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Steatham Visits.

UK May 2011.

This was a visit by Bob Caldwell and his daughter Debbie, to see Steatham places and undertake some
original research into their grandfather Alfred Steatham's ancestors - The Derby Steathams as we call them.

Bob Caldwell is Steatham Contributor, and the grandson of Alfred Steatham who emmigrated to Australia in 1890.

Visits to places were made in the following order.

Lichfield Record Office [LRO], the Prince of Wales Public House, Darlaston.

Derby Record Office [DRO], Sites, then onto Hanbury, and finally Uttoxetter,

St Lawrence church for a service, then a walk around Darlaston places and then onto James Bridge cemetery.

Derby Nottingham Road Cemetery and the finally a meet up with Neil Steatham, who is also a Steatham Contributor. .

First place to visit was Lichfield.

For any Steatham, Lichfield Record Office [LRO] should always be the first port of call on any Steatham visit.

As always the staff were very helpfull and Bob and Debs, spent some time examining the will.
It is possible that Bob is the first actual descendant of Robert Steatham to touch the will.

I noticed for the first time, that on the will itself, although the body of the text had been corrected from
Statham to Steatham by the manual insertion of the 'e', the outside where it was written who the will was for,
still said Robert Statham, uncorrected! Seems to point to it being corrected just at the moment Robert signed it.
Was it? We will never know!

Next we went to the Prince of Wales public house at Darlaston.

Robert Steatham's youngest surviving son Samuel Steatham (1815-1884)
was the publican of the Prince of Wales, in Walsall Road, formally Bullcroft Street.

It was said that Samuel Steatham also sold groceries and was a
Gun Lock Manufacturer and that he brewed his own very good beer.

On the 20th May 1884. The Will of Samuel Steatham late of King's Hill in the Parish of Wednesbury in the County of Stafford Gunlock Manufacturer and Retail Brewer who died 5th May 1884 at King's Hill was proved at Lichfield by Joseph Steatham of King's Hill, Fitter the sole surviving Executor. Personal Estate 519 4s 8d.

When he died it went to his son Joseph Steatham (1844-1901).

Next we went to find to find the house that John William Tomlinson live at.

When then went to Derby Records Office in the center of Derby, to search for records of the shop.

We then walked to see John William Tomlinson's shop, or what remained of it.
Now John Willaim Tomlinson married Mary Louisa Steatham, who's brother was Gervase Steatham.

To read the Tominlson story Click here.

We then travelled to Hanbury to see the origins of the Steatham surname through Hannah Steatham.

To read the Hannah's story Click here.

When then went on to Uttoxetter to see St Marys.

To read more about St Marys Click here.

Next we went to the Nottingham Road Cemetery.

Bob is the Great Grandson of Josiah Steatham, who is buried here.

Click here, to see the photos and to read about the visit to Nottingham Road Cemetery.