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Joseph Steatham

A search of the War records for Steathams, revealed the details of a Joseph Steatham born 1874, but he could not be seen in either the Robert Steatham's, or Charles Steatham's tree.

The only clue to his family, was that he mentioned that when he enlisted that his only living relative, was his sister Harriet Webb.

The only Harriet Steatham that had been found was one of Mary Steatham's children, and that Harriet had died in infancy, and was buried in James Bridge Cemetery.

So this Joseph Steatham was parked as one of the mysteries to be solved at a later date when more information was forthcoming.

Now thanks to the efforts of Steatham Contributor - Mark Winfer, this puzzle has been solved, and this is the story of Joseph Steatham.

Photo of Joseph Steatham's baptism
Joseph Steatham's baptism.
Joseph Steatham was the first born son of a Thomas Steatham born 1838; Thomas was the eldest brother of Mary Steatham (1840-).

Mary married George Saunders who's son Charles Steatham started "The Other Steatham's tree" as we call it.

Joseph Steatham was baptised {not yet found}.
In the 1881 Census we can see Joseph Steatham aged 7, living with his parents,

Thomas Statham aged 47,
his wife Mary aged 39,
sister Mary A. aged 13,
sister Amelia aged 9,
sister Rachael aged 5,
and his youngest sister Susannah aged 2,
at 5 of 4 Court Foster Street, Darlaston.

Ten years later in the 1891 census we can see Joseph Steatham aged 18, again living with his parents,

Thomas Statham aged 53,
his wife Mary aged 47,
sister Amelia aged 20,
his brother Richard aged 15,
and his sister Susannah aged 12,
again at 5 of 4 Court Foster Street, Darlaston.

Harriet Steatham married Joseph Cotton Webb in 1884.

So moving on a decade to the 1901 census, we now find Joseph Steatham is a boarder, single, aged 21, at his sister Harriet Webb's {nee Steatham} house at 7 Park Road, Darlaston.

Joseph Cotton Webb, Coal miner, aged 40,
His children;
Elizabeth Webb aged 13,
Joseph Webb aged 11,
Edith Webb aged 10,
Ethel Webb aged 8,
Harry Webb aged 6,
Sydney Webb aged 2,
Albert Webb aged 1.

Photo of Joseph Steatham's signature on 1911 census
Joseph Steatham's signature on 1911 census.
Moving on a decade, to our latest 1911 census, we now see Harriet and her husband Joseph Webb aged 52, living at 4a Factory Street, Darlaston; we have,

Harriet aged 48 {married 27 years},
Joseph Webb aged 25 Iron Worker,
Ethel Webb aged 19 Bolt Screwer,
Sydney Webb aged 16 Heater?,
Harry Webb aged 13,
Albert Webb aged 11,
lastly Arthur Webb aged 1.

Our Joseph Steatham is missing, and we now find him at Court 2 House 2, Willenhall Road, Darlaston.

Joseph Steatham {single} aged 37, Warehouseman / Nut & Bolt worker.
Ellen Murphy {widow} servant housekeeper aged 36.
Mary Murphy {single} boarder bolt screwer aged 19.

Photo of Joseph Steatham's signature when he enlisted
Joseph Steatham's signature when he enlisted.
Joseph Steatham next appears on Tuesday the 25th of May 1915, when he enlists for "Short Service - For the duration of the War", at Darlaston.

His address is given as 2 Court 2 House, Willenhall Street, Darlaston, which is where he was living five years earlier in the 1911 census.

He is to serve in the Worcester Regiment - Private 22639.

He is described as,
Single, 39 years, 300 days of age,
Apparent age: 39 years, 300 days,
Occupation: Labourer,
Height: 5 foot, 41/2 inches,
Chest measurement - Expanded: 39 inches,
Chest measurement - Range: 3 inches.

Name and address of next of kin:
Harriet Webb, Park Road, Wolverhampton Lane, Darlaston. Relationship: Sister (only relative).

His service record was,
Worestor Depot 25/5/15,
Posted 6th battalion 1/5/16,
Posted 4th battalion 22/11/16,
Home Depot 18/2/16,
Discharged 24/6/16, no longer physically fit for War service.

Photo of H.S. Gascon
H.S. Gascon.
He disembarked Alexandria, and was posted from the 6th to the 4th Battalion on 22/11/15.

He was then in hospital at Alexandria from 14/1/16 to 22/1/16, with a fractured humorous and dysentery - serious ill.

He was then invalided home on 4/2/16 on the Hospital Ship, H.S. Gascon.

Report from medical board. dated 10/6/16,

December 4th 1915 Alexandria.

States he had a fit, fell over a tent peg and broke his right humorous. the upper end of Humorous is thickened, he can only raise his elbow to an angle of 45%, the other movements of the shoulder are limited. He states he has rheumatism in the legs. He also states he is subject to fits in hot weather.

Result of active service - fall - not aggravated by service.
Permanent Prevents 1/4.
Army form B.103 fractured Humorous & Dysentery, Alexandria 14/1/16.
Seriously ill, Alexandria 22/1/16
Invalided 4.2.16
Chelsea number 82468

Minute sheet 2.

13/7/16 Man states (a 16/6) at Camp Alexandria, leaving Tramcar fell in faint, subject to fits.

Minute sheet 5.

7/8/16 o/c states - At home man met with accident he was serving with 1st Camp ? Battalion 29th Division, 6044 Sgt Fraser who came on? with same draft with this man states that he was orderly sergeant and Steatham was reported absent from 9.30 on 4/12?/15, at 7 am 9/12?/15.

The battalion was informed that he was admitted in hospital Alexandria from injuries to shoulders, the battalion left for Alexandria same morning nothing else was heard of him.

At the time of his discharge at Warwick, on Saturday 24th June 1916, Joseph Steatham was described as follows:-

Age: 39 years, 11 months,
Height: 5 foot, 41/2 inches,
Chest measurement - expanded: 39 inches,
Chest measurement - range: 3 inches,
Complexion: ? Brown,
Eyes: Brown,
Hair: Dark Brown,
Trade: Labourer,
Intended place of residence: 2 Court, 2 House, Willenhall Street, Darlaston,
Descriptive Marks: None.
Military Character: Very Good.

Joseph Steatham was discharged due to ill health,

Joseph Steatham was entitled to a campaign medal for the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. {23/11/15 to 17/2/16}.

I was once told that is better to be live in interesting times, I think we can say that Joseph Steatham certainly did that!

Further research is required to find Joseph Steatham's death, and where he was buried. As of yet no evidence has been found that Joseph Steatham ever married, so we have to leave his story where it is.


Joseph Steatham was the only male 'Steatham' produced in "The Other Steatham's Tree" as i call it.

I have not found him getting married yet, or his death, these final mysteries might be solved in the near future.

It may be best, as this is very complicated story to re-iterate how other bits of the "The Other Steathams", fit into Joseph's Story.

It all started with Robert Steatham (1775-1827), and his four surviving sons, Thomas Steatham, Joseph Steatham, Moses Steatham and Samuel Steatham, they alone carried the Steatham name forward.

Family history research is very rarely that straightforward, so we also have the ‘Other Steathams’ as I call them, that originate from the Statham surname at Darlaston, but twenty or more years after Robert Steatham's death.

The family started at Tamworth as Statham’s and moved to Darlaston, and then started changing their name to Steatham.

The most significant person we have from this is Charles Steatham, where we have many descendants, and one of the first thing Steathams do is to ask if they are descended from Robert Steatham's sons, or Charles Steatham.

Some of Mary’s siblings started using the Steatham surname as well. This tree is still being investigated.

So this intermixing of names and the changes to using Steatham, Statham, Saunders, makes it all a little complicated.

So taking Mary Steatham we have:-

The Stathams, from Tamworth which cumulated in Mary and her siblings, going forward as Steatham ish. We then have Mary’s son Charles Steatham, fathered by George Saunders before they were married.

This story is covered on the Charles Steatham page.

Next is George Saunders.

The Saunders, which cumulated in George Saunders, his siblings, and their descendants, and George’s children, named Saunders, after he married Mary, are covered on the George Saunders page.

The Charles Steatham and George Saunders pages should be read as with this one, to get the whole picture.

Research - Additional Planned.

In Progress.

Locate baptism for Joseph Steatham (1874-).

Locate burial for Joseph Steatham (1874-).


Obtain birth certificate for Joseph Steatham (1874-).

Obtain death certificate for Joseph Steatham (1874-).    All Rights Reserved.