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Photo of William Steatham's oath

William Steatham's oath.

Richard Buckeridge B.A. LLB

Richard Buckeridge B.A. LLB enters the Steatham story by taking the oath of Robert Steatham's Great Grandfather William Steatham on Monday the 12th December 1791, at the Diocese of Lichfield Episcopal Consistory Court.

The oath was taken so William could obtain the power to administer his wife Ann Hart's estate.

Richard Buckeridge was the son of notable Theophilus Buckeridge M.A. and brother of Charles Buckeridge D.D.

Click here to read about Robert Steatham's Great Grandfather William Steatham.

Richard Buckeridge (1765-1824)

This research is broken down into Five sections;

Quick Overview.

Detailed Research (Richard's origins and Children).

Detailed Research (Richard's family - [father] Theophilus Buckeridge M.A.

Detailed Research (Richard's family - [brother] Charles Buckeridge D.D.

Census findings.


Research - Additional Planned.

Research into both Richard's father - Theophilus Buckeridge M.A. and his brother Charles Buckeridge D.D., due to their complexity are on separate pages.

This is one of the most difficult Steatham Research I have ever undertaken due to multiple similar names, overlapping time periods and similar occupations (clergy).

  Quick Overview

Richard Buckeridge born 1765, at Lichfield, Staffordshire.

In 1792 he married on Thursday the 5th January 1792, Mary Wright (1752-1838) at St Mary's Lichfield.

They had three sons and four daughters, interestingly in that order!

#1) Charles Buckeridge (1796-1797) died as an infant.

#2) George Buckeridge (1797-1863) married and had no issue.

#3) Richard Buckeridge (1799-1857) never married and had no issue.

#4) Mary Margaret Buckeridge (1801-1831) never married and had no issue.

#5) Catherine Ann Buckeridge (1803-) never married and had no issue.

#6) Elizabeth Buckeridge married Edwin Leander Durant, son of George Durant (II). They had three children.

#7) Louisa Lutita Marianne Buckeridge (1814-1886) never married and had no issue.

Detailed Research

Note - as children are born their lives will be covered in their entirety, before moving on with Richard Buckeridge's story.

Richard Buckeridge himself will be shown as bold

Richard Buckeridge's children will be shown as bold underline

Richard Buckeridge's grandchildren will shown as just underline.

Photo of St Mary's, Lichfield, Staffs.

St Mary's, Lichfield, Staffs.

Richard Buckeridge was born in 1765, the seventh son of Theophilus Buckeridge, at Lichfield, Staffs and was baptised on Thursday the 2nd May 1765 at St Mary's, Lichfield.

The Church of St Mary's, Lichfield is located on the south side of the market square near to Dr. Johnson's birthplace. The current St Mary's church is the fourth incarnation of the church on the site in the market square. The church dates from at least 1150 but the current building dates from 1870 and is a Grade II* listed building.

The tower and spire of the medieval church consistently had structural failings over the years. The spire fell down in 1594 and 1626. Extensive repairs took place in the 17th century but it was to no avail when in 1716 it fell again. It was this collapse in 1716 which led to the rebuilding of the church, which began in 1716.

The church register dates from 1566 and includes the entry of Samuel Johnson's baptism which would have taken place in the latter years of the medieval church.

Photo of Arms of St John's College, Oxford (arms of founder Sir Thomas White)

Arms of St John's College, Oxford
(arms of founder Sir Thomas White).

Richard Buckeridge aged just nineteen entered St John's College, Oxford, on Tuesday the 14th December 1784.

St John's College is a constituent college of the University of Oxford. Founded as a men's college in 1555, it has been coeducational since 1979. Its founder, Sir Thomas White, intended to provide a source of educated Roman Catholic clerics to support the Counter-Reformation under Queen Mary.

St John's is the wealthiest college in Oxford, with a financial endowment of £600 million as of 2020, largely due to nineteenth-century suburban development of land in the city of Oxford of which it is the ground landlord.

The college occupies a site on St Giles' and has a student body of some 390 undergraduates and 250 postgraduates. There are over 100 academic staff, and a like number of other staff. In 2018 St John's topped the Norrington Table, the annual ranking of Oxford colleges' final results, and in 2021, St John's ranked second with a score of 79.8.

Richard Buckeridge now aged twenty three, is ordained as Deacon [St John's College] at Eclleshall on Sunday the 22nd June 1788.

Richard Buckeridge aged twenty four, admitted to Priest Vicar's stall belonging to the Dean of Lichfield at Lichfield Cathedral on Monday the 27th April 1789.

Richard Buckeridge aged twenty four, ordained as a Priest at St John's College on Sunday the 21st June 1789.

Richard Buckeridge aged twenty four, appointed Vicar at St Peter's, Hope, Derbyshire on Friday the 7th August 1789.

Richard Buckeridge aged twenty five, presented by Viscount Anson - Admitted and Instituted as Rector at Beighton, Norfolk on Wednesday the 1st September 1790.

He was also Dean's Vicar at Lichfield Cathedral.

Richard Buckeridge aged twenty six, obtains a B.C.L on Wednesday the 22nd of June 1791 at St John's College, Oxford. His father Theophilus Buckeridge in the same year resigned to him the Curacy of Edingale, Staffs.

Note a B.C.L. is a Bachelor of Civil Law (abbreviated BCL, or B.C.L.; Latin: Baccalaureus Civilis Legis).

Note - It is also given as LLB which is an abbreviation of the Latin Legum Baccalaureus, which translates as Bachelor of Laws. The history of the first law degree can be traced all the way back to the 12th Century and the University of Bologna – one of the world’s oldest (and Europe’s first) universities. It was here that four famous legal scholars established a school of law, from which the LLB developed.

Photo of <b>Richard Buckeridge</b> marriage

Richard Buckeridge marriage.
Richard Buckeridge (clerk) aged twenty seven, is now married to Mary Wright by license on Thursday the 5th January 1792, at St Mary's, Lichfield, Staffs, by Henry White the Sacrist of Lichfield Cathedral.

Mary was the eldest daughter of Mr. William Wright and granddaughter of Richard Green, Esq. M.D. [1716-93] the collector of the Lichfield Museum.

They now have the following children...

Photo of St Bartholomew's Tong

St Bartholomew's Tong.

Copyright 2023 - Nigel James Wright.

#1) Charles Buckeridge (1796-1797).

Born on Friday the 28th May 1796, baptised on Friday the 26th August 1796 at St Bartholomew's, Tong, Salop.

Charles Buckeridge dies at Lichfield in 1797 and is buried [the son of the Rev'd Rich'd Buckeridge] on Friday the of 24th March 1797 at St Chads, Lichfield.

#2) George Buckeridge (1797-1863).

Born on Thursday the 6th of July 1797, [the son of the Richard Buckeridge Clerk] baptised on Friday the 19th of January 1798 at St John's Hospital, Lichfield.

George Buckeridge aged eighteen, was matriculated on Wednesday the 20th March 1816 at Worcester College Oxford. aged twenty two, obtained a BA in 1820 and then aged twenty five, a MA in 1823.

Buckeridge was made Prebendary of Lichfield - of Abingdon, Salop.

We now see...

Staffordshire Advertiser 7th June 1834.

LICHFIELD.- Petitions from the city, against the admission of Dissenters to the Universities, were lately transmitted to the Lord Bishop of the Diocese and Sir Robert Peel, for presentation. They received, we hear, between 300 and 400 signatures. The Rev. George Buckeridge, fellow of Worcester College, and assistant minister at St. Jon's Chapel, Lichfield, published an Address of eight closely-printed pages, to the inhabitants of the of the city, for the purpose of inducing them to sign the petition. A Pamphlet, by "a Dissenter," was promptly published in reply. The controversary attracted considerable local attention.

Staffordshire Advertiser 25th April 1835.



...The Rev. George Buckeridge...

Master's list, St. John's Hospital

Master's list,
St. John's Hospital.
Staffordshire Advertiser 10th December 1836.

Nov. 28th, at Eccleshall Castle the Rev. George Buckeridge, Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford, and late Chaplain of the St. John's Hospital, in Lichfield, was appointed to the Mastership of the Hospital, vacant by the resignation of the Rev. Chancellor Law.

We next find George Buckeridge at his College - Worcester College, Oxford in the 1841 Census.

We now see George Buckeridge marrying Sarah Jane Woodward [widow - nee Dale] on Thursday the 16th January 1851.

Manchester Courier And Lancashire General Advertiser 1st February 1851.

On the 16th ult., at Bolney, Sussex, by the Rev. J. Dale, M.A., uncle of the bride, the Rev. George Buckeridge M.A., Prebendary of Lichfield, &c., to Sarah Jane, widow of the late Robert Taylor Woodward, Esq., of Liverpool, and eldest daughter of the late George Edward Dale, Esq., formerly of Stockport.

So George Buckeridge was aged fifty four when he married so that might well explain why there is no record of an issue.

A few months later we find George Buckeridge and his wife in the 1851 census.

George Buckeridge [Head] aged 53 born 1798, Master of St Johns hospital not having cure of souls, Lichfield, Staffs.

His wife, Sarah Jane Buckeridge aged 44 born 1807 [Clergyman's wife] born Heaton Norris, Lancashire.

His Aunt, Theorosua Wright [unmarried Gentlewoman] aged 64 born 1787 Lichfield, Staffs.

His Sister, Louisa Buckeridge [unmarried Gentlewoman] aged 32 born 1819 Lichfield, Staffs.

A visitor, Maria Gibbs [married Clergyman's wife] aged 53 born 1798 Canterbury, Kent.

A visitor, Eliza Gibbs [unmarried Clergyman's daughter] aged 21 born 1830 Thursby, Cumberland.

John Henry Lang, Servant, [footman] Married, aged 28, born 1823.
Mary Pearce, Servant, [cook], Married, aged 43, born 1808.
Susanna Reed, Servant [Under house maid], aged 31, born 1820.
Ann Hawkins, Servant [Under house maid], aged 18, born 1833.

Before we move on a little discussion about who the above are.

His Aunt, Theorosua [sometimes spelt Theodosia] Wright is his Wife's sister who never married and died in 1857, living at Tamworth St, Lichfield and was buried on Friday the 21st August 1857 at St Chads, Lichfield.

His Sister, Louisa Buckeridge, whose full name is Louisa Lutita Marianne Buckeridge

Not sure who are Maria Gibbs [married Clergyman's wife] aged 53 born 1798 Canterbury, Kent and most likely her daughter Eliza Gibbs [unmarried Clergyman's daughter] aged 21 born 1830 Thursby, Cumberland, England.

We now see...

Staffordshire Advertiser 26 June 1858.


BURGLARY.- On Wednesday morning it was discovered that St. John's, the residence of the Rev. George Buckeridge, had been entered by thieves. Access to the house had been obtained by the removal of a stanchion from the butler's pantry window, to effect which part of the sill had been removed by means of a brace. The locks of several drawers were picked, and a silver watch chain, a set of studs, and three silk handkerchiefs belonging to the butler, and a bottle of wine, stolen. From the study, about £2 in cash and a small silver box were stolen. The burglars have not been apprehended.

£2 in 11858, in today's money would be the equal to £318 - Calculated using this Link.

Tragically in 1860, with just under ten years of marriage and just missing the 1861 Census, George Buckeridge's wife Sarah Jane Buckeridge dies and is buried on Wednesday the 15th August 1860 aged fifty five at Christ Church, Lichfield.

Abode given as S. John's Lichfield and ceremony performed by P.H. Dod Chaplain of S. John's.

Moving onto the 1861 Census...

George Buckeridge [head] is now a [Widower] aged 63 born 1798 and still Master of St John's hospital.

His sister Louisa Buckeridge [Unmarried] aged 46 born 1815 is still living with him.

Emily Shanton, Servant, [Unmarried], aged 24, born 1837, Domestic servant.
Emma Henry, Servant, [Unmarried], aged 21, born 1840, Domestic servant.

George Buckeridge story ends for us when he dies aged sixty six on Monday the 14th of December 1863 and he is buried, "abode St John's" Lichfield, on Saturday the 19th of December 1863 at Christ Church, Lichfield.

There is a Memorial Inscription [headstone] in the churchyard which reads...

M.A. Minister of St. Johns,
Died December 14th, 1863.

We now see...

Probate - Buckeridge The Reverend George, 10 March Will. Effects under £12,000.

The Will with a Codicil of the Reverend George Buckeridge late of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist without Bars of the City of Lichfield Clerk deceased who died 14 December 1863 at the said City was proved at the Principal Registry by the oaths of Elizabeth Durant of the Close of the Cathedral Church of Lichfield Widow and Louisa Lutetia Marian Buckeridge of the said City Spinster the Sisters the Executrixes. PCC Ob.S.P.

£12,000 in 1863, in today's money would be the equal to £1,929,002 - Calculated using this Link.

This seems an astonishing amount of money.

Lower Sandford Street,
Lichfield (1892-1914).

This article illustrates Revd. George Buckeridge's generosity...

Buckeridge's Almshouses.

"The Revd. George Buckeridge (d. 1863), master of St. John's hospital, gave T. A. Bangham, incumbent of Christ Church, two adjacent cottages in Lower Sandford Street to be used as parish almshouses. The transaction was informal, and although Buckeridge's heirs did not contest the gift, they did not formally renounce their rights in the property.

Bangham collected money to establish an endowment fund for the almshouses, which he intended should be named after Richard Hinckley, his church's principal benefactor, but he died in 1876 with the project unrealized. He and his successors chose as tenants aged parishioners charged nominal rents in accordance with Buckeridge's wishes.

By 1908 the cottages had become uninhabitable, and the vicar sold them. The money received was invested, and the income from what was known as the Buckeridge Bequest was used for charitable purposes among Anglicans in the parish."

What a nice note to end his story on.

Reverend George Buckeridge does not appear to have had any issue, so his story ends here.

#3) Richard Buckeridge (1799-1857), baptised on Wednesday the 7th August 1799 at St Michael's, Lichfield.

Richard was a Priest, Chaplain at Stafford Gaol, a Free Mason, Tulip grower and finally an author. Quite an extraordinary man!

St. John's College, Coat of Arms

St. John's College, Coat of Arms.
Richard Buckeridge aged twenty three, was admitted as pensioner at St John's College, Cambridge on Wednesday the 3rd July 1822 [noted as son of Richard, clerk, of Lichfield, Staffs] and obtained a B.A.

Richard Buckeridge aged twenty three, ordained on Sunday the 22nd September 1822 as Deacon at Norwich Cathedral. Salary £50.

£50 in 1822, in today's money would be the equal to £8,127 - Calculated using this Link.

Richard Buckeridge aged twenty three, licensed on Sunday the 22nd September 1822 as Stipendiary Curate at Beighton [Stipend fifty pounds and the surplice fees].

£50 in 1822, in today's money would be the equal to £8,127 - Calculated using this Link.

Richard Buckeridge aged twenty six, ordained on Sunday the 9th October 1825 as Chaplain to Stafford Gaol, at St Phillips, Birmingham.

Richard Buckeridge aged twenty six, licensed on Saturday 29th October 1825 as Chaplain of Stafford Gaol and House of Correction.

We now see...

Staffordshire Advertiser 11th December 1830,

"The Crisis of the Times!" on Monday will be published, Price 2s. 6d.

An ADDRESS to the more influential Orders of Society, relative to the Education of the Labouring Classes, by the Reverend RICHARD BUCKERIDGE, of St. John's College, Cambridge, Chaplain to County Gaol and Lunatic Asylum Stafford, and Domestic Chaplain to the Right Honourable the Lord Oriel, &c. &c. &c.

Stafford : Printed for the Author, by J. Drewry ; and sold by Mr. Rogers, Bookseller, Stafford ; Mr. Lomax, Lichfield ; and Mr. Gallimore, Stone.

2s 6d in 1830, in today's money would be the equal to £36.53 - Calculated using this Link.

Three Tuns, Stafford

Three Tuns, Stafford.
Picture source: Staffordshire Past Track.
We now see...

Staffordshire Advertiser 2nd January 1836.



A provincial Grand Lodge was held at the Shire Hall, in Stafford, on Monday last, by J. M. Mathew, Esq. the Deputy Grand Master of the County, in commemoration of the festival of St. John, at which meeting the Reverend Richard Buckeridge, who had been previously elected Master of the Royal Chartley Lodge, was installed in the chair, by the Deputy Grand Master, assisted by W. H. White Esq. Grand Secretary of England, and Lawrence Thompson, Esq. from the Lodge of Antiquity. After the ceremony of Installation, the brethren sat down to an excellent dinner at the Three Tuns Inn, provided by brother Clewlow, and the evening was spent in much singing many appropriate songs.

The "Three Tuns Inn" was in 33 Gaolgate Street, Stafford

We now see an interesting snippet from the newspapers - in 1870,

Lost, Saturday, the 28th May, a Black curly, retriever dog, answers to the name of Pilot. Any person restoring the same to Mr. John Hand, Three Tuns, Stafford, will be handsomely rewarded : any person detaining the dog after this notice will prosecuted.

I wonder if he got the dog back?

We now see...

Staffordshire Advertiser 16th January 1836.


Menturia Lodge, Hanley, No 606.- Installation of the Master.

..installed in the chair by... Reverend Richard Buckeridge... and other Provincial Grand Officers. At the conclusion of which, about forty of the brethren sat down to a sumptuous dinner, provided by brother Trubshaw.

Staffordshire Gazette and County Standard 23rd May 1840.

Stafford Floral and Horticultural Society - Exhibition held in the assembly hall on Wednesday last...


Flamed Bizard.-1st [prize], Rev. R. Buckeridge...
Flamed Biblomen. -2nd [prize], Rev. Buckeridge

We now see...

Liverpool Standard and General Commercial Advertiser 5th April 1842.

On Saturday morning Joseph Wilkes, who was indicted with four others for the wilful murder of Matthew Adams, at Delves Bank, near Wednesbury, paid the forfeiture of his crime on the drop in front of the county gaol, Stafford.

Throughout the night, and indeed up to the moment the drop fell, the unhappy youth maintained the same firm demeanour which had marked his behaviour ever since his condemnation. He slept several hours during the night, and at an early hour was awakened to attend to his devotional exercises.

As the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper (which is usually administered on the morning of execution) had been partaken of on the previous Sabbath, that solemn service was not repeated.

Up to the arrival of R. Hand, Esq., the under-sheriff, Wilkes appeared to be silently engaged in' religious contemplations and mental prayer. At a few minutes before eight o'clock the last functionary of the law entered the cell, and having pinioned the arms of the youthful culprit, the mournful procession set out.

Wilkes walked with an unfaltering step, and without betraying any visible emotion. His countenance exhibited no indications either of sensibility or of apathy.

As the mournful procession moved along, the Rev. R. Buckeridge read the burial service with much feeling and solemnity, and on the arrival of the procession at the lodge, the unhappy youth shook hands with the chaplain, the governor, and the other officers of the prison, and ascended the drop without assistance.

He gave a hasty glance at the crowd whilst the rope and cap were adjusted, and at a few the minutes past eight the drop fell, and closed the world upon the him for ever.

He struggled for some time, and appeared to die with difficulty.

Suffolk Chronicle 10th April 1841.

The following are quotes from the execution of Matthew Fowles who protested his innocence.

...Ever since his condemnation Fowles has remained in a sullen state of mind. To every exhortation to repentance and confession he has invariable replied he had no confession to make, and never heard of crime untill be had been apprehended. Shortly after seven o clock the wretched culprit was conducted to the Chapel, preceded by the Governor snd the Reverend Chaplain.

He entered the chapel with an unfaltering step, and after casting a glance around, he took his place at the Communion table. Before the Rev. R. Buckeridge entered the service of the Communion, he solemnly charged the prisoner in the following terms:- "I charge you, as in the presence of Almighty God, in whose presence you will shortly appear, did you, or did you not, participate in the murder of that woman?"

The prisoner, in a firm but low tone of voice, replied, "No, Sir". On repeating the question in a form of words to prevent any evasion, he unhesitatingly replied, " I never knew a word at all about it until I was taken into custody.

About eight o'clock the executioner entered the cell, and proceeded to pinion the unhappy man.... The Governor said, "Fowles, I hope you are not golng to leave the world with a lie in your mouth?" He replied, " No, Sir." The Governor added, " You know that your punishment will be more than tenfold in the next world if you do."...

...he was delivered up into the hands of the executioner. The Chaplain immediately commenced reading the Burial Service, and with the Governor and Under-Sheriff, preceded the prisoner to the drop, the prisoner walked unsupported, with a firm step, and took his station under the fatal beam.

After the rope had been placed round his neck, the Governor asked him for the last time whether he had any further communication to make ? He replied, be should like to say one word; and turning to the Rev. Chaplain, be said, "It's hard to die an innocent man for this thing."

The Rev. Chaplain then added, " You still assert your innocence?". To which he replied, I Yes, sir."

In a few seconds the bolt was drawn, and the unhappy man launched into eternity. His death was almost instantaneous.

"..."It's hard to die an innocent men for this thing..."

Those words!

I do not support the use of capital punishment, so I found personally the above and other similar newspaper reports [Chester Chronicle 17 April 1840 - Execution of Owen, Thomas and Ellis > Suffolk Chronicle 10 April 1841 Execution of Matthew Fowles (extract above)] from Richard's times somewhat difficult to read.

We now see Richard involved in financial matters...

Manchester Courier 16 December 1843

Manchester Times 16th December 1843.

Manchester Times 23rd December 1843.


... Richard Buckeridge, Forebridge, Staffordshire, clerk.

Planet 17th December 1843.

Declarations of Bankruptcy.

...Richard Buckeridge, Forebridge, Stafford, clerk...

Perry's Bankrupt Gazette 13 January 1844.


Buckeridge Richard, Castlechurch, clerk, 19th January, eleven pr. court, Birmingham. [reading the papers it appears that eleven pr. means 11 o clock precisely at court at Birmingham.

Aris's Birmingham Gazette 18 December 1843.


Declarations of Insolvency.

Birmingham District.

Dec 2.- George Newby, Birmingham, commercial clerk and book keeper and coal dealer.- Richard Buckeridge, Forebridge, Staffordshire, clerk.

Aris's Birmingham Gazette 15th January 1844.



Jan. 19, - Richard Buckeridge, Forebridge, Castlechurch, Staffordshire, clerk, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham.

We now see...

Lincolnshire Chronicle 11th July 1845.

The Rev. Richard Buckeridge, Curate of Alverthorpe, to be Evening Lecturer of the Parish of Wakefield.

Manchester Courier 1st September 1849.

... The Rev. Richard Buckeridge, curate of St. Nicholas's church, Newcastle, to the incumbency of St. Andrew's, in that town ; patron, the Vicar.

Newcastle Guardian and Tyne Mercury 20th October 1849.

Local and District News.

The Rev. Richard Buckeridge, has been licensed by the Bishop of Durham, to the Perpetual Curacy of St. Andrew, in this town. Patron-The Vicar.

Newcastle Guardian and Tyne Mercury 21st January 1854.

PRESENTATION TO A CLERGYMAN. -A silver salver was presented to the Rev. Richard Buckeridge, incumbent of St. Andrew's in this town, on Thursday week, by some of his parishioners. The salver was manufactured by Messrs Reid and Sons, Grey-street.

The following was the inscription :- "Presented to the Rev. Richard Buckeridge, perpetual curate of St. Andrew's Newcastle-upon-Tyne, by several of his parishioners, in grateful acknowledgment of his zealous exertions for the relief of the afflicted, during the late awful visitation of cholera in this town.

Other notes say... Unbeneficed in Clergy List, 1868 and author of Sermons. (Norwich Ord. Bk.; H. M. Wood).

Very interesting article in the Morning Herald (London) 27th July 1836 about Richard Buckeridge being involved in an incident when out shooting, a very long account of the court proceedings.

We now see...

Newcastle Guardian And Tyne Mercury 24th October 1857.

DEATHS. In this town, at Eldon-square on the 20th inst. the Rev. Richard Buckeridge. M.A., incumbent of St, Andrew's.

Staffordshire Advertiser 31st October 1857.

DEATHS. on the 20th instant, after a protracted illness, the Rev. Richard Buckeridge, aged 56, incumbent of St. Andrews, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, and formerly chaplain of the Staffordshire County Prison.

Sadly this is now the end of Richard's story...

Moving back to Richard Buckeridge (1765-1824) he is now...

Richard Buckeridge aged thirty seven, presented by the Lord Chancellor and Licensed as a Perpetual Curate at Stone, Staffs on Tuesday the 15th June 1802.

Carrying on with his remaining children, we now have...

#4) Mary Margaret Buckeridge, born 1801, baptised on Friday the 6th of August 1802, at Edingale, Staffs.

We now see...

Wolverhampton Chronicle and Staffordshire Advertiser 29th June 1831.


On the 18th instant, at the house of her mother, Leamington. Mary Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Richard Buckeridge, L.L.B.

#5) Catherine Ann Buckeridge, baptised on Sunday the 10th July 1803 at Erdingale, Staffs and died aged thirty eight, [abode Beacon Street] in 1842, and was buried on Tuesday the 10th of May 1842 at St Michael on Greenhill, Lichfield.

#6) Elizabeth Buckeridge (b 1804, d 18 Oct 1877) married Edwin Leander Durant (1805-1844), born on Monday the 18th March 1805 in Peterborough, a Captain in the East India Co Military (Madras), at Wellsborne.

Edwin Leander Durant was matriculated Worcester College Cambridge on Saturday the 3rd of July 1824, aged 19? [he was born 1799].

He served at Madras, India in the third regiment or as it was called the Palamcottah Light Infantry [raised at Trichonopoly in 1764-5]. He joined on Sunday the 24th July 1831.

We see mentioned. [BNA]

The Scotsman 7th September 1836.


At Willsbourne, on the 30th ult. by the Rev. George Buckeridge [her brother], Captain E. L. Durant, of the 3d Madras Light Infantry, son of George Durant Esq. of Tong Castle, Salop, to Elizabeth, second surviving daughter of the late Rev. Richard Buckeridge, LL.B., Vicar of Stone, Staffordshire, and Rector of Beighton, Norfolk.

We see Elizabeth Durant [nee Buckeridge] as one of the Executrixes of George Buckeridge's [her brother] Will above.

They have three children.

@1) Rose Elizabeth Buckeridge Durant, abode Tong Castle, born on Wednesday the 2nd August, and baptised on Sunday the 6th August 1837 the daughter of Edwin Leander and Elizabeth, at St Bartholomew's Church Tong, by the Curate Robert Robinson.

Rose Elizabeth Buckeridge Durant died, aged thirty one, abode Tong Castle, in 1839 and is buried on Sunday the 1st of April 1838 at St Bartholomew's Church Tong, Shropshire, again by the Curate Robert Robinson.

@2) Lilla Mary Ann Buckeridge Durant, born on Sunday the 8th September, baptised on Friday the 27th September 1839 the daughter of Edwin Leander Durant Captain in 3rd Regiment at Secunderabad, India.

Lilla Mary Ann Buckeridge Durant [Gentlewoman of Tamworth Street - father Captain H.E.J Company Service] aged twenty two was married by banns on Thursday the 3rd July 1862 to Charles John Henry Howard aged twenty seven [Lieutenant in the 71st Highlanders - father Henry Edward John Howard - The Hon. the Dean of Lichfield] at Cathedral Church, Lichfield.

The 71st (Highland) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry) was raised in 1777 by Major-General John Mackenzie, Lord MacLeod, from an independent company that had existed since 1771.

In 1858, it was sent to India during the Mutiny (1857-59), fighting at Kunch, Diapure, Matra and Gwalior. The regiment remained in India, taking part in the Umbeyla Expedition (1863) on the North-West Frontier before returning home in 1865.

Lilla Marion Buckeridge Howard [nee Durant] died and was buried aged thirty six, [abode the Close] on Tuesday the 20th June of 1876 at Lichfield Cathedral.

There is reportedly a Memorial Inscription for Lilla Marion Buckeridge Howard [nee Durant] in the Cathedral Ringing Room.

@3) Mary Louisa Catherine Buckeridge Durant, born on Monday the 29th July, baptised on Thursday the 10th October 1844 the daughter of Edwin Leander Durant Captain in 3rd Regiment at Bellary, India.

Mary Louisa Catherine Buckeridge Durant [The close] was married by license on Tuesday the 10th October 1871 to Walter Fitzwarine Smith [clerk in holy orders] at Cathedral Church, Lichfield.

Edwin Leander Durant in his sign papers said his education had been Classical and Mathematical at Stockton? Shropshire and other schools.

His father was a private Gentleman residing? at Tong Castle in Shropshire and was recommended by his cousin Mrs Julia Forster. Signed in the presence M? Beufoy Upton Goog?

Sadly Edwin's story ends for us when dies on Monday the 4th of November 1844 in India.

There is an entry for Edwin Leander Durant in the Roll of subscribers to Madras Military Fund held at the British Library: Asian and African Studies Records.

Elizabeth Durant [nee Buckeridge] dies, aged seventy seven, in 1877 and is buried [abode The Close] on Monday the 22nd of October 1877 at Lichfield Cathedral.

West Face - Lichfield Cathedral

West Face - Lichfield Cathedral.
Six entries down in the burial register is Henry Williams, aged sixty two, buried on Saturday 13th of July 1878...

Killed by a fall from the scaffolding while engaging in the work for the restoration of the West Front of Lichfield Cathedral. E?B Dean.

We now have Richard and Mary's last child.

#7) Louisa Lutita Marianne Buckeridge (1814-1886) born 1814, was baptised on Sunday the 10th April 1814 at Edingale, she died at the close Lichfield, aged seventy two, on Saturday the 6th February 1886 and was buried on Friday the 12th of February 1886. She is buried in section C in the close of Lichfield Cathedral...

Memorial Inscription reads...

LOUISA LUTITIA MARIAN BUCKERIDGE, born in the close April 15th, 1814, died in the Close February 6th, 1888. The loving kindness and mercy have followed me all the days of my life.

Interestingly recorded in Section D Row K (30) is a LOUISA LUTITIA MARIAN BUCKERIDGE.

I wonder she is recorded twice?

Louisa Lutita Marianne Buckeridge never married.

We see Louisa Lutita Marianne Buckeridge as one of the Executrixes of George Buckeridge [her brother] Will above.

After her father died we see her in the Census living with her mother Mary Buckeridge.

Mary Buckeridge appears aged seventy in the 1841 census at "The Close" Lichfield with her two daughters Catherine and Louisa.

Richard Buckeridge's burial.
The final chapter is when Richard Buckeridge himself dies aged fifty six, at Stone, Staffs and is buried on Tuesday the 8th June 1824 at St Michael's church. His age appears to be noted incorrectly he was born in 1765 so he should be down as fifty nine. There is another entry for him being buried on the 11th!

Richard's wife Mary now dies in 1847, aged seventy two and is buried on Sunday the 3rd of January 1847 at St Michael's on Greenhill, Lichfield.

A bit odd that she wasn't buried with Richard at Stone, but it could be that Richard's was buried in a crypt there and Mary was unable to join him there.

Census findings

I have searched the 1841-1911 Census's, and here are the results.

The Census was always conducted on a Sunday,

Dates will be added in once / if children are found.

[1841 - June 6th]

At The Close, Lichfield, Staffordshire

Mary Buckeridge, Head, aged 70, born 1771, Staffordshire.
Catherine Buckeridge, aged 35, born 1806, Staffordshire.
Louisa Buckeridge, aged 25, born 1816, Staffordshire.

[1851 - March 30th]

At St John Street, St Michaels, Lichfield, Staffordshire.

George Buckeridge, Head, Married, aged 53, born 1798, Master of St John's Hospital not having Cure of Souls, Lichfield, Staffordshire.
Sarah Jane Buckeridge, Wife, aged 44, born 1807, Clergymans wife Heaton Norris, Lancashire.
Theorosua Wright, Aunt, Unmarried, Female, aged 64, born 1787, Gentlewoman, Lichfield, Staffordshire.
Louisa Buckeridge, Sister, Unmarried, Female, aged 32, born 1819, Gentlewoman, Lichfield, Staffordshire.
Maria Gibbs, Visitor, Married, Female, aged 53, born 1798, Clergyman's wife, Canterbury, Kent.
Eliza Gibbs, Visitor, Unmarried, Female, aged 21, 1830, Clergymans daughter, Thursby, Cumberland.
John Henry Lang, Servant, Married, Male, aged 28, born 1823, Footman, Denbighshire, Wales.
Mary Pearce, Servant, Married, Female, aged 43 , born 1808, Cook, Cardiganshire, Wales.
Susanna Reed, Servant, Unmarried, Female, aged 31, born 1820, Under house maid, St George's, Somerset.
Ann Hawkins, Servant, Unmarried, Female, aged 18, born 1833, Under house maid, Staffordshire.

[1861 - April 7th]

At St John's House, St John's Street, St Michael, Lichfield.

George Buckeridge, Head, Widower, aged 63, born 1798, ...of St Johns Hospital, Lichfield, Staffordshire.
Louisa Buckeridge, Sister, Unmarried, aged 46, born 1815 Lichfield, Staffordshire.
Emily Shanton, Servant, Unmarried, aged 24, 1837, Domestic servant Rye, Sussex.
Emma Henry, Servant, Unmarried, aged 21, 1840, Domestic servant, Alcester, Warwickshire.

[1871 - April 2nd]

At the Vicarage, The Close, Lichfield.

Louisa L M Buckeridge, Head, Unmarried, aged 56, born 1815, Staffordshire.
Emily Phuler, Servant, aged 32, born 1839, Staffordshire.
Ann Kavening, Servant, aged 15, born 1856, Staffordshire.

[1881 - April 3rd]

At The Close, Lichfield the Close, Lichfield.

Louisa L M Buckeridge, Head, Single, aged 66, born 1815, Independent rents, Lichfield, Staffordshire.
Emily Phuler, Servant, Single, aged 42, born 1839, House Keeper Domestic Servant, Elford, Staffordshire.
Anne Ravening, Servant, Single, aged 25, born 1856, Housemaid Domestic Servant, Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Locate in 1891 Census.

Locate in 1901 Census.

Locate in 1911 Census.


What an interesting story this is. Out of the three boys, one died in infancy, the other two never married or had issue and out of the four girls, three again never got married or had issue.

So the only grandchildren for George and Mary were Catherine's with Edwin Durant...

Rose Elizabeth Buckeridge Durant,
Lilla Mary Ann Buckeridge Durant,
Mary Louisa Catherine Buckeridge Durant.

Research - Additional Planned.


In Progress.

Investigating children.


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