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Source References.

All the information on this site has come from a source. So I have started the process of indicating where the information came from, by using references to this page, which details the source.

The following are source references indicated by [BPL].

I will try and give details of what they have/hold so that a visit could be planned, if desired.

Reference.                 What.

[AGS]                          Archibold George Steatham.

This is from private correspondence I had with Archibold George Steatham, who was a Grandson of Henry George Steatham.

[BHO]                          British History Online.

On line library containing some of the core printed primary and secondary sources for the medieval and modern history of the British Isles.

Website -

[BPL]                          Birmingham Public Library.

The Central Library of Birmingham is in the center of Birmingham in Chamberlain Square. They hold records for St. Martins church, and a copy of Henry George Steatham's will, plus a set of will indexes.

[CED]                          Clergy Church of England Database.

This is online and contains details on all Church of England Clergy. This is a very useful resource.

Website -

[CGC]                          Charlton Greenwich Cemetery.

Charlton Cemetery, based at Charlton, Greenwich, is the site of Henry George Steatham's Grave.

[CPO]                          Church Plans Online.

This is online and contains details of Church Plans. This is a very useful resource.

Website -

[CSC]                          Cock Street Cemetery.

Cock Street Cemetery is adjacent to ASDA at Darlaston, there are a few gravestones remaining and the small site has public access. Everyone stated as buried at St Lawrence after 1830 was buried here.

[DLI]                          Darlaston Public Library.

Darlaston Public Library is valuable as it has numerous copies of Hackwood on it's shelves, and it is within walking distance of St Lawrence.

[DRO]                          Derby Records Office.

Derby Records Office.

[HAC]                            Book of Darlaston - Hackwood.

The book "A history of Darlaston - Frederick Hackwood, published 1887, is unique and contains extensive knowledge of life and the history of Darlaston.

The book is quite hard to find, but there are numerous copies of it in Darlaston Public Library.

[JBC]                           James Bridge Cemetery.

The public Cemetery of James Bridge is located at Darlaston.

[LBO]                          Listed Buildings Online.

This an online resource detailing all listed buildings.

Website -

[LDC]                          St. Lawrence Cemetery.

This is the grounds around the church of St Lawrence, where burials ocurred prior to 1830.

[IGI]                            International Genealogical Index.

This an online resource which has searchable parish records which have been microfilmed. It also has the 1881 census online.

Website -

[LRO]                          Lichfield Records Office.

This holds the most important Steatham record of all - Robert Steatham's Will.

[NRO]                          Lincoln Records Office.

This holds parish records for Lincolnshire.

[SLD]                          St. Lawrence Darlaston.

This is the most important Steatham church, all Robert's children were baptised here, and the six that did not survive were buried here.

Robert himself was buried here in 1827.

[TNA]                          The National Archives.

An online resource which is very usefull, due to vast amount of information it holds.

Website -

[WHC]                          Walsall Local History Center.

This holds all the parish registers for St Lawrence, and access to online resources, and one copy of Hackwood!

[WIK]                          Wikipedia.

This an online resource for everything!

Website -

[WPC]                          Wesleyan Pinfold Street Cemetery.

The site of cemetery is now lawned but is accessable by the public, there are a few gravestones remaining but no Steathams.    All Rights Reserved.