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Steatham Visits.

Darlaston 12th September 2010.

This visit was a tour around Darlaston and the buildings adjacent to the "White Lion Inn" and "The Fold"

The group was myself, my Wife Liz.

The White Lion Inn was where John Waltham as Hackwood relates "... was a magistrate and occupied the bench when the court used to sit in the room at the back of The White Lion Inn".

It was stated that the predecessors of the council were the Local Board, who originally held their meetings in the upstairs room at the disused malt house behind the White Lion public house in King Street.

By the 1870s this building was in an advanced state of decay, the final decision to abandon it, being taken after someone threw a stone through the window during a meeting.

In addition we see mentioned. [BNA]

Aris's Birmingham Gazette - Monday 17th March 1834

WHITE LION INN, DARLASTON, In the County of Stafford. The above old established Premises, with the Public Office, Stable. Garden, and other Appurtenances, now occupied by Mr. Charles Green, will be shortly be SOLD or LET.

The present is a very favourable opportunity for the employment of a moderate capital to certain advantage, as independently of the business created a numerous manufacturing population.

Meetings of Magistrates, and Court of Requests, and several respectable Benefit Societies are held at the house, which was rebuilt a few years ago, and replete with every convenience.

Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. If sold, a part of the purchase money will be allowed to remain secured on the property.

For further particulars apply to Mr. Adams, Solicitor, Darlaston.

Below is a map, with the White Lion Inn marked in Pink, the building is now used by the Accord Housing Association.

Photo of Darlaston Street Plan - Fold - White Lion
Darlaston Street Plan - The Fold - White Lion.

Photo of Darlaston Street Plan - Fold - White Lion
This photograph of the White Lion Inn was taken to match an old photograph.
I have superimposed the pub sign onto the modern photo.

Photo of Darlaston Street Plan - Fold - White Lion
Nigel J Wright outside the door of the "White Lion Inn".

Photo of Darlaston Street Plan - Fold - White Lion
This was taken from the alley that is at the side of the White Lion.

The building in the foreground, with the burntout roof timbers is the building marked yellow on the plan.

St. Lawrence's Spire can be cleary seen in the background.    All Rights Reserved.