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Henry George Steatham's Will

One day many years ago, in Birmingham Library, I found a will for a Henry George Steatham, probate proved at Birmingham 19th October 1931.

This is the Last Will and testament of me Henry George Steatham of 65 Vanbrugh Hill East Greenwich in the County of Kent.

I hereby revoke all wills and testamentary instruments herefore by me made I appoint Stephen Dennis Barrett [Son in Law] of 56 Sangley Rd Catford in the County of Kent Bus Conductor, and Arthur Steatham [Son] of 155 Edward St New Cross in the County of Kent, Millwright to be Executors of this my last will.

I direct my Executors to pay my just debts and funeral and Testamentary Expenses.

I give and bequeath to all my children in equal share of my property situated at High St and 6 Great Croft St also Willenhall Road Darlaston South Staffordshire in the County of Stafford.

In the event of my becoming deceased before my youngest daughter Ethel Beatrice Steatham cometh of age all my property after repairs & expenses incurred to be banked till she is of age then sell & share equally alike I direct my executors to pay from my estate the sum of twenty pounds in sums as they think fit for the upkeep and clothes of Ethel Beatrice Steatham and to take her equal share the same.

I leave my wife Mary Ann Steatham the sum of one Shilling she having deserted me December 3rd 1907.

I bequeath to my faithful housekeeper Emma Maria Moxen Widow of Daniel Moxen the sum of eighty pounds to be paid from my estate banking account if not sufficient therein to be paid by my executors from rents collected weekly till the said sum is paid.

Names of Children:

Son Arthur Edward Steatham, Daughter Maud Elizabeth Constance Barret wife of Stephen Dennis Barret of 56 Sangley Road Catford Bus Conductor, and Daughter Ethel Beatrice Steatham Domestic Servant.

[Odd that Clara Munslow Steatham born 1885, and Henry George Steatham born 1895, are not mentioned by name.]

All my real and personal estate heresoever and whatsoever share and share alike but that the same shall be for their own separate use and so that no Husband they may have shall have power or control over the same.

Witness my hand this day of January 25th 1915 Henry George Steatham Signed by the above named Testator as last will in the presence of us both being present at the same time who in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses Leonard Job Eves 14 Earlswood Street East Greenwich Church Verger. Ebenezer Shepard 4 Whitworth Street East Greenwich Hall Porter.

Affidavit in support of Will on the 19th October 1931, probate of this Will was granted at Birmingham. Effects 1139 18s 3d.

[Note - effects above means movable goods such as household furniture and cash at hand, property is not included in this figure.]

[Who was this Henry, who lived in Greenwich, but owned property in Darlaston, and even the most important Steatham house of all, 6 Great Croft Street?]    All Rights Reserved.