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Joseph Hugill's Monument,
St Lawrence, Darlaston.

Copyright 2010 - Nigel James Wright.

Joseph Hugill's Children - Anna Maria Hugill

Joseph Hugill D.D. was the Rector of St Lawrence, Darlaston from 1840 to 1842.

Mary Steatham was baptised at St. Lawrence, Darlaston, Staffs, on Sunday the 14th February 1841, by the Rector Joseph Hugill D.D.

Mary Statham/Steatham (1840-), was the mother of Charles Steatham, the founder of this unique branch of the Steatham Family tree.

I have been contacted by Leanne Emmett who is a 3rd Great Grand Daughter of Joseph Hugill.

What follows is a fascinating glimpse into the life of his first child Anna Maria.

I am grateful to Leanne for the information she has provided on Joseph Hugill, this has enabled me to create this page.

Note - I have recently undertaken a Steatham Visit to Grantham to research the churches that Joseph Hugill was Curate at before he came to St Lawrence, Darlaston.

I would read this page first and then Click here to read about the visit.

The visit unearthed lots more information about Joseph Hugill, some of it has been reproduced here but not all of it, so to see the whole story of Joseph Hugill the visit page must be read in conjunction with this one.

Anna Maria Hugill (1829-1905).

Detailed Research

Photo of Anna Maria Hugill's baptism

Anna Maria Hugill's baptism.

Anna Maria Hugill was born in Burton Le Coggles in 1829, and was baptised on Sunday the 31st May 1829 at Burton Le Coggles church.

Burton Le Coggles church.

Copyright 2010 - Nigel James Wright.

Joseph Hugill was the Stipendiary Curate at Burton Le Coggles, Lincolnshire. The Stipend was £100 per annum, with surplice fees, and the use of a house.

The Anglican church is dedicated to Saint Thomas a Becket. The Diocese refer to it as St Thomas Canterbury.

The Anglican parish register dates from 1565.

The Nave and Chancel belong to the reign of Edward I (c.1250) and the church tower is over 700 years old. The church was restored and reseated in 1874.

Burton-le-Coggles, originally “Byrton-en-les-Coggles” – named for the path of cobbles (or coggles) which ran through the area – is mentioned in Doomsday, when it had several farms, extensive woods and a mill.

The Church consists of a Tower, Spire, North and South Aisles, Porch and Chancel.

The most remarkable feature of the Church is its Early English Tower and Spire (c.1200).

Until the early 20th Century, there was a Musicians’ Gallery at the West end.

To view the church in GoogleEarth, open GoogleEarth and click the following link:-

GoogleEarth - Saint Thomas a Becket, Burton Le Coggles, Lincolnshire.

Knights in the porch - Burton Le Coggles church.

Copyright 2010 - Nigel James Wright.

Within the Porch are two recumbent effigies of knights of the reign of Edward II (d.1327), although they may also be Crusaders from the third Crusade (1190).

They were found buried in the Churchyard during digging operations, their feet are missing and they are known locally as "Bill & Ben".

Photo of Font - Burton Le Coggles church

Font - Burton Le Coggles church.

Copyright 2010 - Nigel James Wright.

There is a plain octagonal font, of the decorated period (pre-1400) set upon a plain solid square base. On the photo is Liz Wright, who is a 3rd Great Grand Daughter of Robert Steatham.

The poor of the parish have 8 acres of land left by an unknown donor. The revenue from this plot is distributed among the poor each year.

Anna Maria Hugill's marriage.

Anna Maria Hugill married James Burgess Mills on 2nd February 1852 in Portland, Victoria, Australia.

The text reads, as best I can read it:


I James Mills of Shapivelle?, Portland Bay district do herby declare that I am member of after? hold? communion with the church of Sertthind?

Signed - James Mills.

I Anna Maria Hugill of bangul?, Portland Bay district do herby declare that I am a member of or? hold communing with the Wesleyan Church.

Signed - Anna Maria Hugill.

I John the Gow of march? hill colony?, Presbyterian minister of Mardy? Matlock hereby certify that James Mills of Slangeville Portland bay district, bachelor and his Wife Anna Maria Hugill of Bangal? in the same district, spinster, were joined together in wedlock by me on the 2nd February 1852 at Bangal? in the presence of these witnesses.

? Anderson? ? Bampal?
B. William Ping? Street?

John Gow Minister.

Anna Maria Hugill's marriage to
Hugh Lockhart Smith.

James Mills died in 1868, and then Anna Maria Hugill married Hugh Lockhart Smith, on Tuesday the 13th March 1877.

Anna Maria Hugill's death register.

Anna Maria Hugill died on the 26th? April 1905, aged 75 years, of Senile? Reast?,

The death certificate makes interesting reading as it contains so much detail, unlike the UK ones at this time, which were quite basic.

Anna Maria Smith [nee Mills, nee Hugill], died aged 75 years, on Tuesday the 25th April 1905 at Stawell Hospital, Callawadda South, Borough of Stawell, County of Boring?, Victoria. Cause of death was given as Senile? Reast?, by ? ? ? M.B., who last saw Maria on the 25th, the day she died. Her father was stated as Joseph Hugill Church of England Clergyman, and Mary Hugill m.n. Walker.

The informant was a C? Mills daughter-in-law ? ?, Callawadda South. The death was registered on Thursday the 27th April 1905.

The burial was to take place on Thursday the 27th April 1905, at Stanwell Cemetery, by the Reverend John Kirkland Church of England Clergyman.

Anna was born in Lincolnshire, England, then in New South Wales for 2 years, in South Australia? same? year, then in Victoria for 43 years.

Married when aged 22, in Geelong, James Burgess Mills, afterwards married at Melbourne Hugh Lockhart Smith.

Children in birth order [present age in brackets] listed for first marriage; Mary [52], James [50], Frances [48], Anna [45], William [43], Elizabeth [dead], John [39]. There was no issue from her second marriage.


Research - Additional Planned.

In Progress.

Planned.    All Rights Reserved.