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Photo of Charles Steatham's signature on his first marriage
Charles Steatham's signature on his first marriage

He became a Steatham by a stroke of fate....

Charles Steatham

Some years ago I found a group of Steathams that could not be linked to Robert Steatham (1775-1827).

This Steatham tree starts with Charles Steatham born 1868.

What follows is the genealogy of the Steatham tree. the other Steathams, as I used to call them, which originates with Charles, and his Mother Mary.

Charles Steatham (1868-1935).

This research is broken down into Five sections;

Quick Overview.

Detailed Research (Charles's origins and Children).

Census findings.


Research - Additional Planned.

  Quick Overview

Thomas Statham married Jane Waters, they had four children.

Their third child Charles, married Mary Bailey, they had seven children.

Their daughter Mary Statham had seven children, her son Charles Steatham was registered as Steatham, and he started this Steatham tree.

The above seems straightforward, but as you will find out, it is one of the most complex Steatham stories of all, as Mary and her siblings used the Steatham surname as well.

Detailed Research

The story begins with the marriage [IGI] of Thomas Statham, from Weeford, to Jane Waters?, at St Michaels, Lichfield, on Friday the 13th October 1800.

St Michaels has a [BHO] memorial stone to trumpeter John Brown, who sounded the trumpet at the Charge of the Light Brigade; and also the father of Dr Johnson, Michael Johnson, is buried in the churchyard.

Thomas and Jane had [IGI] four children,

Richard Statham born 1802.
James Statham born 1804.
Charles Statham born 1813.
Susannah Statham 1816 at Tamworth.

Charles Statham (1813-1856), their third child, was baptised [IGI] on Sunday the 7th February 1813, at St. Chads, Hopwas, Tamworth.

Charles then married [IGI] Mary Bailey who was born in 1816 in Darlaston.

They were now living in Darlaston, and then had six children.

Susannah & Thomas Statham's Baptism.
1.) Susannah Statham was born in 1832, married James Perrins at All Saints, Moxley on Tuesday the 6th June 1865, and was then lost to us.

2.) Thomas Statham/Steatham was born in 1838, he married Mary Ann ? born 1844, in 1844, they had 7 children,

1. Sarah born 1861,
2. Harriet born 1865 {Harriet married ? Webb},
3. Mary A. / Marian born 1868,
4. Amelia born 1871, married David Williams? in 1899, and was then lost to us.
5. Joseph born 1874,
6. Rachel born 1876, married Robert? Wilde in 189?, and was then lost to us.
7. Susannah born 1879, married Edward Humpage in 1895, and was then lost to us.

Note the only male going forward is Joseph Steatham (1874-).
Photo of Joseph Steatham (1874-) signature

Joseph Steatham (1874-) signature.
Joseph Steatham above can be seen in the 1911 census living at Court 2, House 2, Willenhall Street, Darlaston. He down as single, and a warehouse worker at a Nut and Bolt Factor; he never married.

We know a lot about Joseph as his pension / discharge records for his WW1 service in the Army survived.

Please see this link to read about him as a

Featured Person Joseph Steatham (1874-).

Carrying on with the story, Charles and Mary now had their last 4 children.

3.)Mary Statham (1840-) was born on Thursday the 24th December 1840.

4.) Jane Statham was born in 1845, and baptized at St Lawrence on Sunday the 9th November 1845.

5.) William Statham was born in 1847, baptized at St Lawrence on Sunday the 14th November 1847.

6.) Charles Statham born in 1852, baptized at the Primitive Methodist, Darlaston, he died at King Street, and was buried on Wednesday the 12th July 1854 at St Lawrence, Darlaston.

Note [this family are mentioned in the 1871 Census along with their children].

Now we get to our Charles Steatham link.

Mary Statham's Baptism.
Mary Statham/Steatham (1840-) mentioned above was born on Thursday the 24th December 1840, at King Street, Darlaston - note the birth was registered as Steatham! Spelt correctly!

Mary was baptised at St Lawrence on Sunday the 14th February 1841, by the Rector Joseph Hugill.

Joseph Hugill was born in Westerdale, Yorkshire, in 1789, he was firstly a Wesleyan minister, and then joined the Church of England in 1815.

Joseph Hugill D.D. is a featured person, Click here to read an investigation into his life and descendents.

Carrying on with the story, in the 1861 Census we find Mary Statham employed as a house keeper at a house in Bell Street, Darlaston. The head of the house is a George Saunders born on Sunday 14th June 1829 at Henley in Arden.

Mary next had seven children :-

George Steatham's Burial
George Steathern (CR) was born in 1864, he was baptised (not yet found), he dies a short time later, and George Steathem (CR), George Steatham (BR) was buried on Monday the 11th July 1864 at James Bridge Cemetery, in grave D 17.

In burial record was stated [WHC] as child of Mary Steatham, aged 1 month, address given as Cock Street, Darlaston.

Thomas Steatham's Burial

Thomas Steatham (CR) was born 1862, he was baptised (not yet found), he died in 1864 and Thomas Steatham (CR), Thomas Steatham (BR) was buried [WHC] on Thursday the 10th November 1864 at James Bridge Cemetery, also in grave D 17.

In burial record [WHC] was stated as child of Mary Steatham Spinster, aged 2 years, address given as Cock Street, Darlaston.

Harriet Steatham's Burial

Harriet Steathern (CR) was born 1864, she was baptised (not yet found), died in 1865 and Harriet Steathem (CR), was buried on Thursday the 28th December 1865 at James Bridge Cemetery, grave F 56. In burial record [WHC], aged 18 months.

Up until now all Mary’s children have died;

The next two survive past childhood,

Samuel Steatham born 1866.

We can see him in the 1871, 1881 and census down as Samuel Saunders.

Now in the 1891 census, as George Saunders his father has now died.

So Samuel Steatham and also Charles Steatham revert back to their correct name Steatham!
Then next we have our Charles.

Charles Steatham (1868 - 1935) was born on Sunday the 13th September 1868 at New Road, Darlaston, he was baptised (not yet found),

So except for Samuel Steatham, who I have not been able to trace, our Charles alone carried the Steatham name forward.

Mary Steatham and George Saunders marriage.
Mary Steatham (CR) now marries [WHC] George Saunders on Sunday the 19th July 1874, in Moxley, Darlaston.

Interestingly her Father Charles Statham, is down as Steatham. Not to surprising, as they both signed with their mark, and the pronunciation of Steatham and Statham is the same. It cleary shows the spelling of the Steatham surname being corrected as they signed! This is quite normal for Steathams due to it's pronunciation

Mary Saunders (nee Steatham, Statham) now has her last two children –

Richard Saunders born 1875.

Isaiah Saunders born 1879.

For more information on Saunders see Featured Steatham - George Saunders. I found the following interesting tale [HAC] of a Darlaston woman at Wednesbury (2 miles from Darlaston), Police Court in 1885,

Elizabeth Giles, of Darlaston, who appeared to prefer a charge against Thomas Foster of using threats, being asked "Are you married?" replied, "I'm on a Lease."

The question was repeated, and again she stated, "I'm on a lease"; adding, "I suppose it’s all the same."

In reply to a further question, she admitted that by being "on lease" she meant living and co-habiting with a man.

Mary’s part in the story is now complete and she leaves the stage.

Charles Steatham and Elizabeth Martin's marriage.
Charles Steatham (1868-1935) for whatever reason was registered with the name Steatham, and his Steatham tree starts with him.

Charles Steatham married Elizabeth Martin (1871-1935), on Monday the 6th June 1892 at St Andrews, West Bromwich. His Father's name is blank as expected.

They had five children -

Charles E. Steatham was born in 1894, and married in 1916, Ada Beatrice Bunce (1904-1985).

Thomas Steatham born 1896.

Lily Steatham.

Eric Steatham born 1900.

Mabel Steatham born 1903.

Recent research has revealed two burials in Heath Lane cemetery in West Bromwich that may be other children born to Charles and Elizabeth.

We have firstly an Elizabeth Statham buried on Monday 10 December 1900, aged 2 years, in grave number IC 19.

We can also see an Elizabeth Steatham's birth registered in 1898 (Jan-Feb-Mar) at West Bromwich, and then a death of Statham 1900 (Oct-Nov-Dec), born about 1898, all this fits with the burial records.

John Steatham's burial.
Then we have a John Statham?, buried on Sunday 19th January 1902, aged 14 months, now a John Steatham's, spelt correctly, birth was registered in December 1901 at West Bromwich, and his death was registered in 1902 (Jan-Feb-Mar), this again all fits with the burial records.

See John's name as written in the burial registrar, could that be Steatham?

Now in the 1901 census, Charles and Elizabeth are living in Dial Street, West Bromwich, and both children are the sole occupants of this grave, and their normal residence is given as Dial Lane.

Further research such as finding their baptisms, or checking the 1901 census for these other (sorry for the play on words) Stathams, will clarify this puzzle,
  Moving on with the story,

Charles Steatham's first Wife Elizabeth, died in 1905, and he then re-married on Tuesday the 6th August 1918, at the Register Office, West Bromwich, Ellen Wharton (1883-1964) (nee Nicholson).

They also had five children –

Sydney Steatham born 1919.

Bernard Steatham.

Ellen Steatham born 1922.

Doris Steatham born 1924.

Nellie Steatham.

I have information on the descendents of all of the above, but these cannot be published as they will then be encroaching on living persons.

So we have to leave Charles Steatham's story where it is.

Census findings

I have searched the 1841-1911 Census's, and here are the results.

Searching Census records for Steathams is problematic to say the least as the enumerator did not always record the surname correctly.

This is compounded by the modern transcripts used to search the records as they are also full of mistakes, with the Steatham surname being stated as Beatham, Heathem and so on.

The Census was always conducted on a Sunday,

[1841 - June 6th]
Not yet found.

[1851 - March 30th]
Charles Statham aged 37, File Cutter, born Hopewas, Mary aged 36, born Darlaston, Susannah aged 16, Nailer Cutter, Thomas aged 12, Works at Gun Locks, Mary aged 10, Nail Cutter, Jane aged 7, and William aged 3.

All at King Street.

[1861 - April 7th]
George Sanders aged 32, widower, Bolt Forger?, James Sanders aged 6, Mary Jane Sanders aged 3, Sarah Sanders aged 1, and we have our Mary Steatham aged 21, House Keeper.

Note Saunders is down as Sanders in this census.

All at a private house Bell Street.

[1871 - April 2nd]
George Saunders aged 42, Bolt Forger, born Darlaston, Mary Saunders aged 32, wife aged 32, born Darlaston, James Saunders aged 16, Mary Jane Saunders aged 13, Richard? Saunders aged 5, Charles Saunders aged 3, and William Saunders aged 5 months.

All at 3 Coach? to? 2, Darlaston.

As we know Susannah Statham (1832-) married James Perrins, here they are at Cock Street.

James Paye? Perrins aged 51, Stamper, wife Susannah aged 39, Sarah aged 3, Mary Serrolds aged 12, daughter, Charles Serrolds aged 9, and finally Susannah's sister, Jane Steatham aged 26.

Mary & Charles must be children from James Perrin's first marriage or may be Susannah's first, as James and Susannah have only been married six years.

[1881 - April 3rd]
George Saunders aged 52, born Hampton in Arden, coach bolt forger (Maker), Mary Saunders (Nee Steatham) aged 42, Samuel Saunders aged 14, born Darlaston, Charles Saunders (our Charles Statham/Steatham) aged 12, born Darlaston, Richard Saunders aged 6, born West Bromwich, Isaiah Saunders aged 2, born West Bromwich.

At 91 Barracks, west Bromwich.

Thomas Statham aged 47, Mary aged 39, Mary A. aged 13, Amelia aged 9, Joseph aged 7, Rachel aged 5, and Susannah aged 2.

At 5 of 4 court Foster Street, Darlaston.

[1891 - April 5th]
Mary Saunders aged 50, Widow, Samuel Steatham aged 24, Moulder, Charles Steatham aged 22, Moulder, Richard Saunders aged 16, Moulder, born West Brom., Isaiah Saunders aged 11, born West Brom., Scholar.

Thomas Statham aged 53, Mary aged 47, Amelia aged 20, Joseph aged 18, Richard aged 15, and Susannah aged 12.

At 5 of 4 court Foster Street, Darlaston.

[1901 - March 31st]
Charles Steatham aged 32, Hollowware Moulder, Elizabeth aged 28, Lily aged 8, Charles E. aged 6, and Thomas aged 5, Eric 5 months.

All at 271 Dial Street, West Bromwich.

[1911 - April 2nd]
Charles Steatham [Widower] aged 42, Moulder, Iron Foundry, Mary Saunders aged 70 [Widow], Lily Steatham aged 18, Charles Steatham aged 16, Striker at Spring ? Works, Thomas Steatham aged 15, Annealler, Hollowware, Eric Steatham aged 10, and Mabel Steatham aged 7.

All at 267 Dial Street, West Bromwich.


What an interesting story this is. The only Steatham ever to be baptised on Valentines day, was our Mary Statham here, who got her man in the end.

In the 1871 census we can see Mary down as George's wife, but they did not actually get married until 1874.

All the surviving children are down as George's children in the census, but after George dies, Samuel and Charles revert back to their correct names - Steatham.

Interestingly, both Samuel and Charles are down in civil registration as Steathem, with an 'e' where there should be 'a'.

The hunt for Samuel Steatham is still ongoing, if we find a Samuel Steatham marrying with the father's name as George Steatham, then we have likely found our man.

It may be best, as this is very complicated story to re-iterate how it all fits together.

It all started with Robert Steatham (1775-1827), and his four surviving sons, Thomas Steatham, Joseph Steatham, Moses Steatham and Samuel Steatham, they alone carried the Steatham name forward.

Family history research is very rarely that straightforward, so we also have the ‘Other Steathams’ as I call them, that originate from the Statham surname at Darlaston, but twenty or more years after Robert Steatham's death.

The family started at Tamworth as Statham’s and moved to Darlaston, and then started changing their name to Steatham.

The most significant person we have from this is Charles Steatham, where we have many descendents, and one of the first thing Steathams do is to ask if they are descended from Robert Steatham's sons, or Charles Steatham.

Some of Mary’s siblings started using the Steatham surname as well. This tree is still being investigated.

So this intermixing of names and the changes to using Steatham, Statham, Saunders, makes it all a little complicated.

So taking Mary first we have:-

The Stathams, from Tamworth which cumulated in Mary and her siblings, going forward as Steatham ish. We then have Mary’s son Charles Steatham, fathered by George Saunders before they were married.

This story is covered on the Charles Steatham page.

Next is George Saunders.

The Saunders, which cumulated in George Saunders, his siblings, and their descendents, and George’s children, named Saunders, after he married Mary, are covered on the George Saunders page.

As a part of Steathams (sic) from Tamworth, we also have a Joseph Steatham, this is Mary Steatham's cousin.

The Charles Steatham, George Saunders, and Joseph Steatham pages should be read as one to get the whole picture.

Research - Additional Planned.

In Progress.

Locate in 1841 Census.

Locate baptism for George Steathern (1864-1864).
Locate baptism for Thomas Steatham (1862-1864).
Locate baptism for Harriet Steathern (1864-1865).
Locate baptism for Charles Steatham (1868-1935).

Locate burial for Charles Steatham (1868-1935).
Locate burial for Elizabeth Steatham (1871-1905).
Locate burial for Ellen Steatham (1883-1964).


Obtain birth certificate for George Steathern (1864-1864).
Obtain birth certificate for Thomas Steatham (1862-1864).
Obtain birth certificate for Harriet Steathern (1864-1865).
Obtain birth certificate for Charles Steathem (1868-1935).
Obtain birth certificate for Samuel Steathem (1866-).

Obtain death certificate for George Steathern (1864-1864).
Obtain death certificate for Thomas Steatham (1862-1864).
Obtain death certificate for Harriet Steathern (1864-1865).
Obtain death certificate for Charles Steatham (1868-1935).    All Rights Reserved.