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Robert Steatham's baptism.

Athanasius Herring M.A.

Athanasius Herring M.A. is a very important Steatham vicar in that he baptised Robert Statham, who started the ball rolling for the whole Steatham story.

Athanasius Herring M.A. officiated at the following,

Robert Statham baptised.

Athanasius Herring M.A. (1721-1791)

This research is broken down into Five sections;

Quick Overview.

Detailed Research.

Census findings.


Research - Additional Planned.

  Quick Overview

Athanahius Herring born 1721.

Athanasius Herring, then aged sixty, married Mary Carr at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, on Monday the 26th November 1781.

Athanasius Herring died on Monday the 3rd January 1791.

They had the following children.

Mary Herring, born 1782, died 1860.

Elizabeth Herring, born 1782, died 1825.

Priscilla Herring, born 1786, married and then lost to us.

John Herring, born 1789, died 1839.

Note - as children are born their lives will be covered in their entirety, before moving on with Athanasius Herring's story.

Detailed Research

Photo of Holy Cross church, Highampton

Holy Cross church, Highampton.

Copyright 2022 - Nigel James Wright.
Athanasius Herring was born in 1721, to parents John Herring and Priscilla.

We see Athanasius Herring's father John Herring, the Rector of Holy Cross church, Highampton, educated at Exeter College, Oxford, (1669 to 1673), dying in 1733.

We can see a record entry for his Will in the Devon Wills Index, 1163-1999, proved in the court of the Principal Registry of the Bishop of Exeter, 1559-1799, proved in the Court of the Archdeaconry of Exeter, 1540-1799. Unfortunately the Exeter and Barnstaple wills were lost through the destruction of the Exeter Probate Registry in 1942.

The Rectors at Holy Cross, have been researched and are listed in the church. Our interest is in Athanasius Herring's father John, who is listed as being Rector from 1701 to his death in 1733, being replaced by a John Rouse. So Athanasius Herring's father died when Athanasius Herring was just aged twelve.

Information gleamed online shows the following,

John Herring was reportedly born at Kenn, Devon, in 1651, he then married Priscilla Pollard. John was buried aged 82? at Highampton. Priscilla died, and was buried on Wednesday the 20th November 1765, Widow of the late Revd Mr John Herring Rector of this Parish.

N.B. John Herring's birthplace of Kenn, near Exeter, is about 34 miles south east of Highampton. The Ley Arms public house, on the banks of the river Kenn, has a plaque saying it was Est. 1290 AD, who knows possibly frequented by John's father!

They had the following children.

#1) Amy Herring, possibly married Richard Laffer, on Wednesday the 15th November 1741, at Altarnun, Cornwall.
#2) Athanasius Herring.
#3) Edmund Herring, married at Highampton, on Saturday the 8th May 1745, Mary Coham. Edmund was buried at Highampton, on Saturday the 12th January 1771, Son of the the Revd Mr John Herring Late Rector of this parish.
#4) Elizabeth Herring, baptised on Saturday the 19th August 1719, married William Combe, on Friday the 6th March 1750, at Highampton.
#5) Mary Herring, baptised on Tuesday the 11th March 1721, at St George, Exeter, Devon, possibly married the Rev. George Boughton, vicar of Hatherley, on Sunday the 20th April 1738, by license.
#6) Nathaniel Herring, baptised, Thursday the 1st June 1724, at Highampton, by his father.
#7) Priscilla Herring, was buried on Wednesday the 10th October 1736, at Highampton, Daughter of the late Rev. ? Herring ? of this parish.
#8) John Herring (1708), buried on Wednesday the 21st October 1750, at Highampton.
#9) Claudia Meliora Herring (abt1710-abt1744),

#10) Jane Herring, born Saturday the 22nd February 1710, married John Rouse born Monday the 28th November 1707, in Barnstable, baptised at Hatherleigh. Jane died Tuesday the 17th January 1775, aged sixty four, at Highampton buried on Wednesday the 25th January 1775. Note John Rouse was in 1726 admitted to St. John's College, Cambridge on Wednesday the 24th May 1730, ordained deacon 1730, Curate of Ampthill 1733-1775, and was Rector (value 300) of Highampton after John Herring. So to put it simply, John Rouse married the Rector's daughter, and succeeded him in the living.

300 in today's money would be the equal to 70,874. - Calculated using this Link.

They had the following children,

#10-1) Anne Rouse, baptised on Friday the 10th July 1750, at Highampton, Anne married on Sunday the 12th July 1772, William Jerman, of Bristol, at Highampton, Anne died on Friday the 11th August 1826, aged 76.

#10-2) Jane Rouse, born 1731, died Sunday the 11th October 1812 aged 81, without issue, at Tetcott, Devon.

#10-3) Priscilla Rouse, baptised November 1735, at Highampton, married George Stoneman, Priscilla died in 1780, aged 45.

#10-4) John Rouse, born abt December 1737, baptised at Highampton, married Catherine Hart, daughter of William Hart, of Sutcombe, yeoman. John was Rector of St. Breock's Cornwall (value 1,050). King College B.A. 1757. For a short while scholar of Pembroke. John died on Saturday the 7th March 1818, in Tetcott, Devon.

1050 in today's money would be the equal to 95,842. - Calculated using this Link.

#10-5) Sarah Rouse, born June 1739, died 8th March 1809, aged 69, without issue, in Morwenstow, Cornwall.

#10-6) Mary Rouse, born on Tuesday the 5th April 1740, at Highampton, Mary married John Manning, of Lamerton or Launceston. Mary died on Saturday the 14th July 1792, aged 52, in Eastaway, Morwenstow, England.

#10-7) Charlotte Anna Rouse, born on Friday the 8th February 1743, at Highampton, Charlotte married Thomas Upjohn, of Exeter, on Saturday the 10th April 1756 in Altarnun, Cornwall. Charlotte died, aged 61, on Tuesday the 9th October 1804.

#10-8)) Ezekiel Athanasius Rouse, 1746-1822, married Elizabeth Jones on Monday the 30th May 1768, in Shapwick, Somerset, Ezekiel died on Tuesday the 12th February 1822, aged abt 76, in Middlezoy, Somerset. He made a Will in 1806, proved on Saturday the of 10th August 1822, which is lodged at the National Archives. Their daughter Charlotte Maria Herring Rouse, was baptised by her father at St Michael's, Othery, Somerset on Saturday the 23rd September 1777. On Monday the 22nd December 1817, her father conducted the service by which she was married to William Chard, and their son William Wheaton Chard, was the father of John Rouse Merriot Chard VC, of Zulu / Rorkes Drift fame.

#10-9) Oliver Rouse (Surgeon - in 1852), baptised on Tuesday the 17th September 1748, Highampton. Oliver married Honour Darke, by license, on Sunday the 19th January 1775, in Hatherleigh, Devon. Oliver died on Saturday the 2nd October 1819, buried Highampton on Wednesday the 10th November 1819, aged 71, Birchin Lane In The Parish Of North Lew. Surgeon. NB Oliver was a witness of his brothers Ezekiel Athanasius Rouse's Will.

#10-10) James Rouse, born 1752, died on Monday the 5th November 1770, buried Highampton on Thursday the 15th November 1770, Son of the John Rouse rector this parish & Jane his wife aged 18 years and six months.

Font, Holy Cross church, Highampton.

Copyright 2022 - Nigel James Wright.

Athanasius Herring was baptised on Wednesday the 8th November 1721.

The font dates from the 13th Century, with a circular bowl and a band of Norman quatrefoil decoration, beneath a moulded rim of crosses saltire, stars, and circles. Beneath there is a band of cable moulding on top of a modern plinth, possibly dating from 1834. It is sometimes described as a Cornish Fowey type font.

The church was inaugurated on Saturday the 3rd May 1270.
Photo of King's College

King's College.

On Wednesday the 18th of April 1742 (Easter), Athanasius Herring, then aged twenty, was matriculated sizar from Kings College, Cambridgeshire.[CED]

In A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely: Volume 3, the City and University of Cambridge.

Poor scholars were still being admitted at King's in the 1740's and even the early 1750's. E.g. Athanasius Herring, 1742, Thomas Jones, 1746, William Drake, 1748 (Venn, Alumni, pt. i); Durand Rhudde, 1752 (ibid., pt. ii).

Not sure what the term "poor" in this context really means. I assume it means he obtained admission principally on his talents, and could not pay for his tuition.

[sizar at Cambridge was a student who received an allowance toward college expenses in exchange for acting as a servant to other students]

[Matriculation is the process by which you will be formally admitted to the University]

On Wednesday the 25th of May 1746, Athanasius Herring obtained a B.A.(1745-6), from King's College, Cambridge.[CED]

On Wednesday the 25th of May 1746 Athanasius Herring B.A. was ordained Deacon (Lincoln).[CED]

Photo of St Mary's, Buckden, Hampshire

St Mary's, Buckden, Hampshire.

On Saturday the 25th of September 1748, Athanasius Herring B.A. was ordained as a prebendal at St. Mary's Church, Buckden, Hampshire.[CED]

A prebendary is a member of the Roman Catholic or Anglican clergy, a form of canon with a role in the administration of a cathedral or collegiate church. When attending services, prebendaries sit in particular seats, usually at the back of the choir stalls, known as prebendal stalls.

In 1749, he obtained a M.A. from King's College, Cambridge.[CED]

Photo of St Mary & All Saints, Ellingham

St Mary & All Saints, Ellingham.
On Saturday the 4th of June 1757, Athanasius Herring M.A. was made a perpetual Vicar at St Mary & All Saints, Ellingham, Hampshire.[CED]

The church of St. Mary (formerly All Saints) appears to have been built in the late 13th century; the south porch and west end of the nave are of red brick and stone and were rebuilt in 1720 and 1747 respectively, and the organ bay is a modern addition. The front of the loft has been closed by a plastered partition on which are painted the royal arms of Charles II, 1671, and a number of texts, &c, in square and oval borders.

The west end of the church is in brick and stone, dated 1747. In the middle is set a very good painting of the 'Last Judgement' brought from Cadiz, and apparently late 16th-century Spanish work.

In the north-east chancel buttresses are two small crosses and part of an inscription, and a stone half hidden by the buttress appears to be part of an engraved cross-slab. Several other old coffin slabs are also preserved, and on the south-east buttress of the chancel is a mediaeval sundial.

The one bell is by Clement Tosier, 1712.

The plate consists of a silver chalice of 1652, and a flagon alms dish of 1742.

Photo of St Peter's church, Barton

St Peter's church, Barton.

On Sunday the 29th August 1751, Athanasius Herring M.A. was made a Curate of St Peter's church, Barton, Cambridgeshire.[CED]

The church is 14th century, the most beautiful feature being the western arch. The carved screen with its fine detail is thought to date from about 1370, as it bears a coat of arms of Thomas Arundel, Bishop of Ely from 1374 to 1388. The pulpit is hexagonal and was once part of a three-decker pulpit. It bears the date 1635. The font consists of a fourteenth century stem of clunch, topped by a limestone bowl.

The wall paintings date from the 14th century and they depict various saints and stories from the Bible. On the north wall can be found St Michael weighing souls, St Christopher, St Anthony with his pig, and St Martin on horseback. Displayed on the south wall are the marriage feast at Cana and the Annunciation. The painting of St Dunstan holding the devil by the nose is the only one of this Saint to be found in an English church.

St Mary s church, Uttoxeter, Staffs.

Copyright 2010 - Nigel James Wright.

On Friday the 3rd of June 1768 Athanasius Herring M.A. was made Vicar of St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.[CED]

Uttoxeter Church, St Mary the Virgin, is a handsome structure, which was built in the 14th century. The spire, which rises to a height of 179 feet, was injured by lightning in 1814, and had to be partly rebuilt. By 1828 it was deemed too small, so the nave was rebuilt to designs by the architect James Trubshaw, except the tower and spire,

In 1877 the present chancel was built. The chancel was designed by the architect Frederick Josias Robinson of Derby and the contract was Mr. Fryer, also of Derby. The chancel was lengthened by 14 feet (4.3 m) and on the south side over the vestry, a gallery was constructed for the organ, which had formerly been in the west gallery of the church. The east window was preserved and re-erected in the new chancel, along with its original stained glass. The church re-opened on 29 April 1877.

The pipe organ was built by William Hill & Sons and the church tower contains a ring of 8 bells. Of these, 6 date from 1729 and were cast by Abraham Rudhall. The treble and tenor were cast in 1874 by John Warner & Sons.

Robert Statham was baptised [SRO] by the Vicar Athanasius Herring M.A., on Sunday the 10th of December 1775, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

The baptism states "Robert the Illegitimate Child of Hannah Statham was Bapt the 10".

The present font is only dated from 1839, the one that was used for Robert's baptism is unfortunately gone.

To read more about St Mary the Virgin, go to Steatham Research - Churches page.

St Margaret's Church, Hemingby.

On Thursday the 23rd of June 1768 he was cession'ed from Ellingham, Hampshire.[CED]

This was done so Athanasius Herring M.A. could take up his next post as Rector of Hemingby, Lincolnshire

Cession was one of several ways in which an incumbent s tenure could be terminated. Although pluralism was commonplace in the Church of England until severely limited by new statute law after the end of the period of the Database, many clergymen were not eligible to hold livings in plurality and certain combinations of offices were forbidden by ecclesiastical law. When a cleric was appointed to a living that could not be held alongside his current position, the latter living was deemed void by cession.

On Friday the 24th June 1768 Athanasius Herring M.A. was then made Rector of Hemingby, Lincolnshire.

The Parish church of St Margaret's, Hemingby is C14, and was rebuilt 1764 by John Clark and rebuilt again in 1895 by W. Scorer. It has C14 octagonal font on octagonal pedestal and broached base. Grey and white marble monument with urn flanked by single globes, to the Reverend Joseph Carr, died 1768.

This is a video of the outside of the church on YouTube

We can see Athanasius Herring M.A. mentioned in 1778 [LRO], where he instituted a successful action in the ecclesiastical court against a parishioner, Robert Perry, for non-payment of personal tithe.

We see this included 4d, for every inhabitant, "using or Exercising Merchandize, Handycraft, Trade Art Faculty or Science...for using or Exercising the same in the name of a personal Tythe."

A 1 or 240d (pence) in today's money would be the equal to 169.70. So 4d would 4/240 of it, so in today's money 2.84 - Calculated using this Link.

Athanasius Herring's marriage.
Athanasius Herring M.A. , [bachelor], was now married by License, by the Rev. Joseph Clowes, Curate of Rochester, to Miss Mary Carr [Spinster] on Monday the 26th November 1781 at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

Rev. Joseph Clowes was born in Uttoxeter, and was Curate at nearby Sudbury, from Monday the 19th September 1768 until being made Perpetual Curate of Rochester on Friday the 9th August 1776, which he held until his death on Saturday the 18th July 1812.

In addition we have mentioned. [BNA]

The Scots Magazine - Saturday 1st December 1781

Nov. 26. At Uttoxeter, the Rev. Athanasius Herring, aged 82, to Miss Carr, of the same place, aged 22, an agreeable young lady, with a fortune of 15,000.

Louth Standard - Saturday 15th August 1936

Skegness Standard - Wednesday 19th August 1936

We print few more very interesting extracts from a diary 150 years ago. It will remembered by readers this paper that the Standard" came into possession some contemporary writings of a professional gentleman who lived near Derby and whose strange hobby it was to make entries some of the snappiest" bits of news from the local newspaper.

A puzzle - Nov 22nd 1781...

"On Monday last was married at Uttoxeter, the Rev Athanasius Herring, aged 82, to Miss Carr of the same place, aged 22; an agreeable young lady with fortune of 15,000, At the present time it would puzzle an older divine than Mr. Athanasius Herring find out the object this young lady had in view."

15,000 in today's money would be the equal to 2,738,400 - Calculated using this Link. What an interesting fact this is.

The only evidence we have that Athanasius Herring was aged eighty two when he married is the newspaper reports. I believe them to be incorrect, he was most likely about sixty when he married.

The only Marr Carr we see being baptised around this time is at St. Giles, Newcastle under Lyme, on Wednesday the 21st November 1759. This fits in perfectly with the date of her marriage. So Mary had just gone twenty two when she married.

Athanasius Herring M.A. now has four children as follows,

#1) Mary Herring,

born 1782, named after Athanasius Herring's sister, was baptised at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, on Sunday the 11th August 1782. Note - Mary is a twin with her sister Elizabeth.

Mary Herring dies on Saturday the 22nd December 1860, at Springfield house, Uttoxeter.

Mary Herring, aged seventy eight, is buried on Friday the 28th December, Innocents day, 1860, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. Burial records stated Stramshall near Uttoxeter.

In addition we have mentioned. [BNA]

Staffordshire Advertiser - Saturday 29th December 1860


On the 22nd instant, Springfield House, near Uttoxeter, in this county Mary, last surviving child of the Rev. Athanasius Herring late rector of Hemingby, Lincolnshire, and Vicar of Uttoxeter.

We see a mention in the Great Western Railway Shareholders records of Mary Herring's death and the Executors are mentioned - William Phillips, George Goodwin Bladen, and William Thomas Locker. Dated 22nd December 1860.

Elizabeth & Mary's baptism.

#2) Elizabeth Herring,

born 1782, named after Athanasius Herring's sister, was baptised at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, on Sunday the 11th August 1782. Note - Elizabeth is a twin with her sister Mary.

Elizabeth Herring was married on Friday the 30th August 1811, to Samuel Rollestone, Esq. to residence - Whippingham, Isle of Wight, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

We see mentioned. [BNA]

Staffordshire Advertiser - 7th September 1811


On Friday the 30th of Aug. at Uttoxeter, by the Rev. M. Rollestone, Samuel Rollestone, jun?. to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Rev. Athanasius Herring, Vicar of that parish, and Rector of Hemingby, in LIncolnshire.

Elizabeth now dies on Thursday the 10th November 1825.

We now see Eliza (Elizabeth) reported in newspapers.

Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Monday 21st November 1825

Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 24th November 1825

Died on 10th inst. in this city, Eliza wife of S. Rolleston, esq; and daughter of the late Rev. A. Herring, vicar of Uttoxeter.

Priscilla's baptism.

#3) Priscilla Herring,

born 1786, named after Athanasius Herring's mother and sister, was baptised at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, on Monday the 25th November 1782, and married William Phillips on Sunday the 13th May 1827, at St. Mary, Uttoxeter.

In addition we have mentioned. [BNA]

Staffordshire Advertiser - Saturday 19th May 1827

Birmingham Journal - Saturday 26th May 1827


At Uttoxeter, the 13th inst. by Rev. H. B. Fowler, Mr. William Phillips, of Lowlands, to Priscilla youngest daughter of the late Rev. Athanasius Herring, Vicar Uttoxeter.

John Herring's baptism.

#4) John Herring,

born 1789, named after Athanasius Herring's father, was baptised at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, on Tuesday the 24th March 1789.

John Herring married Eliza Ann [also known as Anne] Loveday on Wednesday the 12th Febuary 1834, at Nusseerabad, Bengal, India.

Eliza Ann Loveday, also known as "Anne", was born Saturday the 23rd of January, 1813, at Fort William, Calcutta, India, [also reported as born in Perlang, East Indies (British Subject) 1812] and was the daughter, she had ten other siblings, of Major General Lambert Richard Loveday and Anne Maria Bainbrigge.

They had three children, all born in India.

#4-1) Mary Augusta Herring born, on Sunday the 6th August 1837, at Agra, Bengal, India, and baptised at Agra, West Bengal, India, on Sunday the 15th October 1837. She marries David Forbes Surgeon M.D., bachelor, by License, on Thursday the 30th September 1858, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

At the time her marriage Mary Augusta Herring was stated as living at Balance Street, Uttoxeter.

We now see.

Saunders's News-Letter - Thursday 7th October 1858

On the 30th Sept.,at the parish church Uttoxeter, by the Hon. and Rev. Thomas Cavandish, assisted by the Rev. H. Abud, David Forbes, Esq., M.D., of Sudbury, Derbyshire to Mary Augusta, Daughter of the late Lieutenant Colonel Herring C.B., 37th Bengal Native Infantry, H.E.I.C.S.

Mary Augusta and David Forbes had the following [children],

[Marian Prisilla Ann Forbes], born 1860, at Sudbury, Derbyshire, England, she married A.L. Black, and had a daughter {Helen Forbes Black}.

There is an {Helen Forbes Black} mentioned as a Chauffeur - Voluntary Aid Detachment, British Red Cross Register Of Overseas Volunteers 1914-1918. Certificate number: 16089, Passport number: 181935, destination France. Also see newspaper article in Discussion.

[Robert Manro Forbes], born 1861 at Sudbury, Derbyshire, England.

Mary Augusta Herring then dies on Thursday the 2nd July 1908, and is buried at St. Margaret & St. Andrews, Littleham, Devon.

Recorded on burial records as Mary Augusta Herring Forbes.

#4-2) Priscilla Elizabeth Herring born on Monday the 4th March 1839, India, baptised on Tuesday the 6th August 1839, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. She dies in 1858, aged 19, and is buried at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, on Thursday the 8th July 1858,

#4-3) John William Herring born on Monday the 4th March 1839 India, was baptised on Tuesday the 6th August 1839, at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

John Herring now dies on Tuesday the 3rd September 1839.

Lieutenant-Colonel John Herring CB -

37th Bengal Native Infantry [Honourable East India Company], Ensign 1805. Lt-Col. 1838.

Served Nepal War 1814-15; ADC to Major-General Lambert Loveday 1821-24; siege of Bhurtpore 1825. CB 1838. Afghan War 1838-9.

The 37th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry was a regiment of the East India Company s Bengal Army, which had only become a separate regiment in 1824, and was later to become one of the regiments which took part in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 at Benares in 1857.

Order of Durani 3rd Class.

He was murdered by tribesmen near Haidar Khel while escorting army pay to Kabul. Order of Durani 3rd Class, 1840.

Wikipedia says...

Haider Khel is a village in North Waziristan, Pakistan, 50 kilometres (30 miles) to the east of Bannu, lying close to the border with Afghanistan. Its inhabitants are mainly Pashtun-speaking Dawaris. Haider Khel was founded in 1910, by Haji Mirzali Khan. In 1896, during the Tochi Expedition, the British set up a military post in the village as part of its defences against raids from the Waziris.

On his memorial at St Marys its says he died at Hyderkhail.

In the Google book Recollections of the first Campaign West of the Indus and of the subsequent operations of the Candahar Force by Major General Sir W. Nott G.C.B., Smith, Elder and Company, 1845 we see detailed the curcumstances of Lt. Col. John Herring's death.

Soon after the arrival of the troop at Cabul Lt Colonel Herring, of the 37th Regiment Bengal Native infantry, was cruelly murdered near Hyder Khail, whilst marching from Candahar with a detachment towards headquarters. He and several officers in his regiment had strolled in the evening a short distance from camp, when they were suddenly attacked by a body of armed men.

The junior offices effected their escape, but Colonel Herring was surrounded; and though he, defended himself resolutely with a walking stick for some time, his assailants at length succeeded in cutting him almost to pieces before succour could reach him."

Memorial at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. -

"Sacred to the memory of Lt. Col. John Herring C.B. (son of the late Revd A. Herring vicar of this parish) who died at Hyderkhail Sept. 3rd 1839 in the 50th year of his age when in command of the 37th Regt. Bengal N.I. on his march with the Army of the Indus.

His remains are interred in the Armenian Burial Ground at Cabool in Afghanistan where a tablet has been erected to his memory. "In full appreciation of his character as a soldier and his private excellence as a man this tablet is inscribed by his friends & brother officers in the Regt. to which he was attached for a period of 34 years."

In addition we have mentioned. [BNA]

Bombay Gazette 27th December 1839

Letter to the Editor "Lieut. Col. Herring's Tomb.

Sir,- Believing that the enclosed copy of the Inscription on the Tomb-stone of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Herring, and of orders issued on his decease, may be acceptable to all of your readers, who now mourn his loss, I beg to forward them. The Slab is of very fine white marble, about 7 feet in length by 2 1/2 in breadth, and the execution of the inscription is equal to that of any similar work by the best Sculpoters of Calcutta. The whole was chiselled by a native of Cabul, having been pencilled by an European of the European Regiment.

It may serve to show how esteemed the late Colonel was, the fact that the whole of the Native portion of the 37th Regiment voluntarily solicited to subscribe to his Monument, which Captain Barstow allowed them to do, to the extent of one day's pay, and to have their own inscription in Persian on the Slab. The intention is to erect one Dome over the Graves of Brigadier Arnold, Captain Fothergill, 13th Light Infantry and Captain Timings, Horse Artillery.

/Commg. 37th Regt. Beng. N.I./
/In the full appreciation of his Character of a/
/Soldier and his private Excellencies/
/Is inscribed by his Friends and Brother Soldiers/
/in the Regiment to which he was attached for a/
/period of 54 years./
Delhi Gazette, Dec. 11.

The above is repeated in the Sherborne Mercury 2nd March 1840, but with the period of years in the regiment corrected to 34.

Eliza's memorial.

Photo of Athanasius Herring's will

Athanasius Herring's will.

Eliza now aged 83, dies on Saturday the 29th June 1895.

In addition we have mentioned. [BNA]

London Evening Standard - Wednesday 3rd July 1895


HERRING.- June 29, at Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, in her 84th year. Eliza Ann, widow of the late Colonel John Herring, 37th Bengal Native Infantry, H.E.I.C.S. by request, no flowers.

The 37th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry was a regiment of the East India Company s Bengal Army, which had only become a separate regiment in 1824, and was later to become one of the regiments which took part in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 at Benares in 1857.

[Honourable East India Company s Service.]

Eliza is buried at St Mary the Virgin

/In loving Memory/
/Widow of Col Herring/
/37th Bengal Native Infantry H.E.I.C.S./
/Died June 30th 1895./
/This stone is erected in appreciation/
/by her son and daughter./
/"I count all things but loss for/
/the excellence of the knowledge/
/of Christ Jesus my lord"/

We see Eliza Ann Herring's Probate,

HERRING Eliza Ann of Uttoxeter Staffordshire widow died on Saturday the 29th June 1895, Probate Lichfield on Monday the 19th August to John Sandeman Allen under writer and Thomas Rutherford gentleman. Effects 2924 17s. 6d.

2924 in today's money would be the equal to 409,088 - Calculated using this Link.

That's quite an amount!

We also see Eliza Ann Herring's in records in Lord Clive Military Fund Pension Registers & Payment Books - officers G-N. It appears to show she got about 96 a year.

96 in today's money would be the equal to 10,612 - Calculated using this Link.

Continuing with Athanasius Herring's story...

On Wednesday the 7th July 1790 Athanasius Herring signs his will.

A lttle under a year later Athanasius Herring dies on Monday the 3rd January 1791 (E. Mag.), and is buried at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, on Saturday the 8th January 1791.

It states simply in the burial records, Burials January 1791 - Rev'd Athanasius Herring the 8th. I do wish they had given his age!

Athanasius Herring in his will left his estate at "Woodgate", Uttoxeter to his wife Mary, one of the executors being named as Thomas Phillips a widower.

Interestingly the Probate for his was not granted until Wednesday the 10th May 1797, that's over six years after his death.

The Probate also says...

...that the deceased's personal estate at the time of his death was not of the Value of 600

whatever that means!

600 in 1797, in todays money would be the equal to 114,259.54 - Calculated using this Link.

Click Here to read Athanasius Herring's Will.

Mary then marries, a litle of three years later, on Thursday the 11th September 1794, by license, Thomas Phillips, widower, at St Mary the Virgin. A witness at the marriage was a William Locker, who was one of the Executors of Athanasius Herring's Will.

Note - A marriage licence replaced the need for having banns read out.

Staffordshire Advertiser - Saturday 19th November 1836

"Woodgate" being sold by auction, on page 2. - a description of the house is given.

Interestingly we now see...

Staffordshire Advertiser - Saturday 5th March 1796



THE VICARAGE HOUSE in UTTOXETER, in the County Stafford, with convenient Offices, Two-stalled Stable, and Garden. The House, commanding Agreeable and Extensive Prospect, is in good Repair and fit for the immediate Reception of Family. For further Particulars, apply to the REV. E. DALES, or Mr. MARSTON, of Uttoxeter.

Rev. Edward Dales was a Stipendiary Curate appointed 5th July 1791, until 29th August 1814.

A Curate is to be lawfully obedient to the diocesan Bishop and to the Rector. As a member of the Clergy team, the Curate will be called to worship, preach, teach, and offer pastoral care to the Parish and its members, and execute other ministries that are assigned by the Rector or Bishop.

'Stipendiary' just means he had a fixed income.

Census findings

I have searched the 1841-1911 Census's, and here are the results.

Searching Census records are sometimes problematic to say the least as the enumerator did not always record the surname correctly.

This is compounded by the modern transcripts used to search the records as they are also full of mistakes.

I will state what was recorded on the actual census.

The Census was always conducted on a Sunday.

[1841 - June 6th]

Mary Herring, aged 53, born 1788 Staffordshire, England;
John Herring, aged 2, born 1839 Staffordshire, England;
Priscilla Herring, aged 2, born 1839 Staffordshire, England;
Sarah Bailey, aged 35 born 1806 Staffordshire, England;
Emily Noel, aged 20, born 1821 Staffordshire, England;
Mary Ann Appleby, aged 20, born 1821 Staffordshire, England;

At Balance Street, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

Dates can be problematic in the 1841 census, the Mary Herring above is Athanasius Herring M.A. first child, born 1782. The 1841 census allowed rounding of dates.

John William Herring is the child of Mary Herring's late brother Lieutenant-Colonel John Herring CB.

Priscilla Elizabeth Herring is the child of Mary Herring's late brother Lieutenant-Colonel John Herring CB

John William Herring and Priscilla Elizabeth Herring are twins, born on Monday the 4th March 1839 in India, after their father's death on Tuesday the 3rd September 1839, they came to Uttoxeter and they are then baptised together on Tuesday the 6th August 1839 at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter.

To put it a little more simply - after their father's death, they came back to their late father's town, and on the night of the census they were staying with their Aunty.

Where is their mother? Her father Lambert Richard Loveday, was now back home in England, and we find Eliza, aged 25, born 1816, at his house, in Grosvenor Place, Walcot, Bath, Somerset, also possibly with her mother Louisa. Date mismatched but this is the only Louisa it be.

Note the rounding down of Eliza's age from 29 to 25.

[1851 - March 30th]

Eliza A Herring, Head, Widow, Female, aged 39, born 1812 India Perrang, Gentlewoman, annuitant;
Mary A Herring, Daughter, Unmarried, Female, 13, born 1838 in India;
Also two female servants.

At 43 Balance Street, Uttoxeter. NB. The detached house still exists but has been split in to three separate residences, renumbered, and another house built on the side.

[1861 - April 7th]

Where is Eliza in this census?

David Forbes, Head, Married, aged 29, M.D. Edinburgh - Luth royal college of surgeons, born 1832, Scotland;
Mary Augusta Forbes, Wife, Married, aged 23, born 1838 in Agra, India;
Marian Prisilla Ann Forbes, Daughter, Female, aged 1, born 1860, Sudbury, Derbyshire;
Robert Munro Forbes, Son, Male, aged 0, born 1861, Sudbury, Derbyshire.
Also a Cook, Housemaid, Nurse, Groom and Stable boy.

At Sudbury Village, Derbyshire.

20 Greengate Street, Stafford.

[1871 - April 2nd]

Arthur Wright, Head, aged 37, Warden of Stafford Gaol, born 1834 Staffordshire;
Mary Wright, Wife, aged 40, Lodging house keeper, born 1831 Staffordshire;
Arthur Winfield Wright, son, aged 10, Scholar, born 1861 Staffordshire;
George Wright, Son, aged 4, born 1867 Staffordshire, England;
Samuel Wright, Father, aged 80, Annuitant, born 1791 Derbyshire, England;
Richard Williams, Boarder, aged 21, born 1850 Warwickshire, England;
Ann Rickman, Boarder, aged 74, born 1797 Kent, England;

Eliza Jane Herring, Boarder, aged 59, born 1812 India;

Elizabeth Nye, Servant, aged 40, born 1831 Wiltshire, England;
Sarah Jervis, Servant, aged 13, born 1858 Staffordshire, England.

At 20 Greengate Street, St Chad, Stafford, Staffordshire.

This address in 2022 is occupied by Coffee#1.

David Forbes, Head, aged 39, born 1832 Scotland:
Mary A Forbes, Wife, aged 33, born 1838 India;
Marion P A Forbes, Daughter, aged 11, born 1860 Derbyshire, England;
Catherine Webb, Visitor, aged 33, born 1838 Herefordshire, England;
Elizabeth Williams, Servant, aged 26 1845 Cheshire, England;
Sarah A Mab, Servant, aged 25, born 1846 Westmorland, England;
John Johnston, Groom, aged 18, born 1853 Cheshire, England;

At Old Chester Road Dacre Hill, Higher Bebington, Wirral, Cheshire, England

[1881 - April 3rd]

Eliza A Herring, Head, Widow, Female, aged 69, Gentlewoman, born 1812 East Indies JAVA - British Subject;
Hannah M Wilson, Companion, Single, Female, aged 49, born 1832 Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, Annuitant.
Also a Cook and a Housemaid.

At 43 Balance Street, Uttoxeter.

David Forbes, Head, aged 49, born 1832 Doctor of medicine & surgery, born Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland;
Mary Augusta Forbes, Wife, aged 43, born 1838, Wife of doctor of medicine & surgery, born India.;
Marion Priscilla Anson Forbes, Daughter, Single, aged 21, born 1860 Sudbury, Derbyshire, England.;
Cecilia Mainie Spottiswood, Visitor, Single, aged 26, born 1855 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.;
Susan Mc Eloiry, Servant, Cook (domestic), Single, aged 42, born 1839 Liverpool, Lancashire, England.;
Sarah Ellen Newall, Servant, Waitress (domestic), Single, aged 27, born 1854 Appleton, Cheshire, England.;
Mary Ann Sayle, Servant, Maid (domestic), Single, aged 30, born 1851 Kirkandrews, Isle of Man.;

At 27, The Woodlands Old Chester Road, Higher Bebington, Wirral, Cheshire, England

[1891 - April 5th]

Eliza A Herring, Head, Widow, Female, aged 79, born 1812, Living on her own means;
Mary A Ottoway, Lady companion, Single, Female, aged 52, born 1839 Faversham, Kent, England.
Plus a cook domestic and a Housemaid domestic.

At 46 Balance Street, Uttoxeter.

[1901 - March 31st]

Not yet found.

[1911 - April 2nd]

Not yet found.


Athanasius Herring's date of birth could be deduced from (as stated in the newspapers) his age at marriage, of eighty two, which gives a date of birth of 1699. But his baptism date in 1721, contradicts this. He could have been baptised long after he was born I suppose, and as his father was Rector of the church where he was baptised it's highly improbable he was baptised late! So it has to be him being baptised, due to his very unusual forename, and then he uses his mother's name Priscilla, for one of his daughters, and all his children are named after his siblings! Also his birth in 1721, fits better for his entry into Cambridge, twenty one is much more likely, than say forty one.

The data we have on Athanasius Herring's appointments appear contradictory,

Athanasius Herring appointed Vicar Uttoxeter 3rd June 1768, the church then had two Stipendiary Curates, and Whittington Landon was appointed Vicar on 4th April 1791.

Athanasius Herring appointed Rector Hemingby 24th June 1768 until the of 3rd January 1791, when he died.

Seems odd that the two appointments overlap!

Now do we have a possible family connection?

Athanasius Herring was made on Friday the 24th June 1768 Rector of St Margaret's, Hemingby, Lincolnshire, succeeding the Rev. Joseph Carr, who died that year.

Now Athanasius Herring married a Miss Mary Carr at St Mary the Virgin, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, on Monday 19th November 1781. Is this Rev. Joseph Carr's the father of Mary?

Lastly, and it might just be a coincidence, but we have firstly Priscilla, marrying a Mr. William Phiilips, then her mother, Mary, now a widow, marrying a Thomas Phillips, who is most likely one of the executors of Athanasius Herring M.A. will.

Just an interesting fact is that Athanasius Herring named all his children after his siblings. I wonder what Mary thought of that!

There are only two connections to the military in the family, both named John! We have Athanasius Herring's son John Herring, who was killed tragically in Afghanistan. Then we have John Rouse Merriot Chard VC of Zulu / Rorkes Drift, whose connection to Athanasius Herring is that he is Athanasius Herring's great great grandnephew, and Athanasius Herring's son John Herring is the first cousin, trice removed of John Rouse Merriot Chard VC. How the fate differed for them both!

Now one last snippet from the past.

Uttoxeter Advertiser and Ashbourne Times - Wednesday 28th July 1909

One of the donors of 2 towards the Uttoxeter Parish Church Repair Fund has an interesting connection with the parish, the donation being from Mrs. A. L. Black and her little daughter, Helen Forbes Black, "in memory of my great grandfather, Rev. Athanasius Herring, once Vicar of Uttoxeter; of his son, the Late Colonel John Herring, born in Uttoxeter, and of his wife, the late Mrs. Herring; and of my mother, Mrs. M. A. Forbes, who lived all her young life in the town, and was married in the church".

1 in 1909, in todays money would be the equal to 254 - Calculated using this Link. What an interesting fact this is.

Now Mary Carr's Ancestory is interesting, her father George Carr (1705-1772), married Elizabeth Endsor (what an interesting surname), by license on Tuesday the 8th July 1746, and then at St Mary the Virgin on Wednesday the 9th July 1746.

Elizabeth Endsor was the daughter of Simon Endsor, baptised on Monday the 3rd July 1682, who had married Mary Redfearn on Tuesday the 4th June 1718 at St Mary the Virgin. Mary was born in 1693, and baptised as Mary Redfearne, with an 'e' added at the end, on Friday the 24th March 1693.

Her father's name was Robert! So we already have a Robert, but in this case we have the 'e' being dropped instead of being added like our Robert.

Just coincidence I am sure.

George Carr had three daughters, and one son.

Jane Carr (1750-1836), married Daniel Astle, and had three sons, and one daughter, Jane Elizabeth Astle.

Then there was our Mary Carr, who married Athanasius Herring, and the rest as the saying goes, is history!

Athanasius Herring's Venn entry.

The main reference work for researching Cambridge Alumni, is Alumni Cantabrigienses: A Biographical List of All Known Students, Graduates ... edited by John Venn.

This is Athanasius Herring's entry. Note - there is no mention of his time at St Mary the Virgin.

Research - Additional Planned.

In Progress.



Now Rev. Joseph Carr was the Vicar of Wispington, Lincolnshire, at the time of Mary's birth. No baptism record found so far.

Obtain Miss Carr's baptism (1759 ish), to confirm relationship, if any, to Rev. Joseph Carr.

This connection may be a red herring (excuse the pun), as Mary was known to be of local origins, but the name connection seems to much to be just coincidence.    All Rights Reserved