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Photo of Robert Steatham's signature (Reproduced here with the kind permission of Lichfield Record Office and the Lichfield Diocesan Registrar ref B/C/11)
Robert Steatham
The man who started it all...
Photo of Henry George Steatham's signature
Henry George Steatham

'The man that moved away',
the enigmatic figure of Steatham genealogy....

Photo of Charles Steatham's signature
Charles Steatham
He became a Steatham by a stroke of fate....

Questions and Answers

This is where any questions you ask, I will try and answer.

Please send you questions by email to me, see Contacts Page.

How did the breakthrough revealing Robert to be the source of the Steatham surname made?

The initial research was made at Wednesbury Library, and it was all collated on a single sheet of paper using Census and records from St Lawrence .

To see the original page Click here.

Could Mary Statham, Charles Steatham's mother, be descended from Robert?

Mary's parents are the key, and her father Charles Statham (1813-1856), was baptised at Hopwas [Tamworth].

Also Charles is not present in any of the early Steatham names, remember they tended to follow patterns, cascading from Robert and Hannah down.

Also the move to Darlaston is decades after the Steatham variant had become already firmly established at Darlaston.

Nowhere else, except for at Darlaston, has the change from Statham to Steatham, ever been made.

So the answer I believe is no - I wish it was otherwise, it would have made my life easier.

I find the Steatham story a little confusing how everyone links in. Is it possible to have a summary to get the overall picture?

Yes, I will try, here goes:-

Robert Statham, born 1775, married Hannah Butler in Birmingham in 1798.

They lived in Darlaston and had ten children, only four survived, Sons, Thomas, Joseph, Moses and Samuel.

The Steatham surname begins on the birth of his twin daughters Elizabeth and Sarah, they being baptised as Steatham. This is the first time the Steatham is used.

So the Steatham surname starts with Robert Steatham who dies in 1827, he was know as Steatham, and had signed his Will as Steatham, the previous year.

Everyone with the Steatham surname is descended from one of his four sons, Thomas, Joseph, Moses and Samuel.

There is one exception to this:-

In 1868, Charles Statham was born in Darlaston, his mother being Mary Statham, her family coming from Tamworth Staffs.

He was given the surname Steatham, and there are Steathams that are descended from him.

Charles Steatham and his mother Mary have no connection whatsoever with Robert Steatham and his descendants.

It is understandable how this happened, as the change of spelling from Statham to Steatham, did not result in any change in pronunciation, therefore it would be easy when the child was registered, to have it spelt incorrectly.    All Rights Reserved.