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Robert Steatham's Probate

The Probate records consist of three documents (pages) - Note Italics indicates hand written.

The Oath (page 1)

JAMES THOMAS LAW, Clerk, Master of Arts, Vicar General of the Honorable and Right Reverend Father in God HENRY, by Devine permission, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, To john Cooke John Darwall and ?ann Kennedy Clerks, jointly, and severally Sendeth Greeting, WHEREAS it has alleged, before the Rev. CHARLES BUCKERIFGE, D. D. our Surrogate, that Robert Steatham late of Darlaston in the County of Stafford and the Diocese of Lichfield and Coventry, Gunlock filer deceased, duly made and executed, His last Will and Testament, in writing, and therein named Hannah Steatham Widow Relict and Samuel Williams joint Executors thereof.

We therefore by these presents, Commit and Grant, to you jointly, and severally, full power and authority to administer the Oath under-written, to the said Hannah Steatham one of the Executors and also Swear the Persons whose names are Subscribed to the Affidavit annexed to US our said Surrogate, and subscribe your Name thereto, together with these presents, within three Months from the date hereof.

Provided never-theless that this Commission shall be of no effect, unless so certified and transmitted to US within that time.

Dated at Lichfield, the twenty ninth August in the Year of our Lord, 1827 ? ?

The Oath.

Your Oath is, that the writing, now shewed unto you, contains the original last Will, and Testament, of Robert Steatham deceased, so far as you know and believe; that you are his Widow relict and one of his Executors and therein, and will faithfully perform your Office, by Paying his Just Debts, and the Legacies therein be-queathed, so far as his Personal Estate will Extend, and the Law require form you; that you will make true, and perfect, Inventory thereo, and exhibit the same into the Registry of the Bishop's Consistory Court of LICHFIELD, and also a just account of your Executorship, when you are thereunto lawfully required, and that the Goods, Chattels and Credits of the said Deceased as they were at his Death without deducting and debts owing by the said deceased therefrom, did not amount in value to the Sum of Twenty Pounds and that the Contents of the Affidavit hereto annexed to which you have sub-scribed your name were and are true, So help you God, &c.


In the Thirtieth day of August 1827 this Commission was duly executed and the said Hannah Steatham of the Parish of Darlaston was duly sworn to the above oath before me John Darwall Commissioner.

This then continues (page 2).


In the Bishops Court of Lichfield In the Goods of Robert Steatham Deceased.

Appeared Personally Hannah steatham of Darlaston in the County of Stafford Widow Execut named in the last Will and Testament of the said Robert steatham late of Darlaston Gun Lock Filer Deceased; and made Oath, that the estate and Effects of the said Deceased, for, or in respect of which, a Probate of the said Will is to be granted, exclusive of what the said Deceased may have possessed of, or entitled to, as a Trustee for any other person, or persons and not beni

We next have on the 29th August 1827.

This then continues (page 3).

On which day C? exhibited as Proctor, made himself Party for Hannah Steatham Widow
Robert steatham late of Darlaston in the County of Stafford Gun Lock Filer deceased
his last Will and Testament in Writing, and thereof appointed the said Hannah Steatham and Samuel Williams the Execors Wherefore He prayed Probate of the said Will to be committed and granted to his said party, and also a Commission to issue forth for administering to the said Hannah steatham one of the Executors the usual Oath of Executor

Directed to John Cooke John Darwin and Rann? Kennedy Clerks jointly and severally

Let Acquisition and probate pass as prayed.


William Gordon Surrogate    All Rights Reserved.