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Elizabeth Steatham Grave Restoration Appeal

Elizabeth Steatham's grave in James Bridge Cemetery is in a dangerous state of repair, please read the story below and see how you can help to get this historically significant Steatham grave repaired.

Photo of Elizabeth Steatham's grave

Elizabeth Steatham's Grave.

Copyright 2006 - Nigel James Wright.

Photo of Elizabeth Steatham's grave laid flat

Elizabeth Steatham's Grave now laid flat.

Copyright 2010 - Nigel James Wright.

I visited James Bridge Cemetery last year and found that Elizabeth Steatham’s grave, number L 207, has been marked as dangerous!

The block, marked in “in loving memory”, at the base of the cross, has become detached from the block below, and can now slide about or potentially fall - see photo.

If nothing is done to make it safe, the cemetery will have take the cross, and the block, and place them on the ground, ideally on the grave, inside the area of the curbstones.

This they have now done - see latest photo.

We have only six significant Steatham gravestones remaining, year of first burial in brackets.

Henry George Steatham, (1924) Charlton – in good order.

Richard Samuel Steatham, (1944) France – maintained by the CWGC.

George Steatham, (1918) James Bridge – maintained by the CWGC.

Moses Steatham, (1896) James Bridge – still sturdy, but leaning to the side a bit.

Robert Steatham, (1928) James Bridge – still in good order.

And lastly Elizabeth Elizabeth & Sarah’s, (1913).

I have consulted a stone mason, and the cost to repair this is about £500.

I have checked who the owner of the grave is, and it was purchased by Sarah for her Sister Elizabeth when she died, Thomas went in next, and then Sarah followed.

The grave is still owned by Sarah, and as she had no descendents (she never married), the grave was never transferred to someone else. There was not really much point in having the ownership transferred as the grave was now full.

Remember anyone from the Henry George Steatham line of the family (Elizabeth was Henry’s Mother), and as such Elizabeth is their direct ancestor.

We only need say 10 people to offer £50 each and it could be repaired. I will contribute £50, so there are 9 to go!

I have been told that the new method of pinning using stainless steel pins will last, well the exact words used were “forever”, that might be an exaggeration, but I think we could forget about it for a very long time.

I have created a PayPal account to be used for funds to restore this grave, if you would like to help please click the donate link below, and give what you can.

I will update this web page with the amount that is in the fund, and once we reach the £400 mark, I will instruct a stone mason to give a definite quote for the work.

I will also place on this page a list of donors, and the amount they contribited.

The Elizabeth Steatham Grave Restoration Fund stands at the moment at £100.

Donors include;

Nigel Wright           £50
Gerry Steatham     £50    All Rights Reserved.