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Photo of William Steatham's oath

William Steatham's oath.

Theophilus Buckeridge

Theophilus Buckeridge M.A. was the father of Richard Buckeridge L.L.B.

Richard Buckeridge entered the Steatham story by taking the oath of Robert Steatham's Great Grandfather William Steatham on Monday the 12th December 1791, at the Diocese of Lichfield Episcopal Consistory Court.

The oath was taken so William could obtain the power to administer his wife Ann Hart's estate.

Theophilus Buckeridge was the father of Richard Buckeridge L.L.B. and Charles Buckeridge D.D.

Click here to read about Robert Steatham's Great Grandfather William Steatham.

Theophilus Buckeridge (1724-1803)

This research is broken down into Five sections;

Quick Overview.

Detailed Research (Theophilus' origins and Children).

Detailed Research (Richard's family - [son] Richard Buckeridge L.L.B.

Detailed Research (Charles' family - [son] Charles Buckeridge D.D.

Census findings.


Research - Additional Planned.

Research into Theophilus and both his two sons - Richard Buckeridge L.L.B and Charles Buckeridge D.D. due to their complexity are on separate pages.

This is one of the most difficult Steatham Research I have ever undertaken due to multiple similar names, overlapping time periods and similar occupations (clergy).

Theophilus Buckeridge

Theophilus Buckeridge.

Quick Overview

Theophilus Buckeridge born 1724, at Lichfield, Staffordshire.

In 1749 he married on Thursday the 27th of July 1749, Margaret Durant (1727-1793) at St Kenelm's, Romsley, Halesowen.

They had thirteen children.

#1) Thomas Buckeridge (1750-1751) died aged one.

#2) Frederick Buckeridge (1751-1751) died a few days after his birth.

#3) George Buckeridge (1751-1751) died a few weeks after his birth.

#4) John Buckeridge (1753-1756).

#5) Theophila Buckeridge (1755-).

#6) Charles Buckeridge D.D. (1755-1827).

#7) Mary Buckeridge (1757-1775).

#8) Elizabeth Buckeridge (1759-).

#9) George Buckeridge (1760-1779).

#10) Thomas Buckeridge (1763-1786).

#11) Richard Buckeridge L.L.B. (1765-1824).

#12) Frederick Buckeridge (1768-1789).

#13) Lewis Buckeridge (1774-1821).

In Margaret Buckeridge's [Nee Durant] burial records it clearly states that she had fourteen children, but so far I have only been able to find thirteen.

Note - as children are born their lives will be covered in their entirety, before moving on with Theophilus Buckeridge's story.

Theophilus Buckeridge himself will be shown as bold

Theophilus Buckeridge's children will be shown as bold underline

Theophilus Buckeridge's grand children will be shown as underline

Detailed Research

West Face - Lichfield Cathedral

West Face - Lichfield Cathedral.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

Theophilus Buckeridge was born, the son of Wild Buckeridge Gent. of Lichfield and Theophila Hand on Wednesday the 22nd July 1724 at Lichfield, Staffs and baptised on Saturday the 1st August at Lichfield Cathedral.

Ironically his parents Wild and Theophila were married on Saturday the 25th May 1723, at where else but St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

The cathedral is dedicated to St Chad and Saint Mary. The stone is sandstone and came from a quarry on the south side of Lichfield.

Lichfield suffered severe damage during the English Civil War in which all of the stained glass was destroyed. In spite of this the windows of the Lady Chapel contain some of the finest medieval Flemish painted glass in existence. Dating from the 1530s it came from the Abbey of Herkenrode in Belgium, in 1801, having been purchased by Brooke Boothby when that abbey was dissolved during the Napoleonic Wars.

The Lichfield Gospels, also known as the Book of Chad, are the gospels of Matthew and Mark, and the early part of Luke, written mainly in Latin with some text in early Welsh and dating from around 730. The manuscript is on display in the Chapter House from Easter to Christmas.

The Cathedral Close is one of the most complete in the country and includes a medieval courtyard which once housed the men of the choir. The three spires are often referred to as the "Ladies of the Vale".

St Mary Hall, Oxford

St Mary Hall, Oxford.

"Theophilus Buckeridge was educated at the Grammar School in that city, under the Rev. John Hunter, grandfather of Anna Seward, justly celebrated for her ingenious poetical productions.

Theophilus Buckeridge was tutored under the same master as Thomas Newton bishop of Bristol ; Lord Chief Justice Noel ; Lord Chief Justice Wilmot ; Sir Richard Lloyd, baron of the Exchequer ; Dr. James, the inventor of the Fever Powder ; Hawkins Browne, the ingenious poet ; David Garrick ; and Dr. Samuel Johnson ; received the rudiments of their education. Such a constellation of eminent persons it is seldom the lot of one man to educate.

From this school Theophilus Buckeridge aged just nineteen entered St. Mary Hall, Oxford, on the 5th February 1774/5 where he took his degrees in arts (M.A.)."

St Mary Hall was a medieval academic hall of the University of Oxford. It was associated with Oriel College from 1326 to 1545, but functioned independently from 1545 until it was incorporated into Oriel College in 1902.

Theophilus Buckeridge aged twenty four, was appointed in 1748 to the Perpetual Curacy of Edingale, Staffs.

In n 1791 he resigns the Curacy of Edingale in favour of his son Richard Buckeridge.

That's over forty three years at Edingale!

"During his residence at Edingale, he devoted much of his time to the study of the antiquities of his native county."

Theophilus Buckeridge's marriage.

Theophilus Buckeridge [Minister of Edengale (sic)], now aged twenty five, marries Margaret Durant (1727-1793), Daughter of Josiah Durant Rector of Hagley in Worcestershire, the husband of his father's sister, on Thursday the 27th of July 1749 at St Kenelm's, Romsley, Halesowen.

So Theophilus Buckeridge married his first cousin Margaret Durant.

"At Hagley he had frequent invitations to the mansion of the accomplished Lord Lyttelton, where were occasionally assembled the most eminent statesmen and wits of the age ; and to the hours passed in this elegant and classical society he was accustomed to recur with peculiar delight."

Theophilus Buckeridge now has his children...

#1) Thomas Buckeridge (1750-1751).

Thomas Buckeridge was born in 1750 and was baptised on Friday the 20th April 1750 at Holy Trinity, Edingale, Staffs.

Thomas Buckeridge dies 1751 and is buried on Wednesday the 27th March 1751 at Holy Trinity, Edingale, Staffs.

#2) Frederick Buckeridge (1751-1751).

Frederick Buckeridge was born in 1751 and was baptised on Saturday the 23rd March 1751 at Holy Trinity, Edingale, Staffs.

Frederick Buckeridge dies only a few days old and is buried on Wednesday the 27th March 1751 at Holy Trinity, Edingale, Staffs.

#3) George Buckeridge (1751-1751).

George Buckeridge was born in 1751 and was baptised on Saturday the 13th April 1751 at Holy Trinity, Edingale, Staffs.

Frederick Buckeridge dies only a few days old and is buried on Thursday the 18th April 1751 at Holy Trinity, Edingale, Staffs.

#4) John Buckeridge (1753-1756).

John Buckeridge was born in 1753 and was baptised on Monday the 7th May 1753 at Holy Trinity, Edingale, Staffs.

John Buckeridge dies a few years later and is buried on Saturday the 17th April 1756 at Holy Trinity, Edingale, Staffs.

#5) Theophila Buckeridge (1755-).

Theophila Buckeridge was born in 1755 and was baptised on Friday the 16th May at Lichfield Cathedral, Staffs.

Theophila Buckeridge aged twenty five [abode St Mary's Lichfield] marries by license [granted 27th May 1774] Edward Stringer [abode Trentham], aged twenty three, on Wednesday the 1st June 1774 at St Marys & All Saints, Trentham, Staffs

The description of her husband Edward Stringer, as a painter abode Trentham, which is very near the Wedgewood factory suggests he may well have been an artist there.

We also see an engraving [circa 1798-1801] for a Richard Greene (1716-1793), Surgeon and antiquary by an Edward Stringer. There is also the mention of this Edward Stringer dying in 1809.

Now for something really odd - At Lichfield we see the Will [ 450] and burial of a Theophila Stringer [widow] aged ninety two [abode Dam Street] - buried Wednesday the 2nd of March 1831 at the Cathedral Close. This 'Theophila' was born 1739! That's sixteen years before our Theophila Buckeridge! Further research might untangle this for us. For her to be our Theophila Buckeridge she would have had to been recorded as aged seventy six.

#6) Charles Buckeridge D.D. (1755-1827).

Charles Buckeridge's life has been covered extensively as a Featured Person.

Click here to read his fascinating story...

Theophilus Buckeridge aged thirty one, is now appointed Chaplain to Leveson-Gower, Granville, 1st Marquess of Stafford / Viscount Trentham /Earl Gower (1721-1803) on Monday the 8th of September 1755.

1st Marquess of Stafford.

Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st Marquess of Stafford, KG PC was known as Viscount Trentham from 1746 to 1754 and as The Earl Gower from 1754 to 1786 and was a British politician from the Leveson-Gower family.

In 1799 he (or his immediate family benefit trust) was estimated the fifth-wealthiest small family unit in Britain, owning 2.1M (equivalent to 219,500,000 in 2021), having assets in land, mining and arterial canal-toll rights having speculatively invested in the latter projects, much of which was in Staffordshire's Black Country.

He built the earlier Lilleshall Hall, converting a 17th-century house located in the village of Lilleshall into a country residence around the late 1750s.

Interestingly Lilleshall Hall is only about nine miles south east of Tong, Salop. Theophilus Buckeridge was Perpetual Curate there (1770-1791) and also his daughter Theophila Buckeridge married Edward Stringer at Trentham, Staffs in 1774.

#7) Mary Buckeridge (1757-1775).

Mary Buckeridge was born in 1757 and was baptised on Wednesday the 2nd of February 1757 at St Mary's, Lichfield, Staffs.

Mary Buckeridge dies in 1775 and is buried on Sunday the 27th August 1775 at St Chads, Lichfield, Staffs.

Theophilus Buckeridge aged thirty nine, is now instituted as Rector of the consolidated Rectories of Gresham and Bessingham in Norfolk on Tuesday the 2nd January 1759. Resigned on Thursday the 12th March 1772.

The parish church of All Saints, Gresham, Norfolk is one of 124 round-tower churches in Norfolk. The church contains one of the East Anglian seven sacrament fonts, in which there is much interest. Scenes represented on it include a baptism, a holy eucharist, and parishioners clustering around a neighbour's deathbed.

The church of St. Mary Bessingham in Norfolk, which is dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin (and for a short while after the Reformation to St. Andrew), is one of the oldest round tower churches in England and was restored in 1869. Many of its stained glass windows were installed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and designed by C. E. Kempe and Co. and James Powell and Sons.

The village's name means 'Homestead/village of Basa's people'.

#8) Elizabeth Buckeridge (1759-).

Elizabeth Buckeridge was born in 1759 and was baptised on Thursday the 16th August 1759 at St Mary's, Lichfield, Staffs.

#9) George Buckeridge (1760-1779).

George Buckeridge was born in 1760 and was baptised on Saturday the 20th December 1760 at St Mary's, Lichfield, Staffs.

George Buckeridge dies aged just nineteen and is buried on Friday the 2nd July 1779 at St Chads, Lichfield, Staffs.

#10) Thomas Buckeridge (1763-1786).

Thomas Buckeridge was born in 1763 and was baptised on Friday the 30th March 1763 at St Mary's, Lichfield, Staffs.

Thomas Buckeridge dies in 1786 and is buried on Wednesday the 18th March 1786 at St Chads, Lichfield, Staffs.

#11) Richard Buckeridge L.L.B (1765-1824).

Richard Buckeridge's life has been covered extensively as a Featured Person.

Click here to read his fascinating story...

#12) Frederick Buckeridge (1768-1789).

Frederick Buckeridge was born in 1768 and was baptised on Friday the 23rd September 1768 at St Mary's, Lichfield, Staffs.

Matricated aged nineteen at St John's College, Oxford on Wednesday the 7th May 1788,

Fredrick Buckeridge dies on Friday the 13th March 1789 at Lichfield and is buried on Tuesday the 17th March 1789 at St Chads, Lichfield, Staffs.

Frederick Buckeridge's
Gentleman's Magazine tribute.

There is an affectionate tribute to him in, by his father, in the Gentlemens Magazine Page 280.

It is worthy of reading so I have transcribed it here...

I have replaced the original spelling to make it more readable (f now written as s)....

Obituary of considerable Persons; with Biographical Anecdotes.

At his father's house at St John's Hospital, Lichfield, aged 20, Frederick Buckeridge, of St. John's Coll. Oxf.; a youth of extraordinary endowment. Intense application to study impaired a constitution, weakened in his infancy by a rapid succession of infantile diseases.

Incapable of sustaining the constant drudgery of a school, where much attendance is required for little instruction; he learned to read, write, and the first rules of arithmetic without a master. In the acquirement of Latin and Greek he had little assistance; as little, perhaps, as the learned Scaliger [1], who called himself an Autodidact [2].

His amusements were music and drawing, in the latter of these he excelled ; but his favourite studies were experimental philosophy and mechanics: a wheel of his contrivance, intended as a model of a perpetual motion, had he live to complete it, would have borne ample testimony of his ingenuity. His disorder, which was a pulmonary phthisis [3], resisted every medical application, and the waters at Bristol.

A sweetness of temper, a constitutional politeness and gentleness of manners, endeared him to all those who knew him; and it can be truly said, he never grieved his parents, but when he was sick, and when he died. As his life was all innocence and piety, his death was without a groan, and without a sigh, and he literally fell asleep.

[1] Scaliger - Joseph Justus Scaliger (1540-1609), a French scholar, pioneered the modern study of classical texts.

[2] Autodidact - A person who is self-taught.

[3] Pulmonary Phthisis - A progressively wasting or consumptive condition. especially : pulmonary tuberculosis.

1st Marquess of Stafford.

Theophilus Buckeridge is now appointed Master of St John's Hospital, Lichfield, Staffs on Thursday the 2nd of February 1769. On Saturday the 27th of February 1779 he was Collated by Bishop Egerton to the Mastership of St John's Hospital, Lichfield. Resigned on Saturday the 17th February 1821.

St Bartholomew's, Tong, Salop.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

Theophilus Buckeridge is now licensed and appointed Perpetual Curate at St Bartholomew's, Tong, Salop on 4th of September 1770, [resigning the post on Wednesday 20th April 1791]

Mautby Church, Norfolk.

Theophilus Buckeridge is now in 1771, presented by Thomas Anson, Esq. to the Rectory of Mautby, Norfolk and Instituted as Rector on Friday the 15th of November 1771 [until his death].

St Peter and St Paul's, Mautby, Norfolk is another thatched church. All the early churches were covered with thatch, and Mautby is well placed near the many reed beds in the Broads. The large town of Great Yarmouth is only five miles or so to the south-east.

There is a stone effigy of man in chain armour lying below the south-east nave window, possibly he is Sir Walter Mautby circa 1248. The impressive Rood screen, with much fine tracery, is 15th century, but with additions added in 1906. In the chancel is a set of piscina and three sedilia under matching cinquefoiled ogee arches, from the 14th century.

#13) Lewis Buckeridge (1774-1789).

Lewis Buckeridge was born in 1774.

Lewis Buckeridge burial.

Lewis Buckeridge dies, aged forty seven, on Saturday the 23rd of November 1821 and is buried on Saturday the 1st of December 1721 at St Chads, Lichfield, Staffs.

Notice how his name in the burial register is in CAPITALS [quite odd] and Beacon Street being called by it's old name of Bacon Street!

We now are able to see Lewis Buckeridge's life through newspapers...

Staffordshire Advertiser 17th October 1795.

...List of Game Certificates.. Buckeridge Lewis of St Michael, Gent and his brother Buckeridge Richard St. Chad, Clerk...

Aris's Birmingham Gazette 4th March 1816.

FOOTHERLEY HALL In the parish of Shenstone, near Lichfield. TO be LET, and entered upon Lady Day.The House consists of three Parlours... excellent garden (through which runs a Trout stream)... - Application to be made to Mr. Lewis Buckeridge, Close, Lichfield.

Aris's Birmingham Gazette 24th February 1817.

TO TANNERS. To be LET, and may be entered upon at Lady Day next, a complete old established Tan Yard, conveniently situated in Dam Street, in the City of Lichfield.- Apply to Mr. Lewis Buckeridge, Close, Lichfield.

"In Tudor England, the New Year began 25th March, a day known as Lady Day or the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. It was a feast day commemorating the day that the Virgin Mary was first told by the Angel Gabriel that she was carrying Jesus".

Lewis Buckeridge now dies...

Aris's Birmingham Gazette 3rd December 1821.

...- On Friday se'night, at Lichfield, after a long illness, Lewis Buckeridge, Esq. aged 47 years, sincerely regretted by his relations, and by numerous circle of friends. He was a zealous and liberal patron and promoter of the arts, and was well known to many eminent and scientific characters with whom he frequently corresponded.

His Will with four Codicils has Probate at London on Thursday the 7th February 1822. This is very long and complex Will, but luckily written with a clear and good hand. I will attempt to decipher this Will, when I have the time and the will [exclude the pun].

Staffordshire Advertiser 12th January 1822.

ESTATE OF Lewis Buckeridge, Esq. deceased. All persons having demands upon the estate of LEWIS BUCKERIDGE, late of the Close of the Cathedral Church of Lichfield, Esq. deceased, are requested by the Executors immediately to transmit the same to Mr. Simpson, Solicitor, Lichfield.

Staffordshire Advertiser 30th March 1822.

"Extensive Sale of the Collections of Pictures, Prints, Library of Books, &c. the property of the late LEWIS BUCKERIDGE, Esq. Lichfield.



"Large Room" [upper floor]
at the George [Hotel], Lichfield.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

"Large Room" [upper floor]
at the George [Hotel], Lichfield.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

At the Large Room, at the George [Hotel], Lichfield, on Monday, the 8th, and Tuesday, the 9th April, 1822, at Ten o'clock each day,

THE select and valuable Collection of Cabinet Pictures, in which will be found three choice Specimens of Landscapes, by Jacob Rysdae!; one by Hobbima, two of Landscapes and Cattle, by Adrian Van de Velde; three Conversations, by Ostade; two ditto, by Cornelius Dusart; two lovely Cabinet Jewels, by Karl du Jardyn; with other highly desirable Specimens by Cuyp, Teniers, Berchem, Wynants, Van Uden, Lankrank, Both, De Heusch, Pynaker, Decker, Hondekoeter, Holbein, Wilson, Wright, and other favourite Masters of the various Schools; together with some very choice Drawings, by ancient and modern Masters.

On Wednesday the 10th, Thursday the 11th, and Friday the 12th, will also be sold at the same place,

The extensive collection of Painters' Etchings and Engravings, of the Flemish, Dutch, French and English Schools; comprising some valuable Works of Waterloo, Rysdael,, Berchem, Paul Potter, Karl du Jardyn, Adrian, Ostade, Rembrandt, and other Masters of high estimation. The Engravings consist of Specimens of the different Schools, amongst which are some select Works of Weollet, Sharp, and other English Artists, some Foreign and English Portraits, Antiquarian and Topographical Illustrative Prints, &c.

On Monday the 15th, and six following days, (Saturday 20th. and Sunday 21st, excepted,) also will be sold,

The very extensive Library of Books, comprising choice Editions of the most admired Works on Natural History, Philosophy, Voyages and Travels, History, Biography, Antiquities, Topography, the Belles Lettres, and other subjects of English Literature, many of which are enriched with finely coloured Prints and loose Illustrative ditto.

And on Thursday the 25th, and the following day, will days will also be sold.

A small collection of British and Roman Antiquities, a few Coins, some fine and valuable Specimens of Fossils, Minerals, stuffed Birds, and other natural Curiosities, a quantity of handsome Plate, some antique Seals and Rings, valuable Violins, Tenor and Violoncello, printed and MS. Music, with other Effects; the whole being the genuine property of the late Lewis Buckeridge, Esq, and ordered by the Executors for sale without the least reserve.

The whole may be viewed on Thursday the 4th, Friday the 5th, and Saturday the 6th April, and catalogues may, in the meantime, be had of Messrs. Winstanter & Sons, Paternoster-row, London; of Mr. Rosinson, Carver and Gilder, Birmingham; Mr. Moseley, Derby; Mr. John Ford, Bookseller, Manchester; Mr. Broster, Chester; at the George Inn, Lichfield; and of Mr. Winstanley, Clayton-square, Liverpool, Price 1s. each.

To prevent intrusion, no person will be admitted to the view without a catalogue."

Reference to the catalogue can be found online...

Lewis Buckeridge's collection.

Title - Catalogue of the sale of the pictures, prints, books, natural history collection, &c. of Canon Buckeridge at Lichfield by Richard Winstanley on 8 April 1822 and following days.
Publication Type - Book
Year of Publication - 1822
Authors - Buckeridge L
City - Lichfield
Library - Clements Collection National Art Library
Binding - Bound in calf with the stamp in gold

The book is not available online.

The author is stated as Lewis Buckeridge, but of course he was deceased when the auction took place, also Lewis Buckeridge was never in the Clergy, so the reference to Canon might be regarding his father Theophilus Buckeridge M.A. and items from his collection, which Lewis Buckeridge might have inherited.

The description of the binding being bound in calf with the stamp in gold. I wouldn't imagine that the ones for the sale were like that.

Dozens of people must have attended the sale, so there could be many copies out in the wild so to speak and finally I wonder if it contained any illustrations?

Lewis Buckeridge's property is now sold...

Aris's Birmingham Gazette 13th May 1822.


In the City of Lichfield, and in Footherley, Shenstone, and Edingale, in Staffordshire, late the property of the Lewis Buckeridge, Esq. deceased. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by RICHARD HARRIS, at the George Inn in the city of Lichfield, on Friday the 7th day of June next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, in the following or such other by lots as may hereafter be agreed upon, and subject to conditions;-


The capital Freehold Residence called FOOTHERLEY HALL, in the parish of Shenstone, with the extensive buildings, and the rich arable, meadow and pasture land, in the occupation of the Rev. Richard Phillips. and Mr. Richard B. Phillips, containing 32A. IR. 23P. subject as to the house, buildings, an buildings, and about 18 acres of land, to an agreement for a lease, in which four years were unexpired at Lady-day last.


A Freehold Messuage and Lands in Footherley, in the Occupation of Benjamin Shorthouse, containing 7A. 2R. 21P. of land, to a lease of the said B. Shorthouse, aged 70 years.


Two Freehold Closes and one Freehold Piece of Land, in Edingale, in the occupation of James Gadsby, containing together 6A. 2R, 38P.



A Freehold Coach-house and stable, in Gay-lane, late in the occupation of Mr. Fernihough.

Lewis Buckeridge's house.


A handsome Dwelling-house in the Close of the Cathedral Church of Lichfield, fronting to Bacon street, late the residence of Lewis Buckeridge Esq.


A Piece of Freehold Land at Quarry Hills, in the occupation of James Wood, containing 1R. 33p.


A Close of Land in Gay-lane, in the occupation of George Dodson, Es. containing 3R. 31P.


A messuage and Garden in Stowe-street, in the occupation of Thomas Wiggin, subject to a lease, in which twelve years were unexpired at Lady-day last.


A spacious Tan-yard, in Dam-street, with two Dwelling-houses and extensive buildings in the occupation of Mr. Cotton and Mr. Fowler, under a lease, in which two years were unexpired at Lady-day last, and a garden adjoining, in the occupation of Mr. Charles Chawner.


A capital Messuage in Tamworth-street with the coach house and stable, in the occupation of Mr. Simpson, subject to a lease, in which 18 years were unexpired at Lady-day last.

The Tenants will shew the premises, and further particulars may be had of the Auctioneer, or Mr. Stephen Simpson, solicitor, Lichfield.

All the above is as original spellings.

Now onto the acreage figures given above...

So ...containing 7A. 2R. 21P. of land..

Would be...

7 x Acre = 4 roods = 10 sq chains = 4840 sq yards = Statute acre [0.40 hectare]

2 x Rood = acre = 1,210 sq yards = 40 sq poles

21 x Pole = 30 sq yards [often simply referred to as a Pole or Perch in land measurement].

So for the example above of 7A. 2R. 21P. of land, would be 7.631 acres.

I think they put it better with Roods and Poles!

We finish Lewis Buckeridge's story here and what a story it is and thank goodness for newspapers!

We not quite finished as we now see the reselling of his properties...

Aris's Birmingham Gazette 15th March 1824.

EDINGALE - TO be SOLD by Auction by R.Harris, on Saturday the 20th day of March instant, at Catchem's Inn, in the parish of Alrewas, in the county of Stafford, between the hours of four and five in the afternoon, subject to conditions:- Part of the Freehold Estates of the late of Lewis Buckeridge, Esq. deceased.

A Piece of Freehold Land, late part of the Far Gorse Close, Edingale, in the occupation of John Gadsby (free from tithes, and the land-tax redeemed), containing...2 1 29.

And to be RE-SOLD by Auction, at the time and place aforesaid,

A Close of Freehold Land adjoining the river Mease, in Edingale aforesaid, now or late in the occupation of John Gadsby, also part of the estate late of the said Lewis Buckeridge, containing...1 2 4.

The Tenant will shew the premises, and further particulars may be had of the Auctioneer, or Mr. S. Simpson, Solicitor, Lichfield.

This covers the children, and moving back to Theophilus Buckeridge M.A....

Margaret Buckeridge now dies on Wednesday the 4th February 1793 and is buried on Sunday the 8th February 1793 at Holy Trinity, Edingale, Staffs.

The burial entry reads...

"Margaret, forty four years, Wife of the Revd. Theo' Buckeridge late minister of this parish, the cure? of which he resigned in the year 1791 in favour of his Son Rich'd Buckeridge, the present Minister.- She was Mother of fourteen children - three only surviving. She was the youngest Daughter of the Revd. Josiah Durant Rector of Hagley in the County of Worcester. As a Daughter, Wife & Mother, her excellence hath been rarely paralled. She died on the 4th & was buried on the 8th of February 1793 in a vault within the Church under the first South Window."

In 1784 Theophilus Buckeridge M.A. was appointed by Dr. Smalbroke, Chancellor of the Diocese, his principal surrogate [Deputy Chancellor], the duties of which he was succeeded by his eldest son, Charles Buckeridge the then Archdeacon of Coventry.

Theophilus Buckeridge burial.
Theophilus Buckeridge now dies on Friday the 23rd December 1803 at Lichfield and is buried on Friday the 30th December 1803 at Holy Trinity, Edingale, Staffs.

The burial entry reads...

"Theophilus Buckeridge Clerk M.A. forty three years Minister of this parish. He was Rector of Mauntby in the County of Norfolk, Master of St. John's Hospital in Lichfield, and Deputy Chancellor of this Diocese. He died on the Morning of the 23rd December 1803, at the age of Seventy nine, and was buried in a vault in the Church (under the first South Window) upon the 30th of December following."

Theophilus Buckeridge's Will with one Codicil has Probate at London on Thursday the 26th April 1804. This is very long and complex Will, but luckily written with a clear and good hand. I will attempt to decypher this Will, when I have the time and the will [excude the pun].

Census findings

Not applicable.


What an interesting story this of Theophilus Buckeridge and his family.

This story invloves three families the Buckeridge's & Hand's at Lichfield and the Durants at Tong, Salop.

This is complicated so please bear with me...


George Hand (1661-1745) married Margaret Lowe (1664-1709).

They had ten children...

#1) Theophila Hand (1696-1791) married Wild Buckeridge (see below) on 25th May 1723 at Uttoxeter.

#2) George Hand (1696-1782)

#3) John Hand (1701-1729)

#4) Anne Hand (1702-1774)

#5) Margaret Hand (1703-1709)

#6) George Hand (1704-1780), married Dorothy and had the following children...

    @1) George Hand (1739-1806). A proctor of the consistory court was living in the Close in 1781.
    He built Beacon Place on the west side of Beacon Street in the late 18th century.
    He died at Beacon Place in 1806, and his widow Ann lived there until her death in 1826.

    @2) Ann Hand (1742)
    @3) Dorothy Hand (1745)
    @4) Mary Hand (1748)
    @5) Blanch Hand (1850) married Thomas Jones in 1786.
    @6) Charles Hand (1753)

#7) Henry Hand (1705-1705)

#8) Elizabeth Hand (1706-1706)

#9) Charles Hand(1708-1708)

#10) Honor Hand(1709-1709)


Ralph Buckeridge (-1707) married Sarah Bayley [daughter of Francis]. Ralph Buckeridge died May 1707.

They had the following children...

#1) Mary Buckeridge baptised on Saturday the 24th January 1691 at Lichfield.

#2) Sarah Buckeridge baptised on Monday the 7th March 1692 at St Mary's, Lichfield.

#3) Ralph Buckeridge baptised on Saturday the 30th June 1694 at St Mary's, Lichfield.

#4) Wild Buckeridge (1695-1771) baptised on Wednesday the 21st August 1695 at St Marys, Lichfield married Theophila Hand (above) on 25th May 1723 at St Mary's, Uttoxeter.

Wild Buckeridge died on Friday the 31st of May 1771 and was buried on the 3rd of June [Mr. Wild Buckeridge Deputy Register] at the Close, Lichfield Cathedral.

His wife Theophila died in 1791 aged ninety six and was buried [Widow of Mr. Wild Buckeridge, Proctor] on Wednesday the 26th January 1791 at the Close, Lichfield Cathedral.

They had the following children...

@1) Theophilus Buckeridge (1724-1803).

@2) George Buckeridge (1725-1779) baptised on Saturday the 20th November 1725 at Lichfield Cathedral. He died in 1779 and was buried on Friday the 2nd July 1779 at St Chad's, Lichfield. Burial register mentions "Mr.".

@3) John Buckeridge (1727-1781) baptised on Monday the 27th February 1727 at Lichfield Cathedral - " Son of Mr. Wild Buckeridge". John dies in March 1781 and is buried on Thursday the 8th of March 1781 at St Michaels, Lichfield.

@4) Rebeccah Buckeridge (1726-) baptised on Monday the 14th March 1726 at Lichfield Cathedral - " Daughter of Mr. Wild Buckeridge".

Rebeccah Buckeridge on Wednesday the 1st of January 1747 married Benjamin Clements at St Chad's, Lichfield.

@5) William Buckeridge (1735-1806) was baptised on Thursday the 20th October 1735 at Lichfield Cathedral. He married Judith Jackson on Wednesday the 31st March 1762 in Sandback, Cheshire.

They had four children,

%1) Harriet (1763-1822), married William Birch and is mentioned in her father's Will.

%2) Catherine (1765-) baptised on Thursday the 22nd August 1765 [daughter of Mr. William Buckeridge] at St Mary, Lichfield. She married [by license] William Serjeant [abode Wyken, Coventry] on Monday the 30th November 1789 at St Marys, Lichfield. Her sister Honora was a witness [head bridesmaid].

William Serjeant is mentioned in his wife's father's, William Buckeridge will.

%3) Honora (1768-1809) baptised on Thursday the 21st January 1768 at St Marys, Lichfield [daughter of Mr. William Buckeridge]. Honora died in 1809 and was buried [eldest Daughter of the late William Buckeridge Proctor aged 40] on Friday the 14th April 1809.

In her Will she left everything to her sister Harriet and five pounds to her brother Robert.

5 in 1806, in today's money would be the equal to 574 - Calculated using this Link. What an interesting fact this is.

%4) Robert (1774-1847) baptised on Monday the 23rd May 1774 at St. Mary's, Lichfield. Robert joined the Army and enlisted on Tuesday the 26th September 1797. A Private in the 3/30th foot regiment in the Napoleonic wars. Army papers have his occupation as a labourer. On his discharge on thursday the 24th July 1817, after twenty one years of service he was stated as a Corporal in the 1st Garrison Battalion.

Robert is mentioned in his father's will "I also give and bequeath to my son Robert Buckeridge the sum of ten pounds (I having at many times paid large Sums of money to extricate outhim from the army in which he now is and in Consequence of his Ill conduct will there remain where said legacy of One hundred pounds fifty pounds fifty pounds and ten pounds I do hereby direct to be paid within twelve months after my decease by my Executrix..."

We find Robert [aged 55] in the 1841 Census living at Town Field House, St Michael, Lichfield with a Elizabeth Acton [aged 55]. In the 1841 Census persons ages were rounded down.

Robert's final entry is when he dies aged seventy two and is buried [abode St John's Street] on Sunday the 3rd of January 1847 at St. Michael, Lichfield.

William Buckeridge's wife predeceased him and dies on Monday the 23rd May 1774 and is buried [Wife of Mr. William Buckeridge] on Thursday the 26th May 1774 in the Cathedral Close, Lichfield. Her grave is in section C JUDITH BUCKERIDGE. Died 23rd. May, 1774, Aged33.

William Buckeridge himself dies some years later aged seventy in 1806 and was buried on Thursday the 6th March 1806 in the Cathedral Close, Lichfield.

The burial record states "Mr. William Buckeridge Senior Proctor of the Ecclesiastical Court."

William Buckeridge has a will, proved on Friday the 20th June 1806. He mentions his sisters Charlotte and Theoplia who married Edward Stringer and his late sister Penelope and his daughters. The Executrix is his daughter Honora who we leaves the bulk of his estate. Also mentioned is George Durant at Tong Castle, Salop.

He mentions his son Robert who he says "...I also give and bequeath to my Son Robert Buckeridge the sum of ten pounds - I having at many times past paid large Sums of money to extricate him from the army in which he was is and in consequence of his conduct..."

#5) Ann Buckeridge baptised on Tuesday 10th of January 1696 at St Mary's, Lichfield. Anne married Rev. Josiah Durant, their daughter Margaret married Theophilus Buckeridge.

#6) Francis Buckeridge baptised on Friday the 22nd of March 1699 at St Mary's, Lichfield. He died an infant and was buried on Sunday 26th March 1699. I used to trawling parish records and seeing the names and pondering about who they were and the lives they lived, but here we have a few lines down on the 27th April the burial stated as "of a travelling woman". Seems really sad to not know nothing about the person you burying, except for their sex!

#7) Penelope (1730-1801) born 1730 and baptised on Sunday 26th April 1730 at Lichfield Cathedral. Penelope died aged seventy one in 1801 and was buried on Friday the 28th August 1801 - "Penelope one of the Daughters of the late Mr. Wild Buckeridge Proctor Aged 71" at the Cathederal Close, Lichfield.

#8) Charlotte (1732-1814) born 1732 and died 1814 aged eighty two and buried [abode Dam Street] on Wednesday 28th December 1814 in the Cathederal Close, Lichfield.

#9) Theophila (1740-) born 1740 baptised on Tuesday the 29th January 1740.


There are two connections, Anne Buckeridge marrying Rev. Josiah Durant, and Richard Buckeridge's daughter Elizabeth, marrying Edwin Leander Durant, son of George Durant (II) of Tong, Salop.

So we have three great families intertwined.

It was said of Theophilus Buckeridge...

"He was one of the earliest correspondents of the Gentleman's Magazine."

I found this comment...

"General Dyott has an amusing reference to the physical proportions of the Buckeridges, under date 9 Oct. 1801, when he was lying off the mouth of the Nile.

Very unwell with pain in my bowels ; I was become as thin as the sparest of all the thin Buckeridges (Dyott's Diary, I., 184)."

Footherley Hall.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

Footherley Hall

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

Interestingly in the Lichfield Mercury of 11th August 1922 [page 4] it mentions that Footherley Hall, the home of Lewis Buckeridge was once the home of General Dyott.

The hall has passed through many hands and was a school at one time.

We now see later in the...

Staffordshire Advertiser 30th August 1862.


FISHING.- Three mechanics from Birmingham, who gave their names as John Hughes, John-street, Cornelus Jevons, Woodcock-street, and James Palmer, Stafford-street, pleaded guilty to the charge of taking 10lbs of trout from a stream at Shenstone belonging to Charles Bagnall, Esq. of Footherley Hall. They were sent to Stafford
[Stafford Gaol] for a month, in default of paying a fine of 5s. each, the value of the fish 10s. and costs.

5s. in 1862, in today's money would be the equal to 38.89 - Calculated using this Link. What an interesting fact this is.

10s. in 1862, in today's money would be the equal to 77.78 - Calculated using this Link. What an interesting fact this is.

Charles Bagnall [mentioned above] JP (1827 1884) was a British politician.

Charles Bagnall was born in West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England, and educated at King's College London. He was a Justice of the Peace for Staffordshire and the North Riding. He was elected Conservative Member of Parliament for Whitby at the 1865 general election and held the seat until 1868. He only became the candidate for the Whitby seat two days before the election because the chosen candidate George Hudson (the Railway King) was arrested for unpaid debts in a move manufactured by his political opponent in Whitby, the Liberal Harry Thompson.

He married Harriet Curtis (born Whitby 1839) on 1st November 1860 in All Saints, Hornsey, Middlesex and they had five boys and three girls. The 1881 census showed Bagnall living at Sneaton Castle (near Whitby) and listed as an Ironmaster employing 450 men and boys.

In his obituary published in the Times on the 27th February 1884 stated Bagnall had "formerly held a lieutenant's commission in the Staffordshire Yeomanry Cavalry".

Of all the places they could have poached Trout it was unlucky of them to find the owner was a JP [Justice of the Peace].

I have trawled newspaper archives and found the following connected with Footherly Hall.

1762 John Cook [1709-1762]
1801 Sold John Breynton Esq.
1808 Rev. G. Haggett
1816 Death of Rev. Edward Pye Waters
1816 To be let immediately application to Lewis Buckeridge (April/May)
1818 Rev. Richard Phillip (academy)
1816 Lewis Buckeridge (letting)
1819 Re-opening Rev. R. Phillips (academy with assistants)
1820 Rev. R. and R.B. Phillips (academy re-opens 30th January)
1821 Rev. R. and R.B. Phillips partnership dissolved (October)
1823 Rev. R.B. Phillips moving away due to ill health [all effects sold] (June)
1827 General Dyott furniture (March)
1828 Miss Corbett
1939 Eldest daughter of the late Rev. R.B. Phillips married (October)
1849 Miss Corbett dies aged seventy four (house effects sold at auction)
1849 House to be let (May)
1850 House to be let (February)
1853 Mrs. Negus (July)
1857 J. Negus (March)
1859 T. Negus Llandudno holiday
1861 Charles Bagnall Esq. a son reported in the Whitby Gazette (October)
1864 Charles Bagnall Esq. gives up farming (selling Cows, Sheep...)
1866 House to let

Henry Charles Pole Gell
1868 House to be let (March)
1879 W. Hollis sale of dead and alive farming stock
1879 Mr. P.O. Balshaw relinquishing farming stock sold (February)
1886 For sale (June)
1868 Henry Chandos-Pole Gell Esq. plus Henrietta (Henrietta Aurial his first Wife) see photo
1868 House to be let (May)
1876 Major Drake lecturer at reading room Shenstone (January)
1879 W. Hollis relinquishing farming and selling sheep... (February)
1881 Lieutenant Colonel Drake
1883 Mrs. T. Parke-Jervis (May)
1885 Mr. Jervis (January)
1886 House for sale with the "Moss" (June)
1887 T.S. Parker-Jervis
1888 House to be sold (May)
1890 Peal of bells at Shenstone church to welcome Sir W. and Lady Parker
1900 Jervis (May)
1912 Mr. T.S. Parker-Jervis (October)
1917 Bought by Parker Lewis for 2,000 (December)
1922 Mr. T.S. Parker-Jervis Esq. [leaving the property] to be sold by private treaty
1935 Alfred Ellison (March)
1946 Sold by private treaty
1951 Bought by Walsall Corporation for 9,000
1952 Children's home (July)
1960 To be sold
1990 Home for elderly residents (April)

The house was once the home of Sir John Floyer (1649-1743)

The above can seem a little confusing as normally it is not reported who bought (owners) the house and most of the above are really occupiers through letting of the house.

I will expand on the above personages when I have time.

There is a lot more we could embelish around this family but we have to stop somewhere, but what what a story this is - Theophilus Buckeridge must have been very pleased with the acomplishment's of his children and grand children.

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