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Robert Steatham - Sons (surviving).

This is research I am still working on.

This process is to find baptism, marriage, death and burial, for the son, and their children.

Follow the links below for each Son featured.

Photo Thomas Steatham's (1803-1873) signature

Thomas Steatham's (1803-1873) signature.
The first born to Robert & Hannah...
Thomas Steatham (1803-1873).

Thomas Steatham born 1803, married Sarah Barker, they had five children.

Elizabeth, Ann, Mary, Sarah, and a son Thomas.

Photo of Joseph Steatham's (1806-1889) signature
Joseph Steatham's (1806-1889) signature.
The Grandfather of George Steatham (1885-1918)...
Joseph Steatham (1806-1889).

Joseph Steatham born 1806, married Sarah Dangerfield, they had five children.

Philemon, Joseph, Samuel, Hannah, and Joseph.

Photo of Moses Steatham's signature (1813-1891)
Moses Steatham's (1813-1891) signature.
The first of four Steathams named Moses...
Moses Steatham (1813-1891).

Moses Steatham born 1813, married Elizabeth Griffiths, they had nine children.

James, Emma, Josiah, Alice, Moses, Hannah, Albert, Albert, Samuel, and Ann.

Photo of Samuel Steatham's (1815-1870) signature
Samuel Steatham's (1815-1884) signature
He became a Gun Lock Manufacturer & Publican....
Samuel Steatham (1815-1884).

Samuel Steatham born 1815, married Elizabeth, they had four children, he then married Maria.

Joseph, Job, William, and Samuel    All Rights Reserved.