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George Steatham

His gravestone in James Bridge Cemetery, Darlaston.
Copyright 2010 - Nigel James Wright.

Featured Steathams

George Steatham (1885-1918)

George Steatham is a member of the main Robert Steatham tree.

He was born on Monday the 27th April 1885, the son of Philemon Steatham (1842-1913) and Ann Williams.

Philemon was the son of Joseph Steatham (1806-1889), and of course Joseph was one of Robert Steatham's (1775-1827) surviving four Sons; or to put it more simply, George was a Great Grandson of Robert Steatham.

George,aged 27, married Edith Mary Standley (1881-1956), aged 31, on Wednesday the 25th December 1912 at the Wesleyan Methodist[5], Pinfold Street, Darlaston.

George's occupation on his death certificate was stated as "Driver R.F.A. a Machine fitter", died on Wednesday the 20th March 1918 at his home at 38 Dangerfield Lane, Darlaston, of "Tubercular Peritonitis".

He is the only Steatham to have died as a result (sic) of his World War I service.

He was buried at James Bridge Cemetery, Darlaston on Thursday the 21st March, Edith registering his death earlier the same day.

Interestingly there is an entry (crossed out) in the cemeteries books for George being buried a few days earlier, I suppose we can surmise that he was near death some days earlier, we can only speculate on this.

George at birth was registered as a Steatham, his father Philemon, was a Steatham, all his siblings were Steatham.

George Steatham's baptism.

George was born on Monday the 27th April 1885 and baptised on Wednesday the 13th May 1885, at St Lawrence, Darlaston, by the Rector B. Wright, again he is cleary down as Steatham.

George Steatham's marriage certificate

On his marriage, and all other civil registrations, during his life, he was registered as a Steatham, he signed his name as Steatham, and his father's name was down as Steatham.

When his death was registered, he was again a Steatham, in the Cemetery records he is down as Steatham (twice!).

George Steatham's grave (original)

Copyright 2006 - Nigel James Wright.

But on the most important monument to his life, his original Gravestone erected by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC), his name has been mis-spelt as Streatham.

I have researched into whether George and Edith had any children, and I afraid I cannot find any. There was an Edith M. Steatham's birth registered in 1910, but that is too early.

There was another Edith registered in 1924, but her mother's maiden name was not Standley. All the other births during this period can be discounted, as they are all identifiable Steathams in the Robert Steatham tree.

Many years later we can see in the Electoral Register for Darlaston, Edith living at 22A Cross Street, with John Cross, Mabel Cross.

Edith died there on Tuesday the 6th March 1956, and was buried on Saturday the 10th March in plot N108.

To read more about Steathams buried in James Bridge Cemetery, and to see the location of George and Edith's grave, click link below.

Steatham Research - Cemeteries - James Bridge.

George Steatham's cancelled burial record entry
The only place George's surname was spelt wrong was on his gravestone, erected by the CWGC, and on their website [this has now been corrected], all other military records show him named correctly as Steatham.

He died on Wednesday the 20th March 1918 according to his death certificate, but on his original gravestone it said the 19th March 1918.

I wrote to the CWGC to see if George Steatham's gravestone could be corrected, and their records can be corrected.

To read my letter CWGC Letter

To read their Reply CWGC Reply - Acknowledgement

To read their Reply CWGC Reply - Investigating

On the 5th March 2009 they wrote to me.

I was really unsure what their reaction would be.

George Steatham's burial record entry
I must have visited James Bridge Cemetery many times over the years, and nearly always stopping off at George's memorial to pay my respects.

To see his name spelt incorrectly, seemed to me to be quite wrong, after what George had given for his Country, and remember Edith's sacrifice - she never remarried.

To read their CWGC Letter

As you can see the outcome is everything I hoped for.

The gravestone has now been replaced, and now has his correct surname and date of death, and they have now even included his age.

I have now received a final letter from the CWGC,
[click here to read it].

Also enclosed was a booklet with a photo of the new gravestone,
[click here to read it].

I am trying to arrange some sort of re-dedication service involving the Church and the British Legion.

If I can get this arranged, I will publish details here so those interested can attend.

It is important to realize that George never had any children.

His relationship to me is that he is my Wife's first cousin twice removed.

I will write to every descendent of George's siblings, I can find in the phone book, to advise them of date of the service, and publish it on this website.

Up until now George had never appeared in searches on the CWGC website.

The only Steatham listed was my Wife's Uncle, Richard Samuel Steatham, who gave his life in the Normandy landings of World War II.

The details on the CWGC website are now changed, so we find George in his proper place with Richard, as the only Steathams to die for their Country.

Follow this link to read them Steatham CWGC records    All Rights Reserved.