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Steatham Research - Glebe Terriers

What is a Glebe Terrier?

Glebe Terriers detailed the list of Property, and Tithes that a 'living' at a parish was entitled to.

The Glebe terriers were created /revised by the Rector, normally in conjunction with Churchwardens, and then signed and sent to the Diocese office, which in this case was Lichfield.

For Steatham Vicars, John Waltham, Samuel Lowe, Joseph Hugill, we have the Glebe Terriers, so we have a little more information about their time at St Lawrence.

Lichfield Record Office [LRO] has the originals.

John Waltham's Monument,
St Lawrence, Darlaston.

Copyright 2010 - Nigel James Wright.

John Waltham at St Lawrence from 1800 to 1814.

There are two Glebe Terriers for John Waltham, dated the 11th February 1800, and the 1st June 1809.

He was instituted at St Lawrence on Friday the 21st February 1800, so it can be seen he got his Glebe Terriers confirmed before he officially took office.

This was important as basically a Glebe Terrier is a list of what he he intitled to receive in the post. The Church of England did not provide any income whatsoever to the Rectory.

Memorial to Samuel Lowe M.A.,
St Lawrence, Darlaston.
Samuel Lowe at St Lawrence from 1814 to 1834.

The Glebe Terrier for Samuel Lowe, dated the 30th August 1824, states...

... for every burial in a grave in the churchyard the Rector receives 10 d and the Clerk 2/2 for the grave, with double fees for both for those out of the parish.

For every new Vault in the churchyard the Rector receives 5 guineas and the Clerk 5/- and for opening the same the Rector a guinea and the Clerk 2/6 ? then ? Vault ten guineas and the Clerk fee for every Vault funeral in the Church is 5/- additional.

And for setting up a gravestone in the churchyard the Rector receives half a guinea and the Clerk a shilling.

The Parish also finds the Clerk a Spade, Matlock [?], and Langhorn [Lantern] for the use of the Church.


Samuel Lowe Rector.

Geo. Bayley churchwarden.
Isaiah Twigg churchwarden.

After Samuel Lowe's death the next Rector was George Fisk.

He does not feature much in the Steatham story as he did not baptise or bury any Steathams.

Hackwood [HAC] reports that he was unpopular in the parish, and eventually moved to Walsall.

An examination of his Glebe Terriers may provide an answer.

His first was dated 7th August 1832, his second dated 1st September 1836, compared to what has gone before they were very oppressive to the parish.

Every widow and widower pays... every man and woman pays... every married couple pays... it seems now under Fisk everyone pays!

To quote... Tithe eggs are to be paid every Good Friday... and so it goes on..

Joseph Hugill's Monument,
St Lawrence, Darlaston.

Copyright 2010 - Nigel James Wright.

Joseph Hugill at St Lawrence from 1840 to 1842.

The Glebe Terrier for Joseph Hugill, dated the 1st September 1841, states...

...The dwelling house contains four rooms on the ground floor with seven rooms on the second floor, and attics above with the garden east and west of it, ? the yard with stables coach house and back kitchen...

The above is interesting, as it is the only description we have of the now demolished Rectory.

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