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Robert Steatham - Hannah's Origins

Here we are trying to ascertain the origin of Hannah, Robert Steatham's mother. This is all pre-1775, so sometimes we have to rely on the IGI [IGI], to research this.

Robert Steatham's baptism.
Robert Steatham's baptism

Robert Statham was baptised [SRO] by the Vicar Athanasius Herring M.A., on Sunday the 10th December 1775, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

The baptism states "Robert the illegitimate Child of Hannah Statham was bapt the 10".

Athanasius Herring M.A. is a featured person.

To read more about St Mary the Virgin, go to Steatham Research - Churches page.

Hannah Statham > Robert Steatham

Note the relationship to Robert Statham is given in [].

Hannah Statham's baptism.
Hannah Statham [Mother]

Hannah Statham was baptised [IGI] on Wednesday the 27th July 1757, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

So Hannah Statham would have been 18 years of age when she gave birth to Robert Steatham.

Hannah Statham had a brother John Statham, baptised [IGI] on Wednesday the 21st October 1761, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, and had a sister True Heart Statham, baptised [IGI] on Sunday the 12th February 1764, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

Now we see a True Statham, aged 66, being buried on Tuesday the 11th May 1822 at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

This is a very unusual name, and we know the dates are accurate for baptism and burial, but the dates our out by about eight years.

So I suppose we just have to make what we can of it.

Hannah's parents were a William Statham and Anne Hart.

Photo of Ann Statham's will

Ann Statham's will.
With luck we now find a statement in the Registered wills and original wills, administrations and inventories, 1494-1860, and, act books, 1532-1638 for Diocese of Lichfield Episcopal Consistory Court of William Statham appearing on Monday the 12th December 1791 to obtain the power to adminster his wife Ann Hart's estate she having died in intestate upwards of fourteen days prevouisly. This was granted.

This document has been transcribed Click here to read it.

William took his oath before Richard Buckerbridge LLB surrogate.

Richard Buckerbridge LLB is a featured person click here to read his interesting life story, and his families.

So we now have...

William Statham > Hannah Statham > Robert Steatham
[Anne Hart]
John Statham
True Heart Statham

William Statham's marriage to Ann Hart.

William Statham's [Grandfather] marriage

William Statham married [IGI] Ann Hart on Monday the 7th February 1757, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

William Statham's baptism.

William Statham's baptism [Grandfather]

William Statham was baptised [IGI] on Sunday the 7th June 1733, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

William had a brother John Statham, baptised [IGI] on Wednesday the 3rd March 1717, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

William had another brother Robert Statham, baptised [IGI] on Sunday the 27th November 1718, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

This Robert would be Hannah's great uncle.

The IGI contains other Robert Stathams up to Hannah's birth, but their relationship to this tree has not been determined at this time.

William's parents were a William Statham and Hannah Cope.

So we now have...

William Statham > William Statham > Hannah Statham > Robert Steatham
[Hannah Cope]      [Anne Hart]           [Unknown]
                            John Statham
                            True Heart Statham

William Statham's marriage.

William Statham's [Great Grandfather] marriage

William Statham married [IGI] Hannah Cope on Thursday the 25th June 1716, at St Werburgh's, Hanbury, Staffordshire.

William Statham and Hannah Cope are Robert Steatham's Great Grandparents.

The church is named after Werburgh who was an Anglo-Saxon princess who became the patron saint of the city of Chester in Cheshire. Her feast day is 3rd February.

Hanbury is about 5 miles, south east of Uttoxeter.

Photo of Plaque listing Vicars at Hanbury Church

Plaque listing Vicars at Hanbury Church.

We can see that they were married by the Revd. Timothy Corbott, according to the plaque now in the church, the [CED] says that it was a William Bladon!

Plaque - pre-dating
William Statham's marriage.

This plaque in the church pre-dates William Statham's marriage of 25th June 1716, and could well have been seen by him on the day!

The name Hanbury reflects its geographical location from the Saxon word hean meaning high. It was a very large parish geographically.

A nunnery was founded here by King Ethelred in about 680. His niece, who became the prioress, was later to become St Werburgh.

The church of St Werburgh is on an elevated position on Hanbury Hill. The earliest part of the building dates from the 13th century, and the chancel was re-built in 1862.

The tower was extended in 1883. A notable monument is the busts of two severe-looking Puritan ladies, which are unusual. They depict Mrs Agard and her daughter, Mrs Wollcocke. Sir John Egerton, who died in 1662, a Royalist and Axe Bearer of Needwood Forest, was buried by his sister in the north aisle so that he might be away from the gaze of these two formidable ladies.

The church contains the oldest alabaster tomb in Staffordshire, that of Sir John de Hanbury, who died about 1303.

This is a video of the outside of the church on YouTube...

Nearby Fauld is notable for one of the worst home front disasters of the Second World War, an explosion which took place on 27th November 1944. 4000 tons of stored bombs exploded, resulting in 70 dead or missing.

Now we have to spread our search further a field to trace the ancestors...

William Statham's baptism.

William Statham [Great Grandfather] was baptised on Tuesday the 24th March 1693, by the Rector Thomas Masters M.A. at St Michael & All Angels, Tatenhill, to a William and Alice Statham.

William and Alice now appear to have moved to Rolleston which is only about six miles north east of Tatenhill.

There we also see another child for William & Alice a Margarett Statham baptised by the Rector Thomas Wickham M.A. on Wednesday the 10 April 1680 at St Mary's, Rolleston, Staffs.

Thomas Wickham was the Rector at St Mary's, Rolleston from 1677 to his death in 1693.

We have a number of burial records for Alice Statham at Rolleston.

Alice buried Saturday the 5th November 1701 and the Wife of William, a Alice Statham buried on Monday the 21st April 1727.

I suppose by the mention of William it might be the later.

Thomas Masters M.A. is a featured person.

The church has been researched St Michael & All Angels, Tatenhill, Staffs.

See Steatham Visit - Tatenhill 4th February 2023.

William and Alice's marriage.

Four years earlier we see the marriage of William Statham [Great Great Grandfather] to Alice Ault, by Thomas Brooksby, Curate on Sunday the 22nd April 1689, at St Mary's, Tutbury, Staffordshire. Interestingly Alice's and William's places of residence is given as Tatenhill.

Actual wording - William Statham of the parish of Tatenhill and Alice Ault of the same was - married April 22 1689.

Why didn't they get married at Tatenhill?

William Statham and Alice Ault are Robert Steatham's Great Great Grandparents.

The Curate Mr Thomas Brooksby who married William and Alice was originally a schoolmaster licensed on Sunday the 24th September 1662 he exhibited his licence at Rolleston [LRO, B/V/1/67 (Liber Cleri)], on Monday the 23rd July 1663 [LRO, B/V/1/67 (Liber Cleri)] and on Tuesday the 4th August 1665 appeared and exhibited his licence again at Rolleston [LRO, B/V/1/67 (Liber Cleri)].

Finally on Tuesday the 17th November 1676 he became Curate at St Mary's Tutbury [LRO, B/V/1/77 (Liber Cleri)]. The next Curate listed as appointed is William Walker on Thursday the 29th December 1707.

We see a Thomas Brooksby being buried at St Mary Rolleston on Tuesday the 2nd December 1704 aged 44 birth year 1660. The name fits but our Thomas must have been at least seventeen in 1660 to hold the position of School Master.

St Mary's Tutbury - Boar.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.
Tutbury's impressive Priory church is all that remains of an 11th-century monastery founded in 1089 by Henry de Ferrers, the holder of Tutbury Castle. It was founded as a Benedictine Priory colonised by the Abbey of Saint Pierre sur Dives in Normandy.

From the start the Church did double duty as both Priory and Parish Church. What survives today is the parish part, the western six of an originally eight bay naive.

Notable west front of circa 1160-70 which has a fine doorway of seven orders, the outermost order being of alabaster, the earliest known use of the material in England. The south aisle retains a Norman doorway having much-weathered tympanum carving depicting a boar hunt.

The Church stood in its entirety until 1538 when on Wednesday the 14th September it was surrendered to the Crown during Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries.

I would like to thank church warden Margaret Pyle for the very warm welcome she gave me when I visited on Sunday the 19th February 2023.

So we now have...

William Statham > William Statham > William Statham > Hannah Statham > Robert Steatham
[Alice Ault]            [Hannah Cope]      [Anne Hart]           [Unknown]
John                                                 John
Robert                                              True Heart Statham

William Statham's baptism.

13c font
St Michael & All Angels
William Statham (1661-1702) [Great Great Grandfather] was baptised on Sunday the 24th April 1661 in the 13c font by the Rector Thomas Masters M.A. at St Michael & All Angels, Tatenhill.

William's parents are a John and Debra Statham

William would have been twenty eight years old at his marriage to Alice.

Now we get very lucky in that we find William's will that mentions his brother Robert (1666) and proves that he is the son of John and Debra Statham [Great Great Great Grandparents].

Click here to read the William's Will signed on Friday the 12th January 1700.

An Inventory of his goods and chatells was made on Sunday the 11th January 1702, and we see him buried at St Mary's Rolleston on ? the 1702.

His will is quite revealing, William, living at Anslow in the parish of Rolleston a Yeoman (someone who owns and cultivates land) appears to have been made to ensure that the little he had was left to his brother Robert's son Thomas.

...I do hereby give and bequest unto my well beloved Cosen William Statham, (the eldest Son of my Brother Robert Statham: with whom I now live... desire that my aforesaid Kinsman William Statham...Cozen William Statham my full sole Executor...

Two cozens and one kinsman. I think it should have said nephew not cozen!

Is he saying he is living with Robert or William?

Interestingly the will states ...of the Reign of William the third...

The Inventory makes interesting reading,

... 4 brass kettles and a brass pott & warming pan 1 4s 0d ... one feather bed with three bolsters & blankets with an old flock? bed with the curtains & bedsheets 3 0s 0d ... one soafer and an old Chair and 4 cushions 0 5s. 8d ...

Finally we have the last standard line to cover ... Some old lumber and things unseen and forgotten 0 1s 0d ...

The total came to 10 6s 7d.

The purchasing power of 10 6s 7d. in 1700 would be one Horse or two cows or wages for a skilled tradesman for one hundred and fourteen days.

Finally we now have...

John Statham > William Statham > William Statham > William Statham > Hannah Statham > Robert Steatham
[Debra]             [Alice Ault]            [Hannah Cope]      [Anne Hart]           [Unknown]
John                  John                                                 John
Thomas             Robert                                              True Heart Statham
Robert               Margaret

Note the three Williams in a row it's a bit strange that Robert did not name any of his children William!

It's quite clear why she named her son Robert!

John Statham [Great Great Great Grandfather] and Debra have a number of children at Tatenhill...

John (1659),

William (1661),

Thomas (1662),

Robert (1666),

Elizabeth (burial 18 May 1667)

Possibly this is where the name entered the Steatham's genealogy.

John Statham and Debra are Robert Steatham's Great Great Great Grandparents.

We have a break with the name Debora. We have two candidates...

Debora Chalsworth baptised 13th February 1641 to Jacob and Priscilla at Sudbury.
Debora Parker baptised 26th January 1634 to Edmund at All Saints Derby.

Age at marriage would have been Chalsworth (25), Parker (18), so they are both a good fit.

The search is now on for John and Debra's marriage, baptisms and burials. No luck so far!
We are lucky to have names like Alice, Ault and Debra to work with. As always it is the females who have enabled us to work out what is going on.

The trail now goes somewhat cold for our Stathams, but as of today we have managed to get back three hundred and sixty two years!

So for the moment we have to leave the story where it is!

If someone else wants to research this further, which I would welcome them to do so, or suggest corrections for what I have found the results could be included here.

I would mark their efforts with an entry on the FAQ - Contributors page that recognizes those who have contributed to Steatham research.    All Rights Reserved.