son William Joseph Hugill and the details unearthed by Leanne of Mary Hugill's life in Australia.

3rd June 2011

Elizabeth steatham Grave Restoration donation received - many thanks.

28th May 2011

Steatham Research - Vicars - John Waltham amended to include new slab found in churchyard.

16th May 2011

Steatham Research - Nottingham Road, Derby added.

26th October 2010

Robert Steatham - Glebe Terriers added.

11th October 2010

Robert Steatham - Hannah's Origins added.

10th October 2010

Neil Steatham added as a FAQ - Steatham Contributors


25th September 2010

Steatham Research - Occupations "Steatham" marked Gun Lock, photograph added.


20th September 2010

Steatham Research - Wills - John Waltham added.

Steatham Research - Wills - Samuel Lowe added.

Steatham Research - Wills - Joseph Hugill added.


14th September 2010

Featured Steathams - John Waltham added.

Featured Steathams - Samuel Lowe added.

Steatham Visits - Grantham 5th September 2010 added.

Steatham Visits - Darlaston 11th September 2010 added.


7th September 2010

FAQ - Question & Answer modified to answer question about breakthrough in determining Robert Steatham to be the source and link to view Breakthrough Paper added.


6th September 2010

Featured Steathams - Joseph Hugill modified to add information obtained from Steatham Visit to Grantham - 5th September 2010.


24th August 2010

Featured Steathams - Thomas Steatham page modifed to include details of the birth certificate for his only son, also named Thomas.

Research by Steatham Colaborator - Leanne Emmett, has enabled the life of Joseph Hugill, and his descendents to be uncovered, so Featured Steathams - Joseph Hugill & Featured Steathams - Joseph Hugill - his Son Henry Walker Hugill's disappearence pages have been added.

Steatham Research - Vicars page added.


18th August 2010

Robert Steathams sons - Thomas Steatham page modified to include details of the Vicar's stall that his daughter Sarah, paid for at St Lawrence.

22nd June 2010

Robert Steatham sons - Thomas Steatham page modifed to include details from the death certificates of Thomas and his wife Sarah.

31st March 2010

Further research by Steatham Colaborator - Mark Winfer, has enabled the life of Joseph Steatham to be uncovered, soFeatured Steathams - Joseph Steatham page added.

Mark Winfer added as a Steatham Colaborator.

19th March 2010

Visited West Bromwich to view the burial records for the 10 year period after the 1881 census, to find the burial of George Saunders.

Found it as expected, see Featured Steathams - George Saunders page for details.

2nd March 2010

I have been researching George Saunders' census records, and visiting churches, and have added Featured Steathams - George Saunders page as contact has made with one of George's descendents, with new information regarding the Saunders family tree.

16th January 2010

I revised the Henry George Steatham page to include Henry’s death certificate details, and a visit to Wolverhampton Archives has revealed that there are no reports of his inquest in any of the newspapers.

Also obtained photos of maps of Wolverhampton for St. John's and St. Peters churches.

12th January 2010

I revised the Australia Connection page as new research has revealed that Alfred was already living in Australia prior to his voyage on the Austal, and newspaper reports of success as a rifle shooter and his life as a Mason.

10th January 2010

I revised the Joseph Steatham page discussion section as new research has revealed that Joseph had numerous entries in the "London Evening Gazette", that clearly show that he went bankrupt shortly before his death.


26th November 2009

I added a page to launch an appeal fund for the restoration of Elizabeth's grave.

Click this link to view Elizabeth Steatham's Grave Restoration Fund Appeal

Photo of Henry George Steatham's signature

Elizabeth Steatham Grave

10th November 2009

I visited James Bridge Cemetery recently and found that Elizabeth Steatham’s grave, number L 207, has been marked as dangerous!

The block, marked in “in loving memory”, at the base of the cross, has become detached from the block below, and can now slide about or potentially fall - see photo.

If nothing is done to make it safe, the cemetery will take the cross, and the block, and place them on the ground, ideally on the grave, inside the area of the curbstones, (they will have to see if they will fit).

We have only five significant Steatham gravestones remaining, year date of first burial in brackets.

Henry George Steatham, (1924) Charlton – in good order.

Richard Samuel Steatham, (1944) France – maintained by the CWGC.

George Steatham, (1918) James Bridge – maintained by the CWGC.

Moses Steatham, (1896) James Bridge – still sturdy, but leaning to the side a bit.

Robert Steatham, (1928) James Bridge – still in good order.

And lastly Elizabeth Elizabeth & Sarah’s, (1913).

I have consulted a stone mason, and the cost to repair this is about £500.

I have checked who the owner of the grave is, and it was purchased by Sarah for her Sister Elizabeth when she died, Thomas went in next, and then Sarah followed.

The grave is still owned by Sarah, and as she had no descendents (she never married), the grave was never transferred to someone else. There was not really much point in having the ownership transferred as the grave was now full.

Any suggestion how we could get monies together, to get it repaired would be most welcome.

Remember anyone from the Henry George Steatham line of the family (Elizabeth was Henry’s Mother), and as such Elizabeth is their direct ancestor.

We only need say 10 people to offer £50 each and it could be repaired. I will contribute £50, so there are 9 to go!

Maybe we could have very small plaque engraved with everyone’s name who has contributed, inscribed on it, and have it placed by the stonemason between the bases, under the cross. Just an idea so people could feel more a part of this.

I have been told that the new method of pinning using stainless steel pins will last, well the exact words used were “forever”, that might be an exaggeration, but I think we could forget about it for a very long time.

Any comments or views about what we should / could do would be very welcome.

8th June 2010

George Steatham page modified to reflect his gravestone being replaced by the CWGC.

Elizabeth Steatham et alpage modified to reflect her gravestone being laid flat by the council.

Steatham Visits page modified to reflect visit made to James Bridge Cemetery on 8th June 2010.

9th May 2010

Photo added to the Steatham Research - Churches page, of Uttoxeter town view.

Featured Steathams - George Saunders page modified as per new information from Doug Saunders.

22nd March 2010

Photo added, courtsey of Doug Saunders - Steatham research Contributor, of Isaiah Steatham (1879-19??), and his son Isaiah, added to the FAQ - Contributors page, and to the Featured Steathams - George Saunders page. FAQ - Contributors page added to recognize those who have contributed to Steatham research.

19th March 2010

Steatham research Australia Connection page, revised to include details from Robert Caldwell - Steatham Research Contributor.

18th March 2010

Added Steatham Gifts page.

16th March 2010

Added photo of Steatham seal to Steatham Certificate page.

15th March 2010

FAQ - Contributors page added to recognize those who have contributed to Steatham research.

2nd March 2010

Featured Steathams - George Saunders page added to include details from Doug Saunders [a Steatham Research Contributor], with new information regarding the Saunders family tree.

19th January 2010

Steatham Research - Anniversaries page added.

18th January 2010

Steatham Research Map page modified to include details for St. John's and St. Peter's churchs. Many modifications to pages throughout website.

14th December 2009

Modified the Steatham Research - Churches page to include a photo of a wooden panel for a Thomas Lightfoote - dated 1636. It is highly likely that Robert's mother Hannah Statham, saw this the day she had Robert baptised, at St Mary's.

12th December 2009

Added a page for visits to Steatham graves - Xmas 2009.

4th December 2009

Added a Research page for Maps.

26th November 2009

Added a page to launch an appeal fund for the restoration of Elizabeth's grave.

Click this link to view Elizabeth Steatham's Grave Restoration Fund Appeal

13th November 2009

Replaced Commissions page, with a single page for Steatham Certificate & Steatham Document.

10th November 2009

Added a icon to indicate the pages with the latest changes.

4th November 2009

Spilt the News page into two, one for general and the other for website changes.

3rd November 2009

Added Commissions page, including photos.

22nd September 2009

Revamped to add hyperlinks in text to pages.Added icon to address bar and when adding to favourites.

20th September 2009

Added Steatham Research Wills page - to detail all the wills I have found for Steathams.

4th August 2009

I have had some contact - emails - from Steathams in the last month, and answered queries raised.

8th July 2009

St Lawrence church, Darlaston, has another smaller font that came from St Georges Church, Darlaston, when it was demolished in 19??

I have inquired about the age of this one and the reply was "This looks to be somewhat earlier [than the main one] but how much I am not sure. At a guess turnd of 18th/19th century?".

As St Georges opened in 1844, it could be the original [sic], from St Lawrence.

See Steatham Research - Churches for the story, plus a photo.

29th June 2009

Steatham Research - Cemeteries Charlton - more photos added.

18th June 2009

Steatham Visits page - added.

Visit to Darlaston on 13th June 2008 added.

20th May 2009

Steatham Research Australia Connection page - added.

As all pages should now print ok - boxes for printing removed.

Corrections made to a number of pages - thanks for the feedback.

18th April 2009

Samuel Steatham's grave located in James Bridge cemetery, pages modified to include the details.

Added video - YouTube - Interior of St Martins, Bull Ring, Birmingham.

General revision to all pages to assist printing, should now be ok.

Many photos added.

1st April 2009

Henry George Steatham page completed - the mystery solved!

Robert's Son - Thomas Steatham - completed.
Robert's Son - Joseph Steatham - completed.
Robert's Son - Moses Steatham - completed.
Robert's Son - Moses Steatham - completed.
All Robert's son marriages found, and places of burial.

Steatham Research Signatures page - revised.
Steatham Research Cemeteries - Wesleyan Methodist Pinfold St. - added.
Henry George Steatham's Will - added. submitted to search engines - now number 2 in Google search for steatham.
YouTube site created for steatham related videos.
CWGC online records corrected.
Featured person - Richard Samuel Steatham page - now moved to

Sarah Dangerfield, wife of Robert's Son, Joseph Steatham, receipt to prove that the death had been registered, found in inside the front cover of the burial register. It must have been handed by Joseph Steatham to the Minister.

General revision to many pages.

9th March 2009

Robert's Son - Joseph Steatham added.
Robert's Son - Samuel Steatham added.
Revised - ongoing, Charles Steatham page - now finished.
Steatham Research Signatures page added - ongoing.
Steatham Research Census page added - ongoing.

Now for some very good news - Robert Steatham's wife Hannah [nee Barber] has been found in the 1841 census,
and the CWGC have agreed to change their records and replace the headstone for George Steatham.

Many pages generally revised.

22nd February 2009

Revised Robert's son - Thomas Steatham page.
Revised - ongoing, Charles Steatham page.
Steatham Research Cholera Epidemic page added.

16th February 2009

Revised Robert's son - Thomas Steatham page.
Added Cock Street to Steatham Research - Cemeteries.
Added Steatham Research - Occupations.

10th February 2009

Added Robert's son - Thomas Steatham page.
Charles Steatham Page revised.

Added Prince of Wales Public House to Steatham Research - Houses.

9th February 2009

Added Charles Steatham page.

Added more and expanded Robert Steatham – Name origins.
Steatham Research - Cemeteries - James Bridge, expanded, with new photos.

Renamed Steatham Places to Steatham Research, so I can add occupations to that section.

2nd February 2009

Steatham Research - Cemeteries - James Bridge, completed, including Plan marked with Steatham Graves, and created a Gravestone Steatham Relationship (GSR), which explains the relationship of all Steathams in the graves mentioned.

31st January 2009

Visited Birmingham Archives and Heritage Service[5] to obtain details of Thomas Steatham marriage.

Name Origins expanded to include details for Thomas Steatham's marriage.

29th January 2009

Completed the Robert Steatham - Name Origins page.
Steatham Research - Cemeteries added.
Steatham Research - Cemeteries Charlton added.
Steatham Research - Cemeteries James Bridge added.
Steatham Research - Cemeteries St Lawrence added.

25th January 2009

Added more photos to Introduction page.
Robert Steatham page added.
Added Name Origins, to Robert Steatham page.
Added Life Events pages, to Robert Steatham page.
Robert Steatham's Will and Probate added.
Steatham Research - Churches added.
Steatham Research - Google Earth added.
Google Earth links added to pages.

21st January 2009

Added view image option, so photos can be enlarged.

21st December 2008

Added more details to the George Steatham - Featured Persons page.

Also added details to the Steatham Research - Churches. Added Steathams at Christmas follow this link
Steathams at Christmas

26th November 2008

Updated website to include featured person George Steatham and wrote to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission about George's gravestone.

22nd November 2008

Visited Stafford Records Office[4] to obtain a photo of Robert Steatham's baptism.

5th November 2008

Visited Walsall Local History Center [1] to obtain a photo of Sarah & Elizabeth Steatham's baptism record entry. This is the first recorded use of the Steatham surname.

Go to Introduction page to see the photo.

3rd November 2008

The web pages at are being gradually populated.

Links to the old website have been installed, these will be removed as the details are re-vamped, added and then transferred to

Join the mailing list to get a weekly update on progress.

See the Contact page for email address to make contact.

16th October 2008

Made a visit to the Community History & Archive Service, Smethwick Library, High Street, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 1AB, to look up the marriage of Charles Steatham to Elizabeth Martin.

7th October 2008

Visited Charlton Cemetery[2] in Greenwich to view the gravestone of Henry George Steatham.

Also went to view the house he was living in when he signed his will on January 25th 1915; 65 Vanbrugh Hill, East Greenwich.

See Henry George Steatham for photos of the visit.    All Rights Reserved.