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Photo of 'Steatham Research Contributor' certificate

'Steatham Research Contributor' certificate.
FAQ - Contributors

There is where I acknowledge the effort made to the Steatham Family tree, by individuals who, in most cases have undertaken considerable research into their part of the Steatham Family and other areas of their Families Genealogy.

All persons mentioned here will be posted a 'Steatham Research Contributor' certificate, to recognise their contribution to Steatham Surname Genealogy.

See below for the contributions of Neil Steatham, Leanne Emmett, Robert Caldwell, Doug Saunders, and Mark Winfer.

Photo of Steatham marked Gun Lock

Steatham marked Gun Lock.

Neil Steatham

Neil's contribution was to obtain photographs of a Gun with "Steatham" marked on the lock.

What Neil has contributed, has finally enabled us to see what we have been searching for all these years, a Gun Lock marked "Steatham".

Click here to read Steatham Research - Occupations, and see Neil's contribution.
Photo of Henry Walker Hugill

Henry Walker Hugill.

Leanne Emmett

Leanne's contribution was to the life of Joseph Hugill D.D., who was the last of the 'Steatham Vicars' at St Lawrence.

Joseph Hugill baptised Charles Steatham.

Joseph died in 1842, and his wife Mary died the year after, and we now can reveal the story of what happened to their seven children.

What Leanne has contributed, has given us a detailed and fascinating insight into Joseph Hugill and his descendents' lives.

Click here to read Joseph Hugill's story, and see Leanne's contribution.
Photo of Alfred Steatham's wedding

Alfred Steatham's wedding

Robert Caldwell

Robert's contribution was to the life of Alfred Steatham's life after he went to Australia.

On of the aims of this website is to bring to life the lives of Steathams, and what Robert contributed, gave us a unique and fascinating insight into Alfred's life.

Click here to read Alfred's story, and see Robert's contribution.
Isaiah Saunders (1879-19??), and his son Isaiah

Isaiah Saunders (1879-19??),
and his son Isaiah.

Doug Sanders

Doug's contribution was to the life of George Saunders.

George Saunders is very important figure in the Steatham Family Tree, he married Mary Steatham, and of course Mary was the mother of Charles Steatham.

Charles Steatham started a new branch of the Steatham Family Tree, the only one ever created independent of Robert Steatham.

It is almost certain that George Saunders is the father of Charles Steatham, but this matter can be cleared up without any doubt whatsoever as we have male living descendents of Charles Steatham, and we also have male living descendents of George Saunders.

They should both carry George Saunders' Y-Chromosome, this is unique because it is passed down relatively unchanged along the male lineage and thus holds valuable information about a male's ancestry.

A single positive test would prove absolutely that George Saunders was Charles Steatham father, and that George Saunders started this line of the Steatham Family Tree.

Click here to read George Saunders' story, and see Doug's contribution.

Florence Emily Steatham's wedding

Florence Emily Steatham's wedding.

Mark Winfer

Mark's contribution was to the life of Joseph Steatham and determining his connection to Steatham Family tree.

Mark for sometime has been contributing and researching, and when the WW1 / Pension records were uncovered for a Joseph Steatham, it was very unclear how this person fitted into the tree.

Mark undertook research to determine his connection, and the puzzle has now been solved.

The photo is of the wedding of Florence Emily Steatham {Robert > Joseph > Joseph > James Arthur}, to Kenneth Albert Reynolds, who is Mark's uncle.

I would like to thank Mark for all the other work he has done for us over the years.

Click here to read Joseph Steatham story, and see Mark's contribution.

Mark has been some years researching his own Family History and I can recommend him as first rate Genealogical Researcher.

Anyone wishing to have some genealogical research done, please email me, and I will put you in touch with Mark.    All Rights Reserved.