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Robert Steatham's - Children

We now find Robert and Hannah living in Darlaston.

I am now going to list their children in chronological order - note all baptisms and burials occurred at St Lawrence, Darlaston, Staffs. I have stated the spelling for Steatham (sic) given in the actual baptism / burial record.

James Stathem baptism.

James Steatham burial.

#1) James Stathem (1800-1816)

It all begins on Monday 20th January 1800, when James Stathem (note the e, but at the end), was baptised [WHC].

James Steatham, [note the now standardized spelling of Steatham], was buried [WHC], aged 16, on Sunday the 17th of April 1816.

Thomas Statham baptism.

#2) Thomas Statham (1803-1873)

Next we have Thomas Statham baptised [WHC] on Sunday the 13th February 1803.

Thomas Steatham dies on Sunday the 10th August 1873. Thomas and is buried three days later, on Friday the 15th August, at St Lawrence - Cock Street Cemetery.

Note- Thomas Statham is the first of Robert and Hannah's only surviving four children (sons).

John Statham's baptism.

John Statham's burial.

#3) John Statham (1805-1806)

John Statham is next, baptised [WHC] on Wednesday the 27th March 1805.

He died the following year and was buried on Monday the 20th October 1806.

Joseph Statham baptism.

#4) Joseph Statham (1806-1889)

Next is Joseph Statham, born [WHC] on Thursday the 11th of December 1806, baptised [WHC] a little later on Thursday the 25th December 1806.

Seems strange to us in this day and age, that baptisms, marriages, and burials were performed on Christmas day, but it was the norm then.

Try getting a Vicar to baptise your child on Christmas day now!

Note - Joseph Statham is the second of Robert and Hannah's only surviving four children (sons).

So far we have only seen Statham (sic).

First recorded use of the Steatham surname.

Sarah & Elizabeth Steatham's baptism
on Sunday the 11th of June 1809,
St Lawrence, Darlaston, Staffs.

#5) Sarah Steatham (1809-1810)
#6) Elizabeth Steatham (1809-1810)

Then we have it, where it all starts, with the twins, Sarah & Elizabeth Steatham being baptised [WHC] on Sunday the 11th of June 1809.

This event is significant, it being the first recorded use of the Steatham surname.

Sarah Steatham burial.
Sarah was buried [WHC] on Sunday the 13th May 1810.

Elizabeth Steatham burial.
Elizabeth was buried [WHC] on Thursday the 19th of July 1810.

William Statham baptism.

William Statham burial.
#7) William Statham (1811-1811) was baptised [WHC] on Sunday the 28th of April 1811.

William was buried [WHC] on Saturday the 21st December 1811.

The burial records again say Statham.

This is the last time we ever see Statham used, it's Steatham from now on...

Moses Steatham baptism.
#8) Moses Steatham (1813-1891)

Moses Steatham was baptised [WHC] on Sunday the 21st February 1813.

Note - Moses Steatham is the third of Robert and Hannah's only surviving four children (sons).

Samuel Steatham's baptism.
#9) Samuel Steatham (1815-1884)

Samuel Steatham was baptised [WHC] on Sunday the 26th of March 1815.

Note - Samuel Steatham is the fourth and last of Robert and Hannah's only surviving four children (sons).

James Steatham's baptism.

James Steatham's burial
#10) James Steatham (1818-1819)

Next we have another child baptised [WHC] as James Steatham on Monday the 27th of April 1818.

This James was buried [WHC] on Wednesday the 17th of February 1819.

He was the last child born to Robert and Hannah.

So Robert and Hannah's first and last child were both named James! Tragically neither survived.

After this date Robert & Hannah have only their four surviving sons, to carry on the Steatham surname.

Thomas Steatham  (1803-1873)
Joseph Steatham   (1806-1889)
Moses Steatham    (1813-1891)
Samuel Steatham  (1815-1884)    All Rights Reserved.