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St Lawrence, Cock Street, Darlaston

St Lawrence, Cock Street, Darlaston.

St Lawrence, Cock Street, Darlaston,
The Memorial Inscription mentions 1826.

Copyright 2010 - Nigel James Wright.

Steatham Research - Cemeteries

St Lawrence, Cock Street, Darlaston.

In the 1820's the churchyard at St Lawrence church, was becoming quite full, and one of the largest landowners in Darlaston, the Duke of Sutherland, was approached and prevailed upon to donate a plot of land to be used as a burial ground.

This land was at the junction of New Road and Cock Street, later renamed High Street.

About a century after it opened, it was landscaped and rededicated as the Owen Memorial Garden, and it is still there today.

It is impossible to tell from the burial records if a person was buried in St Lawrence churchyard, or Cock Street, but certainly the later ones, after say 1830 were most likely buried in Cock street.

There are very few gravestones left there now, and there is one that does state a date of burial for 1826, which is one year before Robert was buried.

But as this cemetery was not used until 1830, we know that Robert was indeed buried with his children in the main St Lawrence Churchyard.

The memorial was moved from St Lawrence to here at some date.

Although it is not apparent from the photos, this cemetery is in fact only just across the road from St Lawrence.

It is a great pity that the Parish burial registers did not indicate at which actual place, the burial occurred.

To view the Cock Street extension (sic) in GoogleEarth, open GoogleEarth and click the following link:-

GoogleEarth - St Lawrence, Cock Street, Darlaston, Staffs.    All Rights Reserved.