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Steatham Research - Wills

Here are all the wills I have found for Steathams, or people connected to the Steatham Family Tree.

If anyone knows of any other please let me know.

They are listed in chronological order, starting with Robert Steatham, and are spelt here, exactly as written; a ? indicates difficult to read.

Photo of Robert steatham's will

Robert Steatham's will.
Robert Steatham (1775-1827) will.

Signed Wednesday the 18th of October 1826.

This is the most imortant will of all, in that it is the first time we see the Steatham surname 'signed'.

When Robert Steatham signed his will on Wednesday the 18th of October 1826, little did he realize that in less than a year he would be dead.

The will was witnessed by Thomas Hemmingsley, William? Adams and William Harrison. The executors were, his 'loving Wife Hannah' (executrix) and his friend Samuel Williams.

Interestingly between the word friend and Samuel, there is a name (David?) rubbed out, looks like he changed his mind. The date, the eighteenth, also looks like it has been changed.

The original will can be viewed, and I would strongly advise visiting Lichfield to see it.

What we have is a will signed by his own hand, in a solicitors office in Darlaston, all those years ago - it is the closest we can get to Robert Steatham!

Click here to read Robert Steatham's Will.

Photo of Henry George Steatham's will

Henry George Steatham's will.
Henry George Steatham (1854-1931) will.

Signed Monday the 25th January 1915.

One day many years ago, in Birmingham Library, I found a will for a Henry George Steatham, probate proved at Birmingham 19th October 1931.

I had not come across Henry before in my research, finding and reading his will was quite a revelation!

The origins of Henry George Steatham and how he links into the Steatham Family Tree is a fascinating story,and is one of the most interesting Steatham stories of all.

Henry George Steatham, has been treated as separate, due to there being doubt, about Henry's connection to Robert Steatham.

Now after nearly two decades of research, the mystery has now finally been solved.

Click here to read Henry George Steatham's Will.

Follow this link to read Henry George Steatham's story, and see the final piece in the jigsaw that solved the mystery.

Photo of Elizabeth steatham's will

Elizabeth Steatham's will.
Elizabeth Steatham (1835-1931) will.

Signed Wednesday the 4th June 1913.

Elizabeth was the eldest child of the Robert Steatham's eldest son, Thomas Steatham (1803-1873).

Elizabeth is a candidate for being the first Steatham born after Robert's children, but this cannot be verified as we know Elizabeth was baptised on Sunday the 22nd February 1835, at St Lawrence, Darlaston, along with her cousin James, the eldest child of Moses Steatham (1813-1891).

It might be possible to deduce the order from Elizabeth or James death certificate, but at the moment it could be Elizabeth or James that are first.

Click here to read Elizabeth Steatham's Will.

I wonder if Elizabeth ever knew that she had been baptised with her cousin James!

Photo of Sarah Steatham's will

Sarah Steatham's will.
Sarah Steatham (1839-1928) will.

Signed Friday the 27th March 1925.

Sarah was the Fourth child of Robert Steatham's eldest son, Thomas Steatham (1803-1873). Elizabeth Steatham above is her sister.

Click here to read Sarah Steatham's Will.

Sarah continued to live at 6 Great Croft Street after her sister's death.

Photo of Elizabeth Steatham's will

Elizabeth Steatham nee Butler's
(1844-1919) will.

Elizabeth Steatham nee Butler (1844-1919) will.

Signed on ? the 14th June 1916.

Elizabeth was the wife of Moses Steatham (1841-1896), he was a son of Moses Steatham (1813-1891).

Moses & Elizabeth only had two children Elizabeth, who married William Smith, he died and Elizabeth was buried with her parents in their grave.

Their son Thomas never married and when he died he was buried with Elizabeth and Sarah, the daughters of Thomas Steatham (1803-1873), in their grave at James Bridge Cemetery.

Click here to read Elizabeth Steatham (1844-1919)'s Will.

To see their graves click Here.

Photo of John Waltham's will

John Waltham's will.

John Walthams's will.

Signed on Saturday the 16th April 1814.

John Waltham M.A (1751-1814) was the Rector of St Lawrence between 1800 and 1814.

John Waltham M.A. is the most important of all the Steatham vicars in that he baptised / buried nearly all of Robert Steatham's children.

Click here to read John Waltham's Will.

Also John Waltham is a Featured Person to read about his life and descendents Click Here.

Photo of Samuel Lowe's will

Samuel Lowe's Will.
Samuel Lowe's Will.

Signed on ? the 1st July 18??.

Samuel Lowe M.A. (1775-1834) was the Rector of St Lawrence between 1814 and 1834.

Samuel Lowe M.A. is an important Steatham vicar in that he baptised / buried all of Robert Steatham's children, after John Waltham.

Samuel Lowe officiated at the following,

Samuel Steatham (1815-1884) baptised.
James St(e)ath(a)m (1800-1816) buried.
James Steatham (1816-1816) baptised.
James Steatham (1816-1816) buried.

Click here to read Samuel Lowe's Will.

Samuel Lowe is Featured Person to read about his life and descendents Click Here.

Photo of Joseph Hugill's will

Joseph Hugill's Will.
Joseph Hugill's Will.

Signed on Monday the 22nd August 1842.

Joseph Hugill D.D. (1789-1842) was the Rector of St Lawrence between 1840 and 1842.

Joseph Hugill is an important Steatham vicar in that he baptised Charles Steatham's Mother, Mary Steatham, and thus started this unique Steatham Family Tree.

Click here to read Joseph Hugill's Will.

Joseph Hugill is Featured Person to read about his life and descendents Click Here.    All Rights Reserved.