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Photo of Robert Steatham's signature (Reproduced here with the kind permission of Lichfield Record Office and the Lichfield Diocesan Registrar ref B/C/11)
Robert Steatham
The man who started it all...


A census is a snapshot for us of where all the Steathams are at a particular moment in time, and it also enable us see the expansion and geographical distribution of the Steatham family.

Each census gradually increased the amount of data being collected.

This is a continuing process more will be added, when I have time.

Once one census is finished I will move to the next.
Photo of Henry George Steatham's signature
Henry George Steatham

'The man that moved away',
the enigmatic figure of Steatham genealogy....
Steatham Research - Census

The first three, 1801, 1802, and 1803 are useless to us as they do not mention names, so we start with 1841.

[1841 - June 6th]

Note - In this Census, relationship to head not given.

Who do we expect to find?

Photo of Charles Steatham's signature
Charles Steatham
He became a Steatham by a stroke of fate....
Thomas Steatham (1803-1873)

We should find their first son Thomas Steatham (1803-1873), his wife Sarah, daughters Elizabeth (1835-1913), Mary (1838-), and Sarah (1839-1928).

At Walsall Road we see Thomas Statham [sic] aged 35, his wife Sarah aged 40, Elizabeth aged 6, Mary aged 3, Sarah aged 1 1/2, and lastly Thomas aged 3 weeks.

Thomas is unexpected, as this is the only census that we ever find him in, but he was their son, and he was born on ? the 30th May 1841.

1841 Census

1841 Census

We should next find Joseph Steatham (1806-1889), his wife Sarah, with no children.

At Kings Hill, Darlaston, we see a Joseph Steatham, aged 30, Lock Filer, Sarah, aged 30, Sarah Dangerfield [Sarah's mother], aged 60.

1841 Census

1841 Census

We should find next Moses Steatham (1813-1891) , his wife Elizabeth, Mary (1838-), son James (1835-1904), and Emma (1836-).

At Great Croft Street, we find Moses Statham aged 25, Elizabeth aged 25, Thomas aged 6, Moses aged 5 months.

1841 Census

1841 Census

We should find next Samuel Steatham, unmarried.

We see in Great Croft Street, Samuel Steatham, Gun Lock Filer aged 25, and the head is a Hannah Jones aged 60.

This can only be his mother; Robert's widow found at last!    All Rights Reserved.