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Photo of Robert Steatham's signature (Reproduced here with the kind permission of Lichfield Record Office and the  
Lichfield Diocesan Registrar ref B/C/11)
Robert Steatham
The man who started it all...
Photo of Henry George Steatham's signature
Henry George Steatham

'The man that moved away',
the enigmatic figure of Steatham genealogy....

Photo of Charles Steatham's signature
Charles Steatham
He became a Steatham by a stroke of fate....

FAQ - Acknowledgements

I am extremely grateful for all the help I have received concerning the research into Steathams over the years.

In the beginning it was close family members, and then as email came into being, I had emails from a great number of Steathams.

A number have corresponded by letter, sent photos and certificates. I have to be careful to respect people privacy, so here goes with my thanks.

Specific Steathams have helped with the details of the Darlaston, Derby, Willenhall, Coventry, and Greenwich Steathams, and not forgetting Australia.

Walsall Local History Center, Essex Street, Walsall.[WLHC] All the staff were extremely helpful; it is a still a continuing major resource for my research.

Staffordshire & Lichfield Records Offices[LRO][SRO] have both also been very helpful.

Birmingham Archives and Heritage Service at Birmingham Library [BPL]helped greatly in the research into Steatham wills.

I would like also to thank staff at both James Bridge and Charlton cemeteries.

I would like to mention the assistance I had from the former Rector of St Lawrence, Darlaston, the Reverend David Wills, and the Churchwardens, in particular Mr. E. Bellingham.

Also I would like thank the clergy, churchwardens, and parishioners, of Welby, Wilsford, Burton le Coggles, and Gonerby for the warm welcome and assistance they gave me on a Steatham visit to Grantham.    All Rights Reserved.