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Josiah and Harriet Steatham.

Featured Steathams

Derby Steathams

This is very interesting group, which is now being included in Featured Steathams due to new information and photographs being discovered.

Robert Steatham's third surviving son Moses Steatham, had nine children, their third child, Josiah Steatham, married Harriet Fisher in West Bromwich in 1865.

Josiah Steatham (1842-1920)

Josiah was born in Darlaston, and married Harriet Fisher, who was from nearby Willenhall.

Their first child Alfred Steatham was born in Willenhall, I suppose at Harriet's mother's house.

Alfred Steatham lived for a while at Derby and them immigrated to Australia in 1890, and never returned to England.

Joseph and Harriet's next child Mary Louisa Steatham, born in 1870, married in 1898, a John William Tomlinson, who was from Derby.

Their next child Gervase Steatham, born 1876, married Sarah Rebecca Lee, on Friday the 25th December 1903.

Joseph and Harriet's last child was Annie Swallow born in 1883 and then died in 1886, aged just 3.

The photo is one that Alfred Steatham had for many years framed in his home.

Note it is just possible to see Harriet's wedding ring!

The Tomlinson boys
with Josiah Steatham

Derby Steathams - so who are they?

The Derby Steathams as I call them include the following,

The Tomlinson lineage, which includes John William Tomlinson's, ancestors and descendents.

Josiah Steatham's son Alfred Steatham who had contact with both Louisa his sister, and her family.
So starting with the lineage of John William Tomlinson.

In 1819 we see a Jabez Tomlinson, born [IGI] at Breedon on the Hill, Leicestershire.

In the 1861 Census, we see Jabez Tomlinson, now aged 42, with his family living at 15 City Road, Derby, now employed as a wood sawyer. His wife Rebecca, aged 37, was born at Shoreham, Kent, and he has a son also called Jabez Tomlinson, aged 16, born in Derby, being employed as a silk weaver.

The rest of the family, all born in Derby, were Eliza aged 14, silk weaver, Harriet aged 12, silk weaver, Laza aged 10, Rebecca aged 8, Ann aged 7, and finally William under 4 months.

We can see the burial of a Rebecca Tomlinson on ? the 6th February 1877 at Dronfield, Derbyshire. We know that years later when he is buried he has with him a Sarah Tomlinson, I suppose this is either his new wife or possibly a sister?

6 years later on ? the 10th June 1867, at St. Paul's church in Derby, we see his son Jabez Tomlinson being married [IGI] to a Sarah Calladine.

In the 1871 Census we find Jabez Tomlinson living with his in laws.

At Little Chester, Derby, we find the head is a John Calendine [not residing in the house], there is our Jabez Tomlinson, aged 27, born Derby, woodcutter, Sarah Tomlinson aged 27, Eliza Calladine aged 20, a cotton mill hand, and Mary A. Tomlinson aged 3, and John W. Tomlinson aged 1, all born at Little Chester, Derby.

Then years later in the 1881 Census we see the whole family again, still at Little Chester, Derby, but now living on their own.

We have Jabez Tomlinson aged, 36 occupation sawyer, his wife Sarah aged 37, Mary A. Tomlinson aged 13, factory hand, and our John William Tomlinson aged 11, factory hand, and finally Rebecca Tomlinson aged 6.

John William Tomlinson's grave - right panel.

Copyright 2011 - Nigel James Wright.

John William Tomlinson's father, Jabez Tomlinson, dies aged 67, on Wednesday the 3rd April 1912, and is buried on ? the ? April 1911, along side his grandson, in the grave his son purchased, grave number 49780.

Then John William Tomlinson's mother, Sarah Tomlinson, dies aged 77, on Wednesday the 9th November 1921, and is buried with her husband Jabez Tomlinson, on ? the ? November 1921, in grave numberr 49780.

/AT REST APRIL 3rd 1912,/
/AT REST NOVEMBER 9th 1921,/

John William Tomlinson's grave - right panel.

Copyright 2011 - Nigel James Wright.

John William Tomlinson's marries Mary Louisa Steatham, in Derby.

They have two children, the Tomlinson boys as we call them,

John Alfred Tomlinson [after his Uncle Alfred Steatham who went to Australia?] was born ? the 4th June 1899, John died aged 12, on ? the 13th December 1911.

The grave, number 49891, was purchased by John William Tomlinson on Tuesday the 14th November 1911, for his oldest son John Alfred Tomlinson, born on Tuesday the 4th June 1899, who had died aged 12, on ? the 13th November 1911, and was buried 3 days later on Thursday the 16th November 1911.

There next son William Tomlinson, born ?, survived, married, and also had two sons.

John William Tomlinson himself dies, aged 76, on Friday the 25th January 1946, and is buried on wednesday the 30th January 1946, in grave number 49891, with his Son and In Laws.

Maria Louisa Tomlinson, dies aged 82, on Wednesday the 7th November 1951, and is buried on Friday the 9th November 1951, in grave number 49891, joining her husband, son, and parents.

/In Loving Remeberance of/
/BORN JUNE 4th 1899,/
/AT REST NOVEMBER 13th 1911./
/AT REST JAN 25th 1946 AGED 76 YEARS/
/AT REST NOV. 7th 1951, AGED 82 YEARS/

There the Tomlinson story ends.    All Rights Reserved.