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Steatham Visits.

Darlaston 5th June 2010.

This visit was a tour around James Bridge Cemetery, to see if George Steatham's grave had been replaced by the CWGC, and also to check if Elizabeth Steatham's grave had been placed flat as expected.

The group was myself, my Wife Liz.

During the visit it was good to see that George Steatham's gravestone had been replaced, but sad to see that Elizabeth Steatham's gravestone had now been laid flat.

Here are some photographs taken during the day.
Photo of Steatham Visits - Darlaston 5th June 2010

George Steatham's new grave.

Photo taken by Liz Wright.

Photo of Steatham Visits - Darlaston 5th June 2010

Elizabeth Steatham's grave, with Nigel Wright.

Photo taken by Liz Wright.