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Photo of Sarah's & Elizabeth’s baptism record.
Sarah & Elizabeth Steatham's baptism
on Sunday the 11th June 1809,
St Lawrence, Darlaston, Staffs.

This is the first recorded use of the Steatham surname.
The Statham surname has been in existence for many centuries.

The first evidence we have of the spelling of the Steatham surname is for Robert Steatham's ten children, in their baptism records [WHC] at St Lawrence, Darlaston.

The first ever recorded use of Steatham is in the baptism [WHC] of Sarah & Elizabeth Steatham on Sunday the 11th June 1809 at St Lawrence.

The change of adding an 'e' into the name should have caused a change of the pronunciation from STATHAM, to STETHAM, but it didn't, and one thing we know about Steathams is that they know how to spell and pronounce their surname.

As Archibald George Steatham (1922-), he was the only son of Henry George Steatham (1895-1965), who was the second born son of Henry George Steatham, said [AGS]

...agree it's most unusual, and I've had to spell it most of my 76 years. 'They' will insist on putting an 'R' into it, making it into a S.W. London suburb - STREATHAM!

Photo of Robert Steatham's will, with 'e' being inserted.
Robert Steatham's will, with 'e' being inserted.
There are numerous examples, in official documents where the text had been written out before hand, and then having to be altered because they missed the 'e' from Steatham.

The best example of this is in Robert Steatham's own Will [LRO].    All Rights Reserved.