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Photo of St Lawrence, Darlaston

St Lawrence, Darlaston.

Copyright 2010 - Nigel James Wright.

Samuel Lowe M.A.

Samuel Lowe M.A. was the vicar of St Lawrence, Darlaston, Staffs, during the period 1814 to 1834 and officiated the following,

Samuel Steatham (1815-1884) baptised.
James St(e)ath(a)m (1800-1816) buried.
James Steatham (1816-1816) baptised.
James Steatham (1816-1816) buried.

Samuel Lowe (1775-1834).

This research is broken down into Five sections;

Quick Overview.

Detailed Research (Samuel's origins and Children).

Census findings.


Research - Additional Planned.

  Quick Overview

Samuel Lowe was born in 1775, in London.

Samuel Lowe married Marianne Maddock, in Nottingham, in 1809/1810.

Samuel Lowe died in 1834.

They had the following children,

Charles Benjamin Lowe, born 1811.
Henry Edward Lowe, born 1814.
Edward Clarkson Lowe, born 1815.
John Clarkson Lowe, born 1816.

Detailed Research

Note - as children are born their lives will be covered in their entirety, before moving on with Samuel Lowe's story.

Samuel Lowe was born in 1775, in London, the son of Edward Lowe.

Photo of Southwell Minister

Southwell Minister.

He was educated [CED] at The Minster School, Southwell, Nottinghamshire.

The school [WIK] was founded in about 1500 to educate the choristers at the cathedral.

It was formerly a selective school, known as Southwell Minster Collegiate Grammar School.
Photo of Trinity College Gate, Cambridge

Trinity College Gate, Cambridge.

On Thursday the 3rd October 1793, at the age of 18 was admitted [CED] as a pensioner to Trinity College, Cambridge.

He was matriculated Lent 1795.

[Matriculation is the process by which you will be formally admitted to the University]

He was then became a scholar, and obtained a B.A., Aegr. Wrangler in 1798.

[Wrangler is the name given to someone graduating with a first class degree in Mathematics from a Cambridge University. The Senior Wrangler was the person with the highest marks, followed by the Second Wrangler and so on down the list.

This method of classification lasted until 1909, since when the lists have been published in alphabetical order].

[Aegr. is Aegrotat, from the Latin verb aegrotare (English; fall ill, make ill).

Aegrotat means he was ill during the examination, and was awarded the degree and indeed the status of a first-class degree, on the basis of his work during his terms at Cambridge.

I am most gratefull for the assistance and information provided by the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge.

Photo of The Pepys Library Magdalene College, Cambridge

The Pepys Library Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Samuel Lowe then obtained [CED] in 1802, a M.A. from Magdalene College, Cambridge.

He went on to become [CED] a Fellow and Tutor at Magdalene College, Cambridge during 1802-14.

Magdalene College [WIK] is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge, England.

The college was founded in 1428 as a Benedictine hostel, in time coming to be known as Buckingham College, before being refounded in 1542 as the College of St Mary Magdalene.

The Pepys Library in Magdalene College, Cambridge houses the diaries of Samuel Pepys along with his other books.

Photo of All Saints, Long Sutton, Hants

All Saints, Long Sutton, Hants.

During his period at Magdalene College, he was made [CED] Stipendiary Curate, of All Saints, Long Sutton, Hants.

The living [BHO] is a perpetual curacy in the diocese of Winchester, in the patronage of St. Cross Hospital, and a vicarage in the diocese of Bath and Wells, in the patronage of the dean and-chapter.

The screen and pulpit are of carved oak, and of great antiquity.

Photo of St. Peter, Duxford, Cambridgeshire

St. Peter, Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

Next he was made [CED] Stipendiary Curate, of St. Peter, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, on Thursday the 6th November 1806.

Duxford is about 10 miles South West of Magdalene College.

It has a [BHO] C12 tower and tower arch, C18 chancel rebuilt in C14 or C15 retaining one original window. Late C14 north and south aisles, final restoration was in 1884-1891.

Photo of Samuel Lowe's marriage

Samuel Lowe's marriage.

Samuel Lowe married [IGI] Marianne, the daughter of Benjamin Maddock, of Nottingham, on either the 5th June 1809 or 10th July 1810.

Charles Benjamin Lowe baptism

Charles Benjamin Lowe baptism.

Samuel Lowe then had a son, Charles Benjamin Lowe, born [IGI] on Tuesday the 2nd July 1811, and baptised [IGI] on Sunday the 18th August 1811, at the church of St. Andrew, Chesterton, Cambridge.

This church is in the center of Cambridge!

Charles Benjamin Lowe is mentioned in Samuel Lowe's will.
Trinity College Gate

Trinity College Gate.

Charles Benjamin Lowe was admitted [CED] as a pensioner (age 20) at Trinity College Cambridge on Tuesday the 5th July 1831.

He was Matriculated [CED] Michs. 1831, obtained a B.A. in 1835, then a M.A. in 1838.

Ordained [CED] Deacon (Lichfield and Coventry) in 1836, and then made [CED] a priest in 1837.

Charles Benjamin Lowe then became [CED] Curate of St Maurice, Winchester, and also Curate and Afternoon Lecturer at the Parish Church of Hertford in 1836-45.

Charles Benjamin Lowe marriage

Charles Benjamin Lowe's marriage.

Charles Benjamin Lowe married [IGI] Caroline Maria Haig, born 1810, Dublin, Ireland.

Charles Benjamin Lowe then became [CED] Chaplain, at the Infant Orphan Asylum, Wanstead 1846-9, then Curate of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, 1849-52, then Vicar of Duddington, Northantshire, 1853-60.

Rector [CED] of South Collingham, Nottingshire, in 1860-6.

Rector [CED] of Tydd St Mary, Lincs, 1866-1904.

Note the name Tydd is from the Old English tydd, or "shrubs or brushwood".

[A. D. Mills, "A Dictionary of English Place-Names," Oxford University Press, 1991]

The following from the archives makes interesting reading,

Mortgage for £430 14s with interest,

1. Revd Charles Benjamin Lowe, rector of Tydd St Mary.
2. The Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty.
3. Joseph Keech Aston of Dean's Yard, Westminster, esq.

Mortgage by 1 to 3, in trust for 2.
Money to be spent on rebuilding the coach house, stables, cowshed and outbuildings on the glebe.
27 Jul 1874.

Interestingly The only English Pope Nicholas Breakspear (Adrian IV) was a 12th Cenury rector at st. Mary. Charles Benjamin Lowe died [CED] at the rectory on ? the 23rd ? 1904, aged 94.

Charles Benjamin Lowe finally had an entry [CED] in The Times Monday the 25th July 1904.

Charles Benjamin Lowe had the following children,

The following information is from "The royal lineage of our noble and gentle families. Together with their paternal ancestry", Volume 2, page 37, by Joseph Foster.

Charles Frederick Lowe, born on Friday the 14th September 1838.

Bridge of Sighs, Hereford College, Oxford

Bridge of Sighs, Hereford College, Oxford.

Caroline Maria Lowe, born 1841, married on Wednesday the 20th January 1875, the Reverand Edward Curteis Baldwin M.A., Hertford College, Oxford.

Hertford College was originally founded as Hart Hall in 1282 by Elias de Hertford.

Thomas Graham Jackson built the famous "Bridge of Sighs" over New College Lane, so joining the two parts of Hertford College.

They had a son, Godfrey Theodore Baldwin, born on Friday the 8th December 1882.
Frances Marian Lowe, born 1844.

Sidney Sussex College - Chapel Gate, Cambridge

Sidney Sussex College - Chapel Gate, Cambridge.

Edward Henry Lowe, M.A., born 1845.

Edward Henry Lowe in 1870, obtained [CED] a M.A. from Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.

The college was founded in 1596 and named after its foundress, Frances Sidney, Countess of Sussex.

Oliver Cromwell was among the first students (although his father became ill and he never graduated), and his head is now buried beneath the College's chapel.

Edward Henry Lowe then became vicar of Holy Trinity, Ely, in 1880,

Edward married on Wednesday the 5th June, 1872, Eleanor Susan Newland, daughter of William Newland, of Bramley, Surrey.
Trinity College Gate, Cambridge

Trinity College Gate, Cambridge.

Maltilda Constance Lowe, born 1852. married on Tuesday 22nd July 1873, the Reverand George Dowker Armitage M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge, Rector of Broughton Astley, Leicestershire.

Continuing with Samuel Lowe.

Photo of St. Mary's, Sutton, Lincolnshire

St. Mary's, Sutton, Lincolnshire.

Samuel Lowe on Friday the 3rd July 1812 became a Stipendiary Curate of St. Mary's, Sutton, Lincolnshire.

Henry Edward Lowe baptism

Henry Edward Lowe baptism.

Samuel Lowe then had another son, Henry Edward Lowe, baptised on Sunday the 6th March 1814, at Long Sutton, Lincolnshire.

Henry Edward Lowe is mentioned in Samuel Lowe's will.

At the time of 1881 Census we see him as Clergyman "Without Cure [of Souls]", which means he did not have a parish, living at Wilmcote Village, Aston Cantlow, Warwick.

He does not appear to have ever married.

Photo of St. Lawrence church, Darlaston

St. Lawrence church, Darlaston.

Samuel Lowe finally became [CED] Rector of St Lawrence, being presented by Charles Simeon [clerk], on Friday 16th September 1814.

He was also presented by John King, Charles Simcox & William Richardson "being the major part of the Trustees under the will of the late John Thornton Esq of the parish of Clapham, in the County of Surrey".

He was instituted [CED] on Thursday the 16th September 1841.

In the autumn of 1833, the church was enlarged [CPO],

Free seats West end, 50.
Free seats in Chancel, 64.
free seats in Gallery, 78.
Total free seats 29 ins by 18 ins, 142
Seats for School children in Gallery, 135.
Seats in new Pews, 68.

The plans were signed by,

Samuel Lowe M.A., Minister,
Samuel Smith? and David Bowen?, Churchwardens.

Edward Clarkson Lowe baptism.
Samuel Lowe then had a son, Edward Clarkson Lowe, baptised [WHC] on Friday the 27th January 1815, at St Lawrence.

John Clarkson Lowe baptism.

Samuel Lowe then had a son, John Clarkson Lowe, born [WHC] on Tuesday the 27th February 1816, and baptised [WHC] on Tuesday the 5th March 1816, at St Lawrence.

Could the two youngest sons mentioned above, be named after the Vicar of Wednesbury, Isaac Clarkson, who was an Executor in Joseph Hugill's Will.

Photo of St. Matthews, Walsall

St. Matthews, Walsall.

He was then also made [CED] Stipendiary Curate of St Matthews, Walsall, on Thursday the 1st November 1827.

It was noted in his orbituary "was presented to a lectureship at Walsall, where he resided during the latter part of his life".

He was licensed [CED] on Thursday the 1st November 1827; as "S.Lowe" in office, made Curate, on Monday the 19th April 1830. £70 per annum.

St Matthew's church consists [BHO] of a chancel, nave, aisles, transepts, organ chamber, and a tower, with spire, at the south-west angle, containing a clock and twelve bells, increased in 1929 from a peal of ten bells, of which eight were cast in 1775.

The oldest monument in the church is a recumbent effigy in 14th century armour of Sir Roger Hillary which dates from 1399.

A wall monument holds a medallion bust of William Purvis, a Walsall soldier who served in the 17th Lancers for 24 years, who was one of the small band of survivors of the Charge of the Light Brigade.

To view the church in GoogleEarth, open GoogleEarth and click the following link:-

GoogleEarth - St Matthews, Walsall, Staffs.

Samuel Lowe died on Tuesday 25th November 1834, aged 58.

Samuel Lowe has a long orbituary [CED] in "The Christian guardian and Church of England magazine".

Samuel Lowes' Will [with a Codicil] was signed by Samuel on ? the 1st July 18?, and was proved at London on the Saturday the 17th January 1835 before a judge for Margaret? widow and executors.

The witnesses for the Will were ?

To read the Will Click here.

We can see a record of a letter from Samuel Lowe concerned with hardship due to an Industrial accident.

11/130 Feb 03,1827 2 Letters,

a) from Ed. Underhill, Surgeon,

I do hereby certify that Thos. Ratcliff now residing at Darlaston was in the beginning of August last, very badly hurt on his Back and Hip as also several bruises on his other parts and which hurt on his hip now renders him unable to work and in my opinion he will not be able to do his regular work for several weeks to come.

Edwd. Underhill

Surgeon Tipton, Feb 3,1827

b) from S.Lowe, Rector of Darlaston 5th Feb 1827.


I beg leave to recommend to you the case of Thomas Ratcliffe as one with which I have been well acquainted throughout and which I know to have been one of very deep distress.

In addition to his personal affliction (of which the medical man's certificate will be the most satisfactory evidence) I have to state that one of his four children (the eldest of 11 years of age) has been so painfully oppressed with fits as to render rather a burthen than a help to her poor mother, who has been effectually prevented from doing any thing but attend to her family, by her two youngest children having gone thro' the smallpox one of them having been long in a very dangerous way.

Under these circumstances you will be surprized to hear that the maintenance of the family has with difficulty been provided for, while Rent and Levies have run painfully in arrears; so that they are in imminent danger of being stripped of their little all and consequently of throwing the family wholly on their Father's Parish.

So anxious has the poor man been if possible to prevent this that he has made an attempt to resume his work before he was fit for it, and by doing so has I fear considerably retarded his permanent recovery.

Your attention to his case will be esteemed an obligation by Gentlemen, yr. obedient Servant

S. Lowe, Rector of Darlaston

Allowed 15s.

Memorial to Samuel Lowe M.A.,
contributors, St Lawrence, Darlaston.
On Friday the 20th of December 1867, a mural monument was erected in the Chancel, to the late Samuel Lowe M.A.

It states,

"Whose remains are deposited in the Rectory Vault in this Church"

I wonder where that could be?

Hackwood page 69, states,

The vaults run along the north and south walls, and are entered from the outside.

There was printed a sheet detailing this monument, and its contributors.

Two Steathams are listed,

Statham, Mr. Joseph, he gave five shillings.

The candidates for this are Joseph Steatham (1806-1889), and Joseph Steatham (1844-).

My opinion is that this is Joseph Steatham (1806-1889).

Statham, Mr. Samuel, he gave two shillings and six pence.

The candidates for this are Samuel Steatham (1815-1884), and Samuel Steatham (1846-).

My opinion is that this is Samuel Steatham (1815-1884). The list of contributors makes interesting reading.

The whole monument cost £75, which at today's value would be:-

£4,682.54 using the retail price index
£6,733.06 using the GDP deflator
£42,717.33 using the average earnings
£51,550.23 using the per capita GDP
£103,366.61 using the share of GDP

Out of a total of one hundred and seventy five contributors, we start with Charles Adams Esq. giving £2.

Listed are "Friend, A" giving 10s, and a "Lady, A" giving £1, both of these I assume wanted to remain anonymous.

There are also a number of duplicate names, I assume they all knew who was who!

Other notables are Mr. P. Hollins Sculptor, Birmingham. giving £2 2s, and Mr. Wilkes, Executors of the late, giving £1.

The smallest amount was a Mrs. Corbett giving £1, but it got her on the list!

In 1801, at the time of the first census, Darlaston had a population of 1719.

Memorial to Samuel Lowe M.A.,
St Lawrence, Darlaston.
On Friday the 20th of December 1867, a mural monument was erected in the Chancel, to the late Samuel Lowe M.A.

Samuel Lowe’s monument in St Lawrence, reads as follows,


/"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to/
/do it with thy might for there is no work/
/nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom/
/in the grave whither thou goest"/

/Ecclesiastes 9:10/

To quote from the contributors sheet,

"The verse of Scripture was the last sentance uttered by Rev. S. Lowe in the pulpit; and chiefly on that account has been transcribed on the tablet.".

It states,

"Whose remains are deposited in the Rectory Vault in this Church"

I wonder where that could be?

Hackwood page 69, states,

The vaults run along the north and south walls, and are entered from the outside.

To read about the church, see

Steatham Churches - St Lawrence, Darlaston, Staffs. .

To view the church in GoogleEarth, open GoogleEarth and click the following link:-

GoogleEarth - St Lawrence, Darlaston, Staffs.

Census findings.

I have searched the 1841-1911 Census's, and here are the results.
Searching Census records for Steathams is problematic to say the least as the enumerator did not always record the surname correctly.

This is compounded by the modern transcripts used to search the records as they are also full of mistakes.

I will state what was recorded on the actual census, also Samuel Lowe and Marriane Lowe will marked as bold & underlined, and their children will be marked as underlined.

The Census was always conducted on a Sunday,

[1841 - June 6th]

In this Census, relationship to head not given.

Charles Benjamin Lowe aged 30, Caroline Lowe, [wife], aged 30, Charles Frederick Lowe, [son], aged 2, Caroline Maria Lowe, [daughter], aged 3 months.

At All Saints, St Albans.

Samuel Lowe, Marriane Lowe, Henry Edward Lowe,
not yet located in this census.

[1851 - March 30th]

Marriane Lowe, aged 71, born Nottingham.

At Athersone.

1851 Census

1851 Census

Charles B [Benjamin] Lowe, aged 39, Curate of Ashby de La Zouch, born Chesterton, Cambbridgeshire,
Caroline Lowe, wife, aged 41, born Dublin, Ireland,
Charles Frederic [Frederick] Lowe, aged 12, son, Scholar at home, born ?, Birmingham,
Caroline Maria, aged 10, daughter, born ?, Hereford,
Frances Marian Lowe, aged 8, daughter, born ?, Hereford,
Edward Henry Lowe, aged 6, son, born ?, Hereford.

Others - "Pupils" need transcibing.

Henry Edward Lowe not yet found in this census.

[1861 - April 7th]

[1871 - April 2nd]

Chal Benj Lowe Charles Benjamin Lowe aged 59, married, Rector of Tydd St. Mary, born Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, Constine Lowe, wife, aged 70, born Dublin, Francis M. Lowe, daughter, aged 38, born Hertford, Hertford.

We also have Sarah Culling, aged 27, Cook, Emily Jackson, aged 21, Housemaid, Emma Fleet?, aged 26, Young Ladies' Maid, ? John Key, aged 11, Page.

Henry Edward Lowe not yet found in this census.

[1881 - April 3rd]

Charles B. Lowe aged 69, married, Rector of Tydd St. Mary, born Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, Caroline Maria Lowe, unmarried, aged 30, born Hertford, Herts, Matilda Constance Lowe, daughter, unmarried, aged 19, born Ashby Del La Zouch.

We also have Sarah. A Stevenson, servant, aged 40, Emma J. Pensford, servant, aged 22, Ellen V. Young, servant, aged 17, and finally Alexander Garner, servant, aged 14.

At Tydd St. Marys, Lincolnshire.
1891 Census

1891 Census

Henry E. Lowe aged 67, Clergyman Without Cure, born Long Sutton, Lincolnshire.

At Wilmcote Village, Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire.

[1891 - April 5th]

Charles B. Lowe, aged 79, Widower, Clerk in Holy Orders, born Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, Francis M. Lowe, aged 48, daughter, single, born Hertford, Hertshire.

We also have Isabella Robson, Visitor, single, Governess, born Newcastle, Northumberland.

Finally Lydia Moods?, aged 24, single, Domestic Cook, Elizabeth Ward?, aged 15, single, Housemaid.

At 76 Rectory Road, Tydd St. Marys.

Interestingly the prev. road on the census sheet is "World's End Road"!

1891 Census

1891 Census

Henry Edward Lowe, aged 77, single, Clerk in Holy Orders, born Linedon, Long Sutton.

Also we have Ellen Elizabeth Heath, aged 25, General Servant, Annie Heath, aged 9?, Scholar.

[1901 - March 31st]

Chas B. Lowe, aged 89, widower, Clergyman (Church of England), Frances Maria Lowe, daughter, aged 58, single, born Hereford, Herts.

We also have Isabella Robson, aged 56, single, Companion, born Newcastle, Northumberland,
Eliza Boot, aged 35, single, Cook (Domestic),
Alice Boot, aged 20, single,
Parlor Housemaid (Domestic),
Florence Stockdale?, aged 17, single, Housemaid (Domestic).

1901 Census

1901 Census

Henry Edward Lowe not yet found in this census.

[1911 - April 2nd]

Not yet investigated.


Research - Additional Planned.    All Rights Reserved.