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About Us

Photo of Sarah's & Elizabeth’s baptism record.
Sarah & Elizabeth Steatham's baptism
on Sunday the 11th June 1809,
St Lawrence, Darlaston, Staffs.

This is the first recorded use of the Steatham surname.
I have been researching my family genealogy since about 1980.

Out of the many surnames I have researched, I have been extremely lucky to have found such a unique and interesting surname as Steatham.

This website is the culmination of nearly forty two years of investigation into the Steatham surname.

Over the years I have had many contacts with Steathams, and also collaborated with Steathams which have researched their part of the Steatham tree.

The aim is to bring the Steatham surname alive in a novel and evocative way.

This will be achieved by the use of photos and detailed features of significant Steathams' lives.

If you believe you are a Steatham descendant please email me at with your full name and, say your grandfather's name, and I will reply with what lineage you are connected to.

Photo of Robert Steatham's will, with 'e' being inserted.
Robert Steatham's will, with 'e' being inserted.    All Rights Reserved.