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Photo of Robert Steatham's signature (Reproduced here with the kind permission of Lichfield Record Office and the Lichfield Diocesan Registrar ref B/C/11)
Robert Steatham
The man who started it all...

Welcome to the website dedicated to the Steatham surname.

The Steatham surname is extremely rare and research proves that it came from one man Robert Steatham (1775-1827).

There are three distinct lineages back to Robert Steatham,

Robert Steatham (1775-1827)

The main Steatham tree through Robert's four surviving sons, Thomas, Joseph, Moses, and Samuel.

Photo of Henry George Steatham's signature
Henry George Steatham

'The man that moved away',
the enigmatic figure of Steatham genealogy....

Henry George Steatham (1854-1931)

The Henry George Steatham tree, has been treated as separate, due to there being doubt, about Henry's connection to Robert.

Now after nearly two decades of research, the mystery has now finally been solved.
Photo of Charles Steatham's signature
Charles Steatham
He became a Steatham by a stroke of fate....
Charles Steatham (1868-1935)

The Charles Steatham tree, is well researched and does not link to Robert Steatham, Charles's mother Mary (Statham), registered him as a Steatham, and the tree starts from there.

  On this website are details of the genealogy of the surname, plus everything connected to the Steatham surname.

For latest research, please view News page.

If you believe you are a Steatham descendant please email me at with your full name and, say your grandfather's name, and I will reply with what lineage you are connected to.    All Rights Reserved.