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Photo of Joseph Hugill's' Monument, St Lawrence, Darlaston
Joseph Hugill's Monument,
St Lawrence, Darlaston.

Copyright 2010 - Nigel James Wright.

Joseph Hugill's Children - Mary Hugill

Joseph Hugill D.D. was the Rector of St Lawrence, Darlaston from 1840 to 1842.

Mary Steatham was baptised at St. Lawrence, Darlaston, Staffs, on Sunday the 14th February 1841, by the Rector Joseph Hugill D.D.

Mary Statham/Steatham (1840-), was the mother of Charles Steatham, the founder of this unique branch of the Steatham Family tree.

I have been contacted by Leanne Emmett who is a 3rd Great Grand Daughter of Joseph Hugill.

What follows is a fascinating glimpse into the life of his daughter Mary.

I am grateful to Leanne for the information she has provided on Joseph Hugill, this has enabled me to create this page.

Note - I have recently undertaken a Steatham Visit to Grantham to research the churches that Joseph Hugill was Curate at before he came to St Lawrence, Darlaston.

I would read this page first and then Click here to read about the visit.

The visit unearthed lots more information about Joseph Hugill, some of it has been reproduced here but not all of it, so to see the whole story of Joseph Hugill the visit page must be read in conjunction with this one.

John Thomas Hugill (1833-).

Detailed Research

Photo of Mary Hugill's baptism
Mary Hugill's baptism.

Their last child.

Mary Hugill, [is that a Jane after Mary?] was born on Tuesday the 6th December 1842, and baptised [WHC]. on Sunday the 18th December 1842 at, St Lawrence, Darlaston.

It states the "child of the late Rector", born at the Rectory.

We can see in the 1851 census, a Mary Hugill, aged 18, born Darlaston, stated as cousin to the head a ?, at 64 Villa Road, Nottingham.

Photo of Mary Hugill's Newspaper Report

Mary is the one we did know the least about, but new evidence unearthed by Leanne has found the following:-

Mary married Mark Hirst in 1865 in Sheffield. They had a child Mark Hugill Hirst born in 1872.

Mark Hirst died on ? the 14th September 1878 at 66 Oxford Street, aged 38 years, of TB, he was buried on ? the 16th September in Consecrated ground; grave number 35, Section G, at Burngreave Cemetery, Sheffield. On both his death certificate and in burial records he is stated as a "Tre

In the 1881 Census Mark Hugill Hirst is aged 9 at a commercial travellers boarding school at Pinner, Middlesex.

Also in the 1881 census, we find his mother Mary Hirst, aged 38, as a Daily Governess (Teacher) in Nether Hallam.

When Mark was 10 yrs old in 1882, he and Mary travelled to Australia where their story is told in the attached newspaper Report from the Launceston Examiner Tuesday 3rd June 1913 Page 5.

Mary went to live with Rev. William Hugill her brother in New South Wales and spent 30 yrs working in his church with the choir and as an organist.

Mark Hugill Hirst went on to marry and have a number of children, six so far have been identified, each child has the middle name HUGILL.

In The Mercury - Hobart - Tasmania, Saturday 15th May 1897, page 2, we see reported in the Marriages,

HIRST-WILSON.-At St. Paul's church, Glenorchy, on April 17, by the Rev. H. Heineken-Marten, Mark Hugill Hirst, of Uralla, New South Wales, nephew of the Rev. H. W. Hugill, Richmond, Tasmania, to Alice M., third daughter of George Wilson, Esq., Richmond, Tasmania.

Mark is again mentioned in The Mercury - Hobart - on Monday 5th October 1908.

Under Commonwealth Gazette Notices - Military Department - Melbourne, October4, we see a commonwealth military Cadets Corps Appointment of Cadet Mark Hugill Hirst, to be lieutenant on probation, dated 11th September, 1908.

The above is wonderful news as we had been searching for years to find out what happened to Mary and in the end she came to Australia to be with her two Brothers and her Sister.

Interestingly her sister Frances Sarah Hugill, in the 1881 census, now aged 49, is a visitor at 83 St Mary's, York, Marygate St Olave, Yorkshire.

Now the head is a Mary Clarkson, unmarried, aged 50, born Wednesbury, it also stated that she has an "Annuitant" which means "entitled to receive benefits from an annuity".

Who is this person; could it be Mary? Leanne's new evidence means this is unlikely to be her.


Research - Additional Planned.

In Progress.

Planned.    All Rights Reserved.