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Photo of William Steatham's oath

William Steatham's oath.

Charles Buckeridge

Charles Buckeridge D.D. was the brother of Richard Buckeridge L.L.B.

Richard Buckeridge entered the Steatham story by taking the oath of Robert Steatham's Great Grandfather William Steatham on Monday the 12th December 1791, at the Diocese of Lichfield Episcopal Consistory Court.

The oath was taken so William could obtain the power to administer his wife Ann Hart's estate.

Charles Buckeridge was the son of notable Theophilus Buckeridge M.A. and brother of Richard Buckeridge L.L.B.

Click here to read about Robert Steatham's Great Grandfather William Steatham.

Charles Buckeridge (1755-1827)

This research is broken down into Five sections;

Quick Overview.

Detailed Research (Charles' origins and Children).

Detailed Research (Richard's family - [father] Theophilus Buckeridge M.A.

Detailed Research (Charles' family - [brother] Richard Buckeridge L.L.B.

Census findings.


Research - Additional Planned.

Research into both Charles' father - Theophilus Buckeridge M.A. and his brother Richard Buckeridge L.L.B., due to their complexity are on separate pages.

This is one of the most difficult Steatham Research I have ever undertaken due to multiple similar names, overlapping time periods and similar occupations (clergy).

  Quick Overview

Charles Buckeridge born 1755, at Lichfield, Staffordshire.

In 1786 he married on Monday the 29th of May 1786, Catherine Cecilla Hussey (1762-1787) at St Nicholas, Mavesyn Ridware. Catherine then died 1787.

Nine years later he married by license, Elizabeth Slaney (1772-1832) aged 24 at Tong, Salop on Thursday the 27th of October 1796.

They had three children.

#1) Mary Elizabeth Buckeridge (1797-1810) died aged thirteen.

#2) Margaretta Buckeridge (1800-1800) died the day of her birth.

#3) Charles Lewis Buckeridge (1810-1812) died the day of her birth.

Note - as children are born their lives will be covered in their entirety, before moving on with Charles Buckeridge's story.

Charles Buckeridge himself will be shown as bold

Charles Buckeridge's children will be shown as bold underline

Detailed Research

Photo of St Mary's, Lichfield, Sfaffs.

St Mary's, Lichfield, Staffs.

Charles Buckeridge was born in 1755, the sixth child of Theophilus Buckeridge, at Lichfield, Staffs and was baptised on Thursday the 16th May 1755 at St Mary's, Lichfield.

The Church of St Mary's, Lichfield is located on the south side of the market square near to Dr. Johnson's birthplace. The current St Mary's church is the fourth incarnation of the church on the site in the market square. The church dates from at least 1150 but the current building dates from 1870 and is a Grade II* listed building.

The tower and spire of the medieval church consistently had structural failings over the years. The spire fell down in 1594 and 1626. Extensive repairs took place in the 17th century but it was to no avail when in 1716 it fell again. It was this collapse in 1716 which led to the rebuilding of the church, which began in 1716.

The church register dates from 1566 and includes the entry of Samuel Johnson's baptism which would have taken place in the latter years of the medieval church.

Photo of Arms of St John's College, Oxford (arms of founder Sir Thomas White)

Arms of St John's College, Oxford
(arms of founder Sir Thomas White).

Charles Buckeridge aged just sixteen entered St John's College, Oxford, on Tuesday the 3rd June 1772.

St John's College is a constituent college of the University of Oxford. Founded as a men's college in 1555, it has been coeducational since 1979. Its founder, Sir Thomas White, intended to provide a source of educated Roman Catholic clerics to support the Counter-Reformation under Queen Mary.

St John's is the wealthiest college in Oxford, with a financial endowment of 600 million as of 2020, largely due to nineteenth-century suburban development of land in the city of Oxford of which it is the ground landlord.

The college occupies a site on St Giles' and has a student body of some 390 undergraduates and 250 postgraduates. There are over 100 academic staff, and a like number of other staff. In 2018 St John's topped the Norrington Table, the annual ranking of Oxford colleges' final results, and in 2021, St John's ranked second with a score of 79.8.

Charles Buckeridge aged twenty one, obtained an BA in 1776.

Charles Buckeridge aged twenty two, ordained as Deacon on Sunday the 21st of September 1777 at St. George's, Bloomsbury, London.

St Michael and All Angels, Tatenhill, Staffs

St Michael and All Angels,
Tatenhill, Staffs.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

Charles Buckeridge aged twenty four, licensed as a Curate on Sunday the 13th of June 1779 at St. Michael & All Angels, Tatenhill, Staffs.

The sandstone Church of St Michael & All Angels Church, Tatenhill, is a 13th century building which was substantially enlarged and altered in the 15th century. Around 1890 Bodley restored the church. It is a Grade II* listed building.

In the History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire, William White, Sheffield, 1851. it states...

"The parish church is a large ancient fabric, dedicated to St Michael. The tower is remarkable as the object of an echo, which returns, to the opposite acclivity, no less than five syllables distinctly."

The parish registers of the parish church of St Michael & All Angels, Tatenhill, commence in 1563 and Bishop's Transcripts from 1660.

St Michael & All Angels is where see our earliest glimpse of our Steatham ancestors when William Statham, is baptised by Thomas Masters M.A. on Tuesday the 24th March 1693 to parents William and Alice Statham.

William Statham was Robert Steatham's Great Grandfather.

See the Hannahs Origins for more details of Robert Steatham's ancestry.

Thomas Masters M.A. is a featured person.

Charles Buckeridge aged twenty four, ordained as a Priest on Sunday the 13th June 1779 at Eccleshall, Staffs.

Charles Buckeridge aged twenty six, obtained an M.A. in 1781.

West Face - Lichfield Cathedral, Staffs

West Face
Lichfield Cathedral, Staffs.

Charles Buckeridge aged twenty eight, was appointed at Lichfield Cathedral, priest vicar of united prebends of Brewood and Adbaston on Friday the 14th of February 1783.

Lichfield Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral in Lichfield, one of only three cathedrals in the United Kingdom with three spires (together with Truro Cathedral and St Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh), and the only medieval one of the three.

It is the cathedral of the Diocese of Lichfield, which covers Staffordshire, much of Shropshire, and parts of the Black Country and West Midlands. It is a Grade I listed building.
Hope Church, Derbyshire

Hope Church, Derbyshire.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

Charles Buckeridge aged twenty eight, was appointed Vicar on Friday the 21st of February 1783 at St Peter's, Hope, Derbyshire.

Hope is a village and civil parish in the Derbyshire Peak District, in England. The population at the 2011 Census was 864. It lies in the Hope Valley, at the point where Peakshole Water flows into the River Noe.

The church dates from the early 14th century and is a Grade I listed building. The Domesday Book records that Hope had a church although the present parish church dates from the 14th and 15th centuries with modifications to the chancel dating from 1882.

The church has two ancient [Anglo-Saxon] crosses in its grounds. The shaft of a sandstone cross dating from the Anglo-Saxon period stands seven feet high and is carved on all faces. The cross may well have originated in the church grounds and a possible base now supports a sundial, but from the English Civil War until 1858 it was hidden in the village school and the stump of the Eccles Cross, originally near Eccles House, south of Hope, is also in the graveyard.

Charles Buckeridge first marriage.

Charles Buckeridge aged thirty one, now marries by license Catherine Cecilia Hussey on Thursday the 29th May 1786, at St Nicholas, Mavesyn Ridware. Written on marriage certificate that a Copy was delivered into Court.

On the very same day, Thursday the 29th May 1786, Catherine Cecilia Buckeridge signs her Last Will and Testament.

St. Nicholas, Mavesyn Ridware.

A Topographical History of Staffordshire by William Pitt (1817).

The old Church was dedicated to St. Nicholas and is called the parish church of St. Nicholas in 1521 : sometimes it was styled the manor church, which may show that the parish and manor were co-extensive. This ancient building was of stone, consisting of the nave, north and south aisles, chancel, steeple, and a roomy porch; the whole covered with shingles of oak.

In 1782 the whole of the old church, then very damp and nearly in ruins, was taken down, except Trinity aisle and the steeple, and a new one erected on its site, at the expense of 730.

According to the Parish Register, the first entry in which is dated November 12, 1538, it appears that from 1538 to 1547 inclusive, the marriages were 20, births 69, burials 55; and from 1787 to 1796, there were 30 marriages, 122 births, and 79 burials.

So Charles Buckeridge and Catherine Cecilia Hussey were one of the thirty!

730 in 1782, in today's money would be equal to 157,631 - Calculated using this Link.

This doesn't seem a lot of money for that amount of work!

Catherine Buckeridge's Burial.

Tragically just seven months and nine days after her marriage, Catherine Cecilia Buckeridge dies on Sunday the 7th of January 1787 and is buried on Saturday the 13th January of 1787 in "The Close" at Lichfield Cathedral.

Probate of will was made in July 1797.

We now see...

Derby Mercury 25th January 1787.

DERBY, JANUARY 31... On Sunday the 7th Instant died, Mrs. Catherine Cecil Buckeridge, Wife of the Rev. Charles Buckeridge, of whom she had married only seven months. She was the second Cousin to the Earl of Bristol, and great Neice of the late Sir Thomas Aston, of Aston, in Cheshire. When living she was respected by all who knew her, and few have died so universally lamented.

Anna Seward.

Anna Seward the famed poet often referred to as the Swan of Lichfield wrote a sonnet (poem) the night before Catherine Cecilia Buckeridge's burial.

Sonnet LVII.

Written The Night Preceding [13th January of 1787] The Funeral Of Mrs. Charles Buckeridge.

"In the chill silence of the winter eve,
Thro' Lichfield's darken'd streets I bend my way
By that sad mansion, where NERINA's Clay
Awaits the MORNING KNELL; - and awed perceive,

In the late bridal chamber, the clear ray
Of numerous lights; while o'er the ceiling stray
Shadows of those who frequent pass beneath
Round the PALE DEAD. - What sounds my senses grieve!

For now the busy hammer's stroke appals,
That, "in dread note of preparation," falls,
Closing the sable lid! - With sighs I bear
These solemn warnings from the House of Woes;

Pondering how late, for young NERINA, there,
Joyous, the Love-illumin'd Morn arose."

What a quite wonderful poem!


1) In Lichfield Cathedral the funeral rites are performed early in the Morning.

2) Nerina is a feminine variant of the Italian masculine name Nerio. Nerio derived from Nereus, a god of the sea in Greek mythology. Nerina means nymph or sea nymph .

Anna Seward was born in Derbyshire and was a romantic poet, novelist and the daughter of a clergyman.

In 1750 her father was chosen as Canon of Lichfield Cathedral, and a few years later the family relocated to the Bishop s Palace, where Seward lived for the rest of her life. She was active in Lichfield s literary community, which included William Hayley, Erasmus Darwin, and Richard Lovell Edgeworth.

Seward s works include Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Darwin (1804), a biography of Erasmus Darwin, grandfather of Charles Darwin. Her Collection of Original Sonnets appeared in 1799. Seward is often referred to as the Swan of Lichfield, and many of her poems are concerned with romantic themes.

She was a prolific literary correspondent, and after her death three volumes of her letters and poems were published, with an introduction by Sir Walter Scott, as The Poetical Works of Anna Seward with Extracts from Her Letter and Literary Correspondence (1810). Her complete correspondence was published in six volumes in 1811.

Catherine Buckeridge's Monument,
Lichfield Cathedral.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

In the North Transept of Lichfield Cathedral there is a monument to Catherine Cecilia Buckeridge.

It's set in a false window on the West wall of the North transept.

The sculptor was Richard Westmacott (the elder) (1747 1808) who was an 18th-century monumental sculptor and the beginning of a dynasty of one of Britain's most important sculpting families.

Catherine Buckeridge's Monument,
Lichfield Cathedral.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

This magnificent monument can be easy missed as it is high up on the wall.

Catherine Buckeridge's Monument,
Lichfield Cathedral.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

Detail of the monument.

Catherine Buckeridge's Monument,
Lichfield Cathedral.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

It's a female figure, her left arm leaning upon an urn, points with her right hand to the following inscription.

Obiit 7 Januarii, 1787, t. 25.

She died on January 7, 1787. 25.

Catherine Buckeridge's Monument,
Lichfield Cathedral.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

M. S. Catherin Cecili , Caroli Buckeridge, Uxoris dilectissim , Amplexu ejus ah! nimium beati Mense consortii septimo dirept .

M. S. Catherine Cecilia, Charles Buckeridge, the most beloved wife, with his embrace ah! In the seventh month of the blessed month of the consort

Undernearth added on is an addition for her husband Charles Buckeridge...

Carolus Buckeridge, S.T.P. Coventri Archi-Diaconus, Hujusce Cathedralis Ecclesi Precentor, et Residentiarius Primus, obiit 28 Septembris, Anno Domini, 1827.

Charles Buckeridge, S.T.P. Archdeacon of Coventry, until now Precentor of the Cathedral Church, and First Resident, died September 28, Anno Domini, 1827.

R. Westmacott, Sculpt. [ARMs. Or, two pallets between five cross croslets fitchee in saltire, sable, impaling Hussey, Ist and 4th Barry of six, Ermine and Gules 2nd and 3rd, or, a cross, vert.]

Charles Buckeridge now...

Charles Buckeridge now aged thirty three, [presented by the King] is subscription on Appointment [Vicar] on Friday the 6th of February 1789 at Llancarvan, Glamorganshire.

Licensed as Rector on Wednesday the 14th of October 1779 at Pulchrohon, Pembroke.

Charles Buckeridge aged thirty four, [presented by the King] is licensed as a Perpetual Curate on Friday the 23rd July 1790 at Newport, Salop.

Charles Buckeridge now aged thirty four, is made Proctor at Oxford University in 1790.

[The Proctors and Assessor are senior officers and trustees of the University with a role which encompasses advocacy and scrutiny.

They oversee student matters and uphold the University's statutes and policies throughout its governance and administration.]

Charles Buckeridge now aged thirty five, is licensed as a Perpetual Curate on Thursday the 27th April 1791 at Tong, Salop.

Charles Buckeridge now aged thirty five, obtains a B.D. in 1791.

Charles Buckeridge 2nd Marriage,
St Bartholomew's, Tong, Salop.
Charles Buckeridge, aged forty, now marries by licence, Elizabeth Slaney aged twenty four, on Thursday the 27th October 1796 at St Bartholomew's, Tong, Salop.

The marriage license was granted by an oath by Charles Buckeridge made at Lichfield, before his own father Theophilus Buckeridge M.A.

On this document we see both Charles Buckeridge and Theophilus Buckeridge M.A. signatures!

Font, St Bartholomew's,
Tong, Salop.

They now have their first child...

#1) Mary Elizabeth Buckeridge (1797-1810).

At St Bartholomew's, Tong, Salop.

"Aug't 12th Mary Elizabeth daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Buckeridge was born on Thursday, the 10th of August 1797 at 10' a Clock at night and was baptised this day by the Revd Mr. Leake of Kemberton in the presence of Margaret Parry & Mary Roberts and the said Charles Buckeridge Minister of this Parish."

Mary Elizabeth Buckeridge died in 1810 and was buried...

At St Bartholomew's, Tong, Salop.

"14th September Buried - Mary Elizabeth Buckeridge Daughter of the Rev. Charles Buckeridge D.D. Precentor of Lichfield Cathedral & formerly Minister of this Parish by Elizabeth his Wife, Daughter of Richard Slaney Esq. of Shiffnal in this County. Aged 13 years.

They now have their second child...

Margaretta Buckeridge's
Memorial Stone.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.
#2) Margaretta Buckeridge (1800-1800).

At St Bartholomew's, Tong, Salop.

"April 26th Margaretta daughter of Charles Buckeridge & Elizabeth his Wife baptised by the Revd. Thomas Lloyd Vicar of Albrighton the day of her birth in the presence of Mary Roberts & Margaret Parry Servants to the said Charles Buckeridge Minister of this Parish."

Sadly Margaretta is born, dies and is buried the same day...

At St Bartholomew's, Tong, Salop.

"April 26th Margaretta infant Daughter of Charles Buckeridge Minister of this Parish and Elizabeth his Wife."

In the Vestry at St Bartholomew's a memorial stone was found and has now been relocated adjacent to an outside wall. [The holes are clearly visible where it was fixed to the wall in the Vestry].

They now have their third and last child...

#3) Charles Lewis Buckeridge (1802-1812).

At St Bartholomew's, Tong, Salop.

"Baptism Charles Lewis Buckeridge Son of Charles Buckeridge Minister of this Parish and Elizabeth his Wife was born on Saturday the third day of July 1802, about 10 o' Clock in the morning and was baptised by the Rev'd Mr. Kendal Minister of Weston in the presence of Mary Roberts and Margaret Parry on the fifth day of tho same month."

Charles Lewis Buckeridge died on ? the 7th February 1812 and was buried...

At St Bartholomew's, Tong, Salop.

"Buried. Charles Lewis Buckeridge Son of the Rev'd. Charles Buckeridge D.D. Precentor of Lichfield Cathedral, & Elizabeth his Wife, 14th February."

Carrying on with Charles' story.

We now see...

Aris's Birmingham Gazette 1st August 1803.

The Revd. Charles Buckeridge, B.D. is appointed the principal Surrogate for the Diocese of Lichfield and Coventry, by the Worshipful Richard Smallbroke, LL.D. Chancellor of the Diocese.

Instituted at Lichfield Cathedral as Prebend of Wolveyon Thursday the 15th November 1804.

Instituted as Lichfield Cathedral, 1st Canon Residentiaryship (and precentorship) on Monday the 27th April 1807.

Resignation as Curate on Saturday the 2nd of May 1807 at Tong, Salop.

Appointed as Prebendary [presented by the King] - Lichfield Cathedral, 1st Canon Residentiaryship (and precentorship) on Friday the 8th of May 1807.

Obtained a D.D. in 1807.

We now see..

Oxford University and City Herald 24th October 1807.

Thursday last the Rev. Charles Buckeridge, B.D. of St. John's College, Precentor and first Canon residentiary of Lichfield, was admitted Doctor in Divinity.

Star (London) 4th October 1808.

"A modern brick Dwelling House and Premises, situate in Beacon otherwise Bacon street, in the parish of Saint Chad, otherwise Stow, in the said city of Lichfield, late the estate of George Adams, wine merchant, deceased, now in the occupation of Reverend Dr. Buckeridge, tenant at will, who is under notice to quit at Christmas next. The said premises are freehold for lives..."

Collation as Archdeacon [promoted to the Archdeaconry of Coventry by Bishop Corn-wallis] on Thursday the 14th of March 1816 at Coventry.

Charles Buckeridge, now dies on Saturday the 29th September 1827, aged seventy two.

Charles Buckeridge burial.
Charles Buckeridge is buried [abode Lichfield] on Saturday the 6th October 1827 at St Bartholomew's, Tong, Salop.

We now see...

Charles Buckeridge's Will, just over one page, with numerous pages covering Four Codicils, was signed on Tuesday the 4th September 1821. Probate was made on Saturday the 19th April 1828 to his Wife Elizabeth.

We now see...

Cambridge Chronicle and Journal 5th October 1827.

CLERYMEN DECEASED.- At his Residentiary house in the Close, Lichfield, aged 72, the venerable Charles Buckeridge, D.D. Canon Residentiary of Lichfield, and Archdeacon of Coventry.

We also see...

Sept. 29. At his residentiary-house, in the Close at Lichfield, aged 74 [sic], the Ven. Charles Buckeridge, D. D. Archdeacon of Coventry, Precentor and Canon of Lichfield, Rector of Pulchrohon in Pembrokeshire, Vicar of Llancarvan in Glamorganshire, and Perpetual Curate of King's Bromley in Staffordshire. He was the eldest surviving son of the Rev. Theophilus Buckeridge.

Interestingly, Mary Roberts and Margaret Parry, who are both mentioned in the baptism of their three children are also mentioned in Charles Buckeridge's Will!

Elizabeth Buckeridge now dies, aged sixty nine, in 1832 and is buried [abode Lichfield] on Wednesday the 22nd February 1832, at St Bartholomew's, Tong, Salop.

Census findings

Not applicable.


What a stellar career Charles Buckeridge had! From aged just sixteen he excelled all the way to D.D. which is quite an achievement.

Losing his Wife Catherine after only seven months of marriage must have been a great blow to him and after his own death we can see his addition to Catherine's memorial in Lichfield Cathedral.

Catherine had been buried in the Cathedral Close at Lichfield.

Charles Buckeridge, his Wife Elizabeth and all their children are buried under the floor of the Vestry at St Bartholomew's, Tong, Salop.

They were laid there in the following order - Margaretta (1800), Mary Elizabeth (1810), Charles Lewis (1812), Charles (1827) and finally Elizabeth (1832).

Buckeridge Vestry Plate.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

There is a plate affixed to the wall in the Vestry inscribed as follows...


Buckeridge Memorial
north wall above choir.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.
There is also a memorial on the wall above the north choir inscribed as follows...

DIED 28th SEPT 1827 AGED 72.

Margaretta's date of death is not shown as she died on the day she was born. Note the spelling of Shifnall with two ffs. We now see Charles Buckeridge involved in the affairs of nearby Tong Castle.

The advertisement appeared in 1784 and then for a short while the next year.

Aris's Birmingham Gazette 29th March 1784.

"To be LET for 14 Years, or a shorter Term, and entered upon immediately, The Mansion-house of TONG CASTLE, in the County of Salop, ready furnished, and magnificently fitted up ; with stables and other Conveniences, proper for a Gentleman s Family, together with the Fishers and Manors.- Any Quantity of Land may be had, to accommodate a Tenant.- To be Let also, and entered upon immediately, the Parsonage house, at Tong, in excellent repair ; together with many fixtures. A good Stable, and Offices are adjoining, and a small croft.

For further Particulars apply to Major Payne, Charlotte-street, Bloomsbury ; Messrs, Wall, Bury and Wall, Paper Buildings, Temple, London ; to the Rev. Charles Buckeridge, in the Close Lichfield, or Mr. Thomas Rowley, at Tong Castle aforesaid."

This was repeated in the same newspaper on the 5th April, 12th April, 19th April, 31st May, 7th June, 28th June, 26th July, 2nd August, then in 1785 on the 1st August, 15th August.

Charles Buckeridge mentioned on
Robert Steatham's probate document.
As a clear example how the Steatham story is interwoven, years ago I obtained the probate documents for Robert Steatham's Will.

Now looking back at that document I can see Charles Buckeridge D.D. Surrogate being mentioned.

Research - Additional Planned.


In Progress.

Not applicable.


None.    All Rights Reserved.