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Photo of Family History Document
Family History Document.

Photo of Family History Document
Family History Document.

Steatham Document

The following is what I used to offer to do for Steathams. I did produce many of them several years ago, but the last request for one of these was interrupted by me being taken seriously ill, and I never did complete it. Maybe sometime in the future I will be able to offer this to Steathams.

When we talk about "A Family Tree" we usually mean printing out all the details in a tree format on a large sheet of paper. This has become impractical for me to do so.

I am doing what I call a Steatham Family History Document, typically 35 or more pages, in a bound presentation folder, which details a particular person/s family history as regards their Steatham ancestors.

This covers, the origins of the Steatham surname, Robert Steathamís children,the individualís lineage back to Robert, or Charles, as the case may be, and other interesting facts about Steatham genealogy that are relevant to their part of the Steatham Family Tree.

This extends right up to the present day; so the pages covering recent history, will be heavily customized to suit.

Also included is a reference page, to allow further reading and visits.

As the research is continuing, any updates will be sent out in June of each year, so any new information or developments, can be added to your Family History Document.

These are individually prepared and are an ideal gift for someone interested in their Steatham Family History.

Note - I will undertake initial research into the lineage of the person requesting the Family History Document, to ascertain how much new research is required.

I will state / agree the cost, before I undertake the commission. It may well be that your part of the tree has already been documented

The timescale to produce this will may well vary somewhat, depending on what research I have to undertake, in the past this has involved visits to cemeteries, and Record Offices, to obtain photos and so on.

The cost of this starts from £45, payable in advance by cheque or via paypal, please use the email below to request a Family History Document.    All Rights Reserved.