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Steatham Certificate

Sometimes Steathams our curious about their linage in the Steatham Family Tree.

Do they descend from Robert, Charles, or Robert via Henry George?

Once I have persons details, I will check their lineage to the Steatham Family Tree, and once I have determined that they are a descendent, I will produce a Steatham Genealogy Certificate which attests to an individual's lineage in the Steatham tree.

Once a Steatham knows their lineage, this site will be become much interesting, as you can explore areas of the Steatham Story that are relevant to yourself, and explore the lives of your ancestors.

Note - the person on the certificate, may not necessarily have the surname Steatham, it could be that their Mother say was a Steatham.

These are individually prepared, in A4 size landscape format and will be emailed to you in pdf format, suitable for printing off, and are ideal for someone interested in their Steatham Family History.

Note - there is no cost for the certificate.

Also included with the Steatham Genealogy Certificate is a reference sheet explaining the features of the Steatham Family Crest, and what they symbolize as regards Steathams.

Click on Image [printed on calligraphy paper] to see an enlarged view of framed.

Email me at to request one.    All Rights Reserved.